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Spice and Wolf – 13 (END)


-There was no fight with the other wolf because it appears that Horo basically prostrated herself to it. Instead, she goes and beats up all the Remerio men, and Lawrence returns to Rubinhaigen to convince their head to pay him 500 Lumione over 10 years. And as expected, Horo and Lawrence then continue their journey, though not without Lawrence teasing Horo a bit first.
-Overall, I didn’t hate this show, but I didn’t come anywhere near loving it either. As I’ve mentioned before, I like some of the characters (mainly Horo), but I really can’t stand the pacing of the story and the way they develop medieval economics themes – that just didn’t appeal to me at all. Perhaps they might have been better off focusing on their journey North instead of on Lawrence’s schemes, but I understand that’s not how the light novels progressed. Regardless, along with the animation quality, I got a general sense of mediocrity and never truly got excited about the show (especially not compared to some of the other stuff airing these days). For those reasons, I probably won’t watch a second season, if there ever is one.

March 25, 2008 at 8:13 pm