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Blood+ – 50 (END)

As the rain pours down on the Metropolitan Opera House, Van Argeno tries to fend off a Chiropteran with his pistol. But before it can strike him down, David hits the monster with his gun, saving Van. Outside, Lewis and Lulu see that the Corpse Corps and the Chiropterans have all become quiet. Perking her ears, Lulu notices that the song has stopped. As all the Chiropterans face up and start howling, Julia and Mao get a call at the apartment from David. He learned from Van that the military has enacted Option D, and so he asks the two women to gather some intelligence for him. Before hanging up, Julia tells David that he has to come back. Meanwhile, back inside the opera house, Hagi covers up Diva’s body and Saya prepares to kill the babies. She explains to Kai that they’ll surely be used as tools of war again. Conflict will erupt for their blood, and that’s something she doesn’t want to see anymore – she doesn’t want anyone else to get hurt. Saya apologizes to the giggling babies as she raises her sword against them. She believes that they must not live on, but Kai disagrees and questions who decided that. He promises that if there’s someone who won’t accept them, he’ll hit that person. And he’ll make her understand that she’s just a normal girl who cries a lot and eats a lot.
As Saya lowers her sword, unable to proceed, Kai continues on, saying that he’ll show them his love, wherever they are. That’s why he wants her by his side. Kai thinks that Hagi, who is now in between Kai and Saya, feels the same way, but Hagi simply says that he obeys Saya, doing everything according to her wishes. Kai responds by punching Hagi and angrily demanding to know who he is. Kai wants Hagi to say what he himself really wants, and he tries to confirm Hagi’s love for Saya. After a moment of silence, Hagi turns to Saya and tells her that he wishes for her smile – he wants to see again the smile from the time when they first met. Hagi remembers when he first woke up after becoming a Chevalier, the first thing she showed him were her tears. And then she took up arms, choosing to fight while trembling with anger. But when he found her back then in Okinawa, she was wrapped in a smile. The smile which he had wished for but could not give her was there, and the people who actually gave it to her were Kai and her family. Hagi says that he has lived as a Chevalier under Saya’s wishes, but only this once, he is going against her. As he kneels down beside her and takes away her sword, he tells her to live today for the sake of tomorrow – she doesn’t have to any longer. Hagi leans in and, after looking at her face for a moment, kisses the side of her head. In tears, Saya answers him back by kissing his cheek and saying that she wants to live. The two then share a true kiss.
In Hagi’s arms, Saya says that she wants to live together with Kai and Hagi. As they hear the laughter of the babies, Kai claims that the children want to live too. After Hagi tells Saya that she can live how she wants from now on, Kai says that they can live today and laugh tomorrow. By turning to tomorrow and living their fullest, things will work out – nankurunaisa. However, their happy moment is soon interrupted by David announcing that they have to get out of there quick because Option D has been put into operation. From the balcony above, Okamura remembers that Option D is what happened at the Yanbaru Facility, and Joel wonders if the government intends to erase the inconvenient Chiropterans into the darkness. Julia reports to David that strike aircraft have taken off from an aircraft carrier, meaning that they don’t have much time left. Kai and Saya each take a baby, and Saya says goodbye to Diva, whom she considers the other her, before she goes. Suddenly, something comes crashing through the roof and lands in front of Hagi and Saya. A large purple blast shoots out of the smoke, aimed at Saya, but Hagi manages to get her out of the way at the cost of his own left arm.
The person responsible is Amshel and he’s got his eyes on the children. When Saya refuses to give the babies up because they have a happy tomorrow waiting for them, Amshel powers up another blast. Hagi rushes in and kicks Amshel in the face before Amshel can fire, but then Kai hears the roar of aircraft above them. Although Saya flies directly towards Amshel with her sword bloodied, Hagi meets her halfway so she gives him the sword in a twirling maneuver that avoids another one of Amshel’s blasts. With all of his strength, Hagi stabs the sword into Amshel and pins him against the wall. Although Amshel immediately starts crystallizing, he still manages to plunge his arm into Hagi’s chest. Hagi yells for Kai to go and guide Saya in the future. As Saya starts calling out to Hagi, he responds by saying nankurunaisa and by telling her that he loves her. Giant sections of the opera house crash down on him soon after those words, and Saya tearfully yells out Hagi’s name one last time. The US military jets eventually drop their ordnance and blow up the Metropolitan Opera House, including all of the Chiropterans still alive.
