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Everyone at Ashford is relieved to hear that Milly is okay, and Lelouch offers Shirley a handkerchief because she had been so worried. Rolo then takes Lelouch to the underground base via the secret entrance in the library and scolds him for getting carried away. This Lelouch is worried about keeping the real Lelouch’s personal relationships smooth while he’s gone, but Rolo feels that it’d be a problem if the double does too much. Removing the Lelouch mask, Sayoko claims that she understands, and both she and Rolo are subsequently worried to hear from Villetta that Schneizel has entered into the standoff scene in the Chinese Federation. Around this time, the Chinese Federation starts bombing of the mountain where the Black Knights are holed up, and Zero realizes that this means that the Eunuchs have forsaken the Empress. Li Xingke tries to stop the attack, and he’s furious when the Eunuchs reveal that they intend to bury the current Empress here and use a new one. He’s not able to strike against the Eunuchs though because Gino and the Tristan gets in his way.

Toudou, Asahina, and Chiba Nagisa then enter the battle in their respective Knightmare Frames, and C.C. joins in an Akatsuki as well, with Lelouch warning her to escape if things became unfavorable. When they start taking on the assault forces, Suzaku flies in on the Lancelot to face them, and down below, Anya uses the Mordred against what she considers to be the rebel Chinese forces. Onboard the Avalon, Nina observes that if Anya used the Mordred’s Stark Hadron cannon, then she could destroy the mountain tomb in one shot, but the others point out that they don’t want to be the ones directly responsible for killing the Empress. In the midst of all this, Zero contacts the Eunuchs to try to get them to stop the attack because the Empress will die, but the Eunuchs claim that she’s easily replaceable. Zero makes sure to bring up how the Eunuchs are ceding territory and the unequal treaty they’re entering into, but the Eunuchs don’t care about betraying their people because they’ll be Britannian nobles. They call Zero an idealist and feel that there will always be plenty of people since people are like insects, and this disgusts Zero because of what he calls the noble obligation.

The young Empress herself eventually has had enough of all this and emerges on the deck of the Ikaruga to yell for everyone to stop fighting. Reacting quickly, Xingke flies towards her and reaches her before the Chinese forces can kill her, even as the Tristan tries to get in his way. He’s able to protect her with the Shenhu and tells her to run away, however she doesn’t want to leave without him. With the Shenhu now taking hit after hit, Xingke wonders if he can save her and thinks about how everything he had prepared for the past six years was for her sake. In desperation, he calls for someone to save the Empress, and to his surprise, Zero answers the call in the brand new Shinkirou Knightmare Frame. The Shinkirou uses the Gawain’s Druid System and has the world’s best defense with its absolute protection field. It also has a significant amount of offensive capability via a special crystal that it can shoot out of its chest which allows it to reflect a devastating energy blast in all directions. Schneizel, however, is less concerned about the immediate threat and more interested in why Zero chose this timing to come out.

Zero uses a lull in the battle to call Xingke pitiful for being betrayed by his countrymen and not being able to save a single person, but he thinks that Xingke should now understand that only they can join forces. Though Zero appeals to Xingke’s ability to lead a country, Xingke has doubts about Zero being able to change the tide of the war with just the Shinkirou. This causes Zero to assert that the tide of the war is controlled not by tactics but by strategy, and at that very moment, the Eunuchs get word that an uprising has started in Shanghai. It’s not just in Shanghai either – this has simultaneously occurred in 14 other locations including Beijing and Islamabad – and it’s all because the earlier communications between Zero and the Eunuchs had been leaked. Xingke is shocked to realize that Zero talked to them because he knew that they’d betray their citizens, and Schneizel concludes that, given how fast things are going, Zero was using a plan that had already existed. Indeed, Zero, with the help of Diethard, had sparked a civilian uprising to match the coup d’état.

C.C. and Nagisa meanwhile attack Anya, and as the two Akatsukis clash with the Mordred, the Geass marking on C.C.’s forehead suddenly reacts. It causes her to experience flashbacks of Marianne and young Lelouch, and Anya feels something too. All this gives Asahina an opening to slash at the Mordred, and he succeeds in cutting off a wing and sending the Knightmare crashing into the ground. The rest of the Black Knight ground forces then emerge from the mountain, and although the others advise Schneizel to try to win by bombing the Black Knights from the air, Schneizel decides to retreat instead. He reasons that a country is made up of its people, and since the Eunuchs have lost public support, they aren’t qualified to enter Britannia as representatives of the Chinese Federation. Upon hearing of the retreat, Lelouch thinks to himself that he knew that his brother would do this, but he suspects that his father might have done differently. He then heads to the main Chinese vessel – where Xingke is now executing Eunuchs – so that he can get Kallen back, but Xianglin reveals that Kallen was handed over to the Knight of Seven, Suzaku. This frustrates Lelouch because it appears like Suzaku is trying to take everything from him, but he refuses to let that happen and vows to get Kallen back.

