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As part of her new job, Ranka is doing a singing promotion for a carrot stand at the Zentradi mall, however no one is interested in what she’s selling. Her busy schedule keeps her from going to see Alto when he’s at the hospital, though she does manage to land a guest role on a television show. Ranka also ends up enrolling at Mihoshi Academy’s performing arts course, but on her first day, Sheryl shows up as well. Meanwhile, Leon informs Cathy that the ship they saved had disengaged soon after the Macross Galaxy was attacked, meaning that they still don’t know where the Galaxy currently is. Cathy in turn tells Leon about the mysterious Valkyrie that Alto saw, and right as Leon is changing the topic to having dinner tonight, Ozma walks in. This leads to Cathy hurriedly hanging up the phone, and she and Ozma end up trading barbs over the lateness of the report and her wrinkles. Back at the school, Sheryl insists on having Alto – who she refers to as her slave – show her around. The two of them attract a lot of attention, so Alto takes Sheryl to a private spot and tries to get her to stop calling him that. When Sheryl pretends to be grieving over the loss of her earring though, Alto panics and apologizes. He nevertheless questions if it’s okay for her to be acting so nonchalantly at a time like this, so Sheryl explains that she’s keeping faith in the Macross Galaxy.

Since Sheryl wants to try out an EX-Gear, Alto has no choice but to outfit her in Luca’s. She’s unable to control it very well though and ends up breaking several eggs. The girls are a mess because of this, so they all head into the shower, and Sheryl takes the chance to ask Ranka about how her job is going. She offers to put Ranka on her special program, but Nanase speaks up for Ranka because she feels that Ranka is fine without Sheryl’s help. Ranka ends up agreeing with Nanase, though she does thank Sheryl for the opportunity. Shortly after the girls emerge from the shower, a small green creature jumps out of Sheryl’s laundry basket with her panties on its head. It hops out of the laundry room and subsequently manages to evade the large group of guys who had realized that they could now get their hands on Sheryl’s underwear. Unwilling to stand around and do nothing, Sheryl puts on her dress without any panties on and chases after the animal too. In order to catch it, she hops back into Luca’s EX-Gear, however she forgets to engage the lock on it. And without any piloting skills, she manages to crash it repeatedly into the school walls, but she eventually finds the animal with her panties on the school’s rooftop. When the creature then jumps off the roof, Sheryl jumps with it. She succeeds in getting her underwear back, however the EX-Gear falls off while she’s airborne, leading her to plummet towards the ground. Fortunately, Alto catches her in his own EX-Gear, and Sheryl decides afterwards that she wants him to fly her around so that she can enjoy the view, all in exchange for her forgiveness for the earring.

The creature that caused Sheryl all these problems tracks down Ranka a little later that day at the monument by the cemetery overlooking the city. Having nowhere to go, Ranka starts to sing Aimo , and she’s surprised when, halfway through the song, a person nearby starts playing along with a harmonica – Brera. The following day, after having had Alto fly her around for quite a while the previous afternoon, Sheryl shocks everyone by enrolling into the pilot course at Mihoshi Academy.


Overall, I think this episode is comparable to (or even mirrors) the CODE GEASS episode where Arthur runs all over the school, except replace the mask with Sheryl’s underwear. It was amusing to see her going commando, but nothing really important happens here. Instead, there’s are a lot of little things like Sheryl forgiving Alto for losing the earring, Ranka running in to Brera, and Sheryl enrolling in the school’s pilot program. On that last point, I guess it’s now possible for Sheryl to become a pilot and Ranka to be the songstress who solves the universe’s problems with music. That’s just speculation on my part, but it certainly opens up a lot of possibilities.

And as expected, the animation quality this week was all over the place. The character designs in particular were very inconsistent, though most of the episode wasn’t too horrible. I swear one of those scenes made Sheryl look like a crack whore or something. Fortunately it looks like things will be back to normal next week with the focus turning to Mikhail and his past (I’m sure that’ll will make all the MikhailXKuran fans, including myself, happy), or so the preview would suggest anyway.

May 22, 2008 at 9:22 pm
  • May 25, 2008 at 5:16 pmhoneyblu

    sorry to double post, but i just read a lot of those sheryl ranka and alto triangle posts…i’m leaning more towards sheryl for the pairing but i wouldn’t mind if ranka ended up with alto (brera seems like a hot choice for sheryl too :D). it’s just that it’s always possible that they will break the pattern from the other macross series’ and its basically still too early in the series to determine who alto will end up with. right now i’m seeing 50/50

  • May 26, 2008 at 5:44 amKamperus

    I dont know why but during this episode Sheryl resembles Kaname Chidori from FMP in some moments, aspecialy during the hunt for the runaway panties.

  • May 26, 2008 at 6:19 amaudishah

    i still think alto is clueless abt ranka and sheryl.because mikhail always call him an idiot.plus, alto seems like a very straight forward guy; he din tell ranka abt going out wth sheryl bcoz he wanted to protect sheryl’s privacy(he answered too fast to ranka’s question which left the option of whether he has decided beforehand to make it a secret or it slipped from his mouth)and avoid troublesome questions from mikhail/luca and simply,he just din think too much abt it.i need to see some insight scenes abt alto then i’ll make up some more opinions abt him.i cant read into him yet as they werent much abt him so far except that we know he loves flying and has bad experience wth his dad.sore dake.

    hopefully we’ll know what happened after brera appeared at the end;he popped up and we’re moved to the school next day.what happened with ranka??

  • May 27, 2008 at 2:18 pmichavod

    This episode was a total waste of time. Shower scenes were a poor attempt to disguise the repeated use of stills. I skipped through to the end in disgust. Hopefully things will be back to normal next week.

  • May 28, 2008 at 8:17 pmJubei Himura

    i just downloaded the manga part 1 and 2 (winrar version) but it’s password protected anyone know what that password is?

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