Sometime later, Saya has returned to Okinawa and is once again in her school uniform. As she examines the re-growth on the tree stump in the school courtyard, Kaori comes over and playfully head-butts her. Saya pretends to be bleeding and then sticks her tongue out when Kaori realizes that she’s lying. After the two happily splash dew onto each other, they head home. Before they part ways, Kaori confirms with Saya the gathering that they’re having tonight at OMORO. The television news is meanwhile reporting that the blast from Option D was a terrorist act, but also that a special inquiry committee is looking into the ties between Secretary Grant and Cinq Flèches America. In fact, one of the reporters who is at the scene where Van is being led to the committee looks like Nathan. Back in Okinawa, Joel comments to Lewis and David that after Diva’s death, Chiropteran incidents have quieted down. He mentions how an enzyme that Julia found in Saya’s blood can be mass produced to silence the Delta Series forever, and Lewis thinks that it also can be used to prolong Lulu’s life. As for Saya herself, David says that she’s miraculously able to continue staying awake, but… It seems that Saya still needs regular blood transfusions, courtesy of Julia. Still, Saya’s health is pretty good, and so is Julia’s. Saya suddenly asks if she can touch Julia, and Julia consents, but notes that you still can’t tell from the outside. Indeed, Saya isn’t able to feel anything, and she thinks that when she eventually meets the child, it’ll already be an adult. Saya hopes that her nieces and Julia’s child can get along happily. When Lulu comes in looking for her, Saya gives her an empty pack of tomato juice and says tonight they’ll move the blood packs to this. She also tells Lulu of the gathering tonight that could make Lulu some new friends.
At home at the OMORO, Saya finds Kai cooking at the stove. When he asks her what was the most delicious thing in her boxed lunch, Saya answers that it was the boiled egg. Facing Saya, Kai suddenly asks about cutting her hair. The two then go outside where Kai remembers that their father used the same scissors he has now to cut their hair. As he snips away, Kai mentions that Okamura is going overseas again with Mao, this time to the Middle East. After the two talk about Joel coming tonight too, Kai asks Saya to close her eyes so that he can cut her bangs. He recalls how Hagi often fixed her bangs and that he hated Hagi at first. But now Kai knows that he and Hagi shared something in that they both only looked at Saya. Kai feels that Hagi will show up unexpectedly again, and that all Saya needs to do is to call him and he will come. Kai also vows not to forget about the people who fought together for her and about the man who loved her. Saya lowers her head at all this, but Kai lifts it up again and tells her not to face downward. He eventually finishes the haircut, returning Saya to how she looked back when this all started. She doesn’t like it when he then pats her on the head, but the two get interrupted when Kai’s friends start arriving.
That night, the entire gang shows up at the Omoro and they have a party. While the others are still inside, Saya walks outside and stumbles to the chain link fence across from the restaurant. Tears form in her eyes as she looks at her father’s business, but she grows ever weaker and falls down. Fortunately, Kai catches her and offers to call Julia. However, Saya doesn’t want everyone to know and instead wants Kai to take her to the place where it all started. On his motorbike, he drives her out to the Miyagusuku gravesite where her cocoon had been. As he carries her on his back up the long set of stairs, Saya tells him that it’ll be soon and thanks him. Kai stops to tell her something, but it’s already too late – Saya is asleep. She had dropped a photo of herself, Kai, and Riku, which he now picks up and looks at. Addressing the sleeping Saya, Kai says that she taught him about the tomorrow he should live in. He believes that she fought not for her own happiness, but for everyone’s happiness. Kai vows definitely to make her happy, and then, with tears streaming down his face, he wishes Saya a good night.