While all this has been going on, over in a desert land, Bartley and his men find themselves in front of V.V. and Jeremiah. V.V. had gathered them here because they were the ones who reconstructed Jeremiah in an attempt to reproduce C.C.’s power, and Jeremiah thinks that it’s an honor for someone to make the final adjustments to him. The following day, back on the Ikaruga, Xingke is reunited with the young Empress and vows to protect her through all eternity. Diethard feels the annulment of the Empress’s wedding needs to be trumpeted across the world, and he suggests that it’d be a good plan to have her marry someone Japanese instead. Kaguya, however, voices her vehement opposition because she sees this as an issue of love rather than politics, and it doesn’t help that C.C. agrees with her. Zero is able to avoid addressing the issue because Tamaki has come looking for him, though in the end, he takes a phone call from Shirley instead of listening to Tamaki. Shirley wants to talk about Milly’s graduation event, but Lelouch quickly changes the subject to how he can break up a couple who doesn’t want to be broken up.

Speaking from experience, Shirley talks about how love is power and how you think about the person you love every day, and she makes Lelouch realize that he has someone like that: Nunnally. Because of this, Zero decides to tell the young Empress that her future belongs to herself, and when Diethard protests, Zero asserts that the heart is the source of their power. Feeling that he understands Zero a little now, Xingke shakes his former opponent’s hand in an agreement to move forward. Meanwhile, at the Ashford library, Shirley is thinking about how Lelouch has been acting weird recently when she runs into Sayoko disguised as him. Sayoko panics because she doesn’t want Shirley to see the exposed secret entrance to the underground base, so she kisses her. The real Lelouch is at this moment telling C.C that he’ll be returning to Area 11 for the time being, and he isn’t too concerned about the Chinese Federation situation now that the people have risen. At any rate, he can now turn to their original goal involving the religious organization that creates and researches Geass users because controlling this organization would allow him to surpass the Emperor in the Geass aspect.

C.C., however, points out that this organization has been carefully concealed from the human world, and whenever its head changes, its location does as well. She had learned from the head who came after her – V.V. – that the current location is inside the Chinese Federation, but she notes that the country is huge and that even Rolo doesn’t know the exact location. Lelouch thinks that there must be traces of its existence via things like power supply or communication records, and C.C. guesses that he intends to find it using the power of the country. Regardless, he appoints her to remain there and wants her to contact him as soon as they get information on the organization. Upon his return to Japan, Lelouch is met by Rolo and Sayoko, and Sayoko tells him that she’s written everything that’s happened in his absence into a file. In talking strategy with Rolo, Lelouch reveals that he needs to figure out some countermeasures against the Knight of Rounds since he now has to face the Tristan and the Mordred as well as the Lancelot. When he arrives back at Ashford, one of the first people he runs into is Shirley who is looking despondent and wants to talk about what happened yesterday between them. Their conversation, however, is interrupted by the appearance of Anya and Gino, both of whom have decided to start attending the school.


So the question of who’s Lelouch’s double turned out to be not really a big deal at all since they revealed the answer first thing this episode. More interesting is the fact that Sayoko appeared to have kissed Shirley, and Lelouch doesn’t know. It probably means that Shirley will be a key figure again, at least in the short term, and that’s good news if you’re a Shirley fan. It also makes me wonder again if the resilience of her as a potential love interest will ultimately mean anything (i.e. Lelouch ends up with her). He’s always had a soft spot for her, so it wouldn’t surprise me if that happened.

The other significant plot development this week (aside from all the Chinese Federation stuff) was the conversation between C.C. and Lelouch about the religious organization/cult. Assuming this is related to C.C.’s powers and maybe the whole Jupiter thing, it finally feels like the story is starting to delve into some of the background topics that we’ve been waiting so long to hear about. They didn’t, however, really explain what happened between C.C. and Anya during the battle, or what C.C. appeared to realize from that.

Speaking of Anya, there’s the interesting angle developing where she knows Lelouch’s royal identity, but may or may not have told anyone else. Given that she’s now enrolled at Ashford, chances are pretty good that she’ll ask him about it, especially since it appears that we’re headed for another Ashford-centric episode next week. On that note, I do question what the purpose of next episode is since it feels like they’d be better served either trying to get Kallen back or searching for that secret organization. We’re already about halfway through R2, so I hope there’s no more dallying around with another Arthur-chase type episode. Having said that, the preview had this brief shot that really caught my attention. At first I thought it looked like Cornelia, and the fact that she’s holding a sword seems to support that, but then I remembered that Miyake Hitomi is supposed to make her debut voicing a character named Meeya I. Hillmick next week. It’s hard to tell from the preview who it really is, however it does make me very curious about who’s going to show up next week.

