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kurenai – 05

「望み」 (Nozomi)

After making plans with Yuuno, Shinkurou makes a lengthy trip over to her place on Sunday and takes Murasaki along with him. Unbeknownst to them, Yayoi has come along to keep an eye out for Murasaki. On the train…

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Allison & Lillia – 05

「閉ざされた森」 (Tozasareta Mori)
“Secluded Forest” (lit. “Closed Off Forest”)

At the request and compensation of Allison, Wil heads off to the country of Ikstova (イクストーバ) to participate in a school study tour. Shortly after arriving, Wil gets abducted by a few men and thrown into a car, only to find out…

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Macross Frontier – 05

With footage of the Miss Macross Contest now being broadcast on TV, Ozma is angry that Ranka didn’t tell him and even angrier that she got suspended from school for it.

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