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Nabari no Ou – 07

「決する心」 (Kessuru Kokoro)

After informing her subordinates of a Nabari world job, Oda Yae, leader of the Togakushi, and newcomer Katou Sourou head off to Banten village. At Miharu’s okonomiyaki store, Kumohira thinks something has happened to Miharu and that he’s been told not to talk, but Miharu brushes aside his questions with his “technique”.

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Maka and Soul have arrived in Italy for an extracurricular lesson that involves hunting down a murderer.

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Special A – 07

「敏感・鈍感」 (Binkan / Donkan)
“Sensitive / Thickheaded”

Still curious as to what Yahiro said to Hikari the other night, Kei continues to ask her, but she refuses to tell him. Later on, the S.A class is arguing about what they should do as a retreat together, so Kei suggests settling this with a competition.

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