Several years later, Kai brings the two children back to the gravesite. The dark-haired girls want him to hold them and carry them on his back, but Kai instead addresses how they’re calling him “Kai” instead of “father.” The trio eventually arrives at the top where Kai notices a pink rose with a blue ribbon tied on it lying on the ground. From that, Kai suspects that that guy came. He tells the kids not to touch it because it’s auntie’s and changes the subject to the bento that he’s brought. The children run off happily with thoughts of the bento in their heads.

Lots to talk about with this final episode, but let’s begin with the technical stuff. I was quite surprised that they decided to start the episode with a credit-less version of the fourth OP. It’s like getting a DVD extra a little early. And fittingly, they went back to the first ending song, 「語り継ぐこと」 Kataritsugu Koto to end out this series. I had actually been hoping for This Love – which is my favorite out of all of the songs – even though I knew that they were either going to use the first ED or the last one.
I’m glad that they decided to show a short in-a-few-years scene at the end, which showed both that the girls were being raised as happy children and that Hagi was still alive. Nurture (as in nature vs. nurture) seems to be how Saya and Diva became so different, and so the theory is that if Kai raises these kids correctly and full of happiness, then they’ll turn out fine. As for Hagi, I actually laughed out loud when Kai punched him. I’m glad that he finally became less robotic manservant and slightly more human, though it feels a little like it’s too little too late. Still, I thought his “death” scene was really sad, and I almost started crying, but that scene ended so fast that I never really got a chance to do so. I went through the rest of the episode with a slight suspicion that Hagi was still alive; again, it’s the Mai-Otome principle of no dead body = no death. And there it is in the epilogue, the rose with Hagi’s hair ribbon attached – a sign that Hagi is still watching over the one that he loves.
As for everyone else, it seems that for now they’ll all have a happy ending. I say “for now” because the ending is left somewhat open. The Chiropterans haven’t been wiped off the map completely, though Julia has developed something from Saya’s blood. Nathan appears to have faked his own death and is still lurking around, though he may not be evil anymore (if he ever was). Almost everyone else is together back in Okinawa, giving this almost as happy an ending as they could, with even Lulu surviving and Julia seemingly pregnant. I guess the happiest ending (depending on if you like the pairing) would be to have Saya and Hagi end up together, though I was pretty content with how this concluded after having accepted what happened in last week’s episode. But I have to say, given everything, including the kiss and all that, it still feels like Saya and Kai’s bond is stronger than hers and Hagi’s. Maybe it’s just because the show ends with Kai, not that that’s a bad thing.

Final Thoughts: This is the end of the first year-long series that I’ve blogged from beginning to end, and it’s been a really great year. I can’t help but get nostalgic thinking about how first episode seemed more horror-ish than the rest of the series, and how Riku’s death at Diva’s hands caused shockwaves among the fans of this show. It was around that point that popularity for Blood+ seemed to explode as people realized what this show was capable of. Unfortunately, the show never got back up to that type of shocking high, but it remained a great series nevertheless. I suspect that partially because of Riku’s death and partially for a host of other reasons, we weren’t expecting a completely happy ending, yet we got something very similar to that. And the production team left it just open enough so that there’s plenty to go on if there were indeed a sequel or follow-up of some sort. I, for one, would love to see more of the future with the children grown up and Kai as their father figure.
In any case, the next show coming in this timeslot is Ayakashi Ayashi, which is being animated by BONES. It’s set to premiere on October 7th, though there is a half hour special airing next Saturday. You can read more about in my Fall 2006 Preview.

September 23, 2006 at 10:38 am
  • February 7, 2008 at 9:05 pmKyla

    at the end Kai picks up the rose and says something like “so he’s visited”
    and it was haji!
    he doesnt diieeee.

  • February 25, 2008 at 6:27 pmSandy Ross

    i really like that episode. they are going to play it in 4 Saturdays on Adult Swim at 12:30 a.m.

  • March 10, 2008 at 8:08 amHikari Maiden-chan

    Hey! This is cool! ^.^

  • March 24, 2008 at 12:30 amMeredith

    I doubt that Nathan ever really was truly evil. I believe that he was Saya and Diva’s mother’s Chevalier. He liked a good story with plot twists and stuff. But he realized that once Diva had died, Saya would continue on fighting Chiropteran until they were gone. He then tricked her into believing that he would die after being asked to be killed. Or if the off chance he WAS evil he could come back later and stir up trouble to create more drama. After all, what’s more of a plot twister than someone coming back from the “dead”?