June 22, 2008 at 6:03 am
  • June 25, 2008 at 1:10 pmWingZero zxt

    nothing against pink haired girls its just theres already a precedent set! (a weak one but one nevertheless) And Cornelias hair AINT PINK!!!!!!!!!!!! its quite distinctly purple!

  • June 25, 2008 at 1:59 pmKalessin

    Okay. Maybe her hair isn’t pink. I haven’t paid much attention to her hair color it I recall it looking rather pink – albeit a darker pink – in the preview for episode 12. But if it’s purple, it’s purple. Still, the hair does not a girl make.

  • June 25, 2008 at 4:06 pmRemmell

    I don’t think Kallen’s specific bondage doesn’t seem too odd. Suzaku was in a similar outfit when he was arrested and held. I think that’s just standard prison garb for dangerous prisoners. Like how the Chinese have the blue bindings and ‘ball gags’ for some creepy reason.
    It is pretty sick to set food out for someone with their mouth gaged and hands tied behind their back.
    I’m pretty sure the woman we see falling in the tunnel is Cornillia. It’s the fact that the woman is carrying Cornillia’s rather unique and elaborate sword. It’s the same one she brandished against Zero when he went into that hotel to rescue Euphy and the others.

  • June 25, 2008 at 4:58 pmmagixiii

    I think Anya is at Ashford for a little loving from Lelouch.

  • June 25, 2008 at 5:25 pmWingZero zxt

    @Kal Wel that may be so maybe there are few discrepancies reagarding hair colour! all i know is that i read somewhere that for each anime (individually) hair colour and tone (same with eye colour to a degree) is chosen on the basis of the way they want the character to be percieved in relation to the others (e.g. in early preview drawings shirleys hair was black! ut now shes a ginger [soz i british i cant help hating gingers... its what we do :P lol i joke i joke !]) when you consider this and then try to test it as a theory you see how the characters hair colour and tone (e.g. how light or dark it is) relates to thier personality

    Lelouch: Pitch black hair: Determined dark character (purple eyes as a secondary point)
    Euphie: superpink hair: girly girl but really nice
    Cornelia: PURPLE *ehem* (lol) :The colour associated with strength in this anime for some reason?!?
    Suzaku: rough Hazel hair: desgined like a hero which is part of the reason why he annoys us so much , because he doesnt/hasnt lived up to our initial perception of him!!! (green eyes)
    Kallen: red hair(blue eyes): Stron willed determined but pure character

    Dont get me wrong i know its not a perfect theory/ideal and the entire basis of it gets more fluid further down the chain of importance! (where other aspects of a characters design come into play!)

    All im saying is that anyas emotional weakness combined with her young age AND her pink hair make her a PRIME TARGET for pink haired syndrome just like Euphie and her overwhelming niceness to the poiint where as soon as she came on to the scene we (or at least i) thought shes deeeeeaaaaaaad!!!!! then thought aww i hope she doesnt die then after she announced her plan remembered theres a second series and then thought shes definately dead!!! (then finally thought, ‘i cant beleive lelouch would do the obvious but evil thing to her and geass her!’ only to have him do it by accident by the end!!!

    With anya its, ‘She seems emotionaly distant and therefore a totally non worthwhile character… maybe she’ll be turned (to the dark side!!! :P) …hmm Gino seems to dote on her’, to ,’Hang about she knows about lelouch as a child! this warrants further investigation!!!’, to ,’Whats this C.C. has just had some random interfacing session with her where she found somthing out’ (U WILL ALL CALL IT THIS FROM NOW ON :P :P :P ), to ,’i read on that Awesome blog that i post on that shes only 14. Poor emotionally distant 14 year old girl who knew lelouch as a child and may be his friend from then! and might be a signal of hope for lelouch or someone he can trust in the future (based on freindly picture!)’ to {finally}, ‘Hmm i just noticed she has pink hair! considering the parrallels from season one, the (uncalculated) ratio of differences and her characters behavior (e.g. emotionally distant/bored) shes a prime candidate for death! right after she comes out of her shell and gains a small form of happiness!

    Whilst i may not be right! (i dont care either way to be honest i currently -nothing- her as a character) her seeming overstated (but ultimately lack of) importance suggests to me that she will die! How who knows maybe suzaku will do it if she allies with lelouch (which might mean we get to keep kallen !huzaa!) maybe kallen will do it as a wierd sense of jealous irony (i hate using the word irony because its often used wrongly i apologise if this is the case here!)maybe SHE WONT DIE