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Allison & Lillia – 08

「王女様と英雄」 (Oujo-sama to Eiyuu)
“A Princess and a Hero”

Upon hearing Owen tell Benedict not to make matters worse in Ikstova, the crowd responds accordingly. However, Fiona offers proof that she’s the real princess by showing Owen and Warren the royal pendant she’s been carrying. While he’s shocked to see it, Owen refuses to recognize it as sufficient proof, telling the crowd that there’s no one who can verify it.

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Macross Frontier – 08

As part of her new job, Ranka is doing a singing promotion for a carrot stand at the Zentradi mall, however no one is interested in what she’s selling.

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Random Musings – The Hot Sheets

  • It’s with great reluctance that I’ve had to make the decision to drop Kyouran Kazoku Nikki. It’s absolutely nothing against the series – which I’ve enjoyed quite a bit – but rather due to my new job keeping me from being able to spare the time. Unfortunately, I had to cut something, and this was it.
  • I put up the current Kanokon poll because of the news yesterday that streaming site GyaO will no longer be showing Kanokon due to ethical regulations. You’d think that they’d have gotten a clue after the hardcore spanking in episode three, but maybe it was the practically exposed breasts in episode seven that led to this. Or perhaps whatever is in the hot springs for episode eight is even more outrageous than anything else so far. Either way, some are speculating that this has to do with Kanokon being #1 a couple of weeks ago on GyaO’s rankings for both the elementary school boys and girls demographics.
  • In CODE GEASS news, episode nine has reportedly been delayed a week. Episode eight will still air this weekend, but episode nine will NOT be airing on June 1st as it had originally been scheduled. Instead there will be some sort of emergency filler show. I haven’t found an official reason, but others have speculated that it’s because of the Chinese earthquake tragedy, and that’d make sense since episode nine involves the Chinese Federation.
  • Finally, and perhaps the most important item in this post: I am currently seeking an editorialist for Random Curiosity. Ideally, such a person would be able to present opinion on the news topic of the day (such as the Kanokon and Geass items mentioned above) or on whatever other current topics they think are relevant to the anime community/industry/etc. This does not require any Japanese language ability, but it does require good English and good writing ability. If you’re interested, please send me an email and include two sample writings, the first addressing the question of “Should anime adaptations strictly follow the manga?” and, the other is any topic of your choice. You could talk about ankles for all I care – the more creative the better, as long as there’s some relation to anime/manga/culture.
  • Image at left courtesy of ism on pixiv (account needed to access). It has nothing to do with anything in this post, but I’m a sucker for good art.

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    Bleach – 171

    On the way home from school one day, Ichigo shows Rurichiyo the wonders of a drink vending machine, and Rukia takes her to an arcade for some fun.

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