  • April 25, 2008 at 4:05 pmCain

    Pretty much watched the entire show in one sitting (not a joke lol), I really like Nathan character as well as Solomon, I guess you can say that Nathan was the only Chevalier who truly understood Diva. Have to admit that I was rather saddened by the story, especially how both of those girls could have turned to be fine living beings if they were not treated as mere specimens for a scientific freak show.

  • July 4, 2008 at 6:59 pmChino F

    I saw this I think last year or earlier this year on Animax. Nice series. Two years hence this post but then I’m also amazed… they got an accurate F/A-18E for this e? hehe

  • August 24, 2008 at 11:24 pmthinker

    hey is it possible if Nathan is actually Saya and Diva FATHER?

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  • March 7, 2009 at 11:34 pmLinko

    well, i have to say – Blood+ was a very good anime. i havent watched something like that in such a long time. bewteen waiting for the next Bleach eps to come out in subs and just mindlessly thinking about how the ending will play out (Ichigo dieing…Renji dieing…Ichigo becoming captin…how ichigo will find out his father is a shinigami – or soul reaper)it gave me something to enjoy while the subs came out. though, it didnt keep me preoccupied for long. i was soon addicted and watched it almost ever moment of my free time – on the laptop or on my iPhone, it didnt really matter. in just 2 days, i had finished the entire season in 2 days. i wish something like that wouldnt have happened to Haji. Haji was my most favorite character of them all. i like him better than Saya, Diva, Kie(or, however u spell it), David or Julia. i wish he hadnt died(or, at least i think he did) and had gone and taken care of Saya. what will happen when she wakes up? Haji wont be there to “be by her side”, Sullavon wont be there either, he died because he got accidently slashed by Saya’s blade when fighting James.

    it is sad really. the series was great over all, but the ending nearly broke my heart, and leaves me with so many questions…where is Haji? Did Saya even go back to the reckage to check for him? what will happen to Saya now? what will happen to Diva’s children? so many questions…no more episodes…it is really depressing. though i loved the series, i believe it did more harm than good to me. all i can think about are alternate endings to Blood+, over and over, replaying in my mind again. i would literally give 3 years of my life for the anime creators to make at LEAST 5 more episodes explaning what happened to Haji, to Saya, and everyone else. that is all i wish, and all i really want.

    ~dont think im crazy! i know ur thinking the same thing as you read this! x3

  • March 14, 2009 at 3:09 amLuvhaji

    I finish the series at last! I think it’s better the series just end like this. I mean if there’s another season it must be as good as this!!

  • March 14, 2009 at 3:12 amLuvhaji

    It’d be better if the series just end like this. I mean if there’s more season, it must be as good as this one.

  • March 14, 2009 at 3:27 amLuvhaji

    Sorry for posting 3 times! I feel so sad when the series are finally finish, i was cry when i watched it. It was very sad, but also a happy ending.:’(

  • March 18, 2009 at 4:45 amThatOneGuy

    I really liked this series. There were many things they could’ve done better, but overall it was great. The one thing I wish they made different was the Chiropteran’s designs – it slowly changed over the course of the series and I wish it hadn’t. The first Chiropteran you see in the series (not counting Saya or Haji) was a beast and that thing deserved a bit more screentime in my opinion.

    One thing I want to point out, though, just for the (sick) fun of it: Look at the second picture in the 3rd row, then the 3rd picture in that row, the 1st in the next row, the second in the 5th row, and then the 2nd in the 7th row. You can call me disgusting, but, hey. Who isn’t?…

    …Anyway, great show. I didn’t expect an ending like that one, but it was satisfying enough.

  • March 29, 2009 at 7:35 pmBeebs

    i loved this series, i started yesterday around 4pm and i finished today at 7pm i seriously couldn’t stop watching it. I really want their to be another season and new episodes but I also think they stopped at a good place. even though i really want more to happen it will jsut drag on and eventually get boring. but i will still want it =[ im so sad its over… i wish we could have seen haji one last time that would have made it better.. and just little note:

    George, Riku, Solomon, Irene, Moses,
    some of my favorite characters that died TT-TT i cried for you all

  • August 1, 2009 at 11:36 pms@y@

    Nankurunaisa means “live for today and look forward to tomorrow”

  • October 7, 2009 at 4:01 pmIloveHagi

    i think they should make new episodes and carry it on and is hagii alive ??
    i want 2 see more of Blood+ this is like the only anime i like !!

  • December 28, 2009 at 11:21 pmKittieKat14

    I loved the review/blog entree, and i don’t wish to criticize, but I’m not sure Nathan faked his death… I thought he was in his new life, or reborn like Irene from the Shiff. I too dropped my jaw when Haji “died”. it wasnt till later that i discovered the little after story thing. i was depressed for sooooo long…Great review, enjoyed reading it.

  • December 28, 2009 at 11:49 pmKittieKat14

    for those who think haji is dead… hes not. he has been smashed under boulders and stuff many times. thats why he put the pink rose on her cocoon thing… he stabbed amshell with sayas sword cause he didnt crystilize before, and then he did and died…haji was probabaly stunned or something… and aat the end i dont think saya was faking the ‘being bleeding’ part, i think she was, but it heeled by the time she looked up. :P sorry, BIG Blood+ fanatic… i too admit to having a crush… being in Love with Haji… is having him as my phone background prof enough???!!!
    I <3 HAJI SOOOOOOOOO MUCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • January 12, 2010 at 4:51 pmDeadfake

    Gotta love the open ending (although with a lovely optimistic, bitter-sweet twinge).

    FINALLY Hagi snapped out of robot-mode (which was pretty damn annoying), although I was expecting it a little sooner especially since the ‘flashback to siberia’ episode. I mean, yes, the rare flashbacks showed how he gradually grew more emotionless over time, but there could have been a little more emotive indication other than his willingness to skewer solomon for getting within 100 feet of Saya…

    (anyway…) So Hagi survived, watching over Saya as always (leaving pretty rose with ribbon), although you’ve kinda got to wonder how many years it took him to piece himself together after being crushed and blown up. I mean yes, as we’ve seen with James and co. Chevaliers can live in pieces for quite a while after being squashed/mutilated/throwndownverylargepit/etc. but paiiinnnfulll *wince*.

    Kai got on with his life, all well and good, caring for Diva’s kids, and very sweet how Julia was pregnant at the end. Everything came full circle in the end in a lovely pas de deux ^^. Funny how Mao went off with photographer-guy (am wondering whether the war-zone will kill him or Mao will). Was very relieved that Lulu survived. It was simply too tragic how all the Schiff died agonisingly in succession (poetic justice that James was brought down by the Thorn though). …I cried when Moses committed suicide with Karman (saddest moment in entire series)

    And Nathan. … okay am I the only one thinking ‘wtf?’ I mean, yeah they’ve been indications for a while that he could kick Ashmel’s ass into the ground (which he should have done a while back), and that he has a greater insight into Chiroptera past than anyone else (and also he mentioned something somewhere about changing his occupation in a couple of centuries… hasn’t this thing only been going since 1883? since when has he had the perspective to think “hmmm, okay I’ll spend half a millenia doing this, and then after that I might do that… see how I feel, eh?”) so I was kinda expecting him to do a disappearing trick somewhere near the end (a little suspicious how he didn’t crystallise *shifty eyes*), and am betting, as is the common consensus, that he’s the chevalier of Saya and Diva’s predecessor… but seriously, dude, why the hell are you hanging around in that get up?

    So, as everyone else has said before me, definite potential for movie/OVA (please!), but I’m really gonna miss blood+ – if they do create some sort of coda, I’m betting it’ll be Hagi and Saya going around mopping up Ashmel’s mess and trying to stop Nathan corrupting the sweet innocent kids (so cute as babies ^^). Hoping that Hagi and Saya get their happy-ever-after (they kinda deserve it after everything that’s happened).

    As an afterthought, is it just me, or was the entire soundtrack for blood+ (not including OP end EP) VERY similar to jin-roh? Just a thought.

    Ah *cracking fingers* I think I’ve rambled enough and taken up a viable quota of cyberspace (thought I should stamp up my opinion somewhere on the net hehe).

    Off to pollute someone else’s forum …. zzooommm *swoosh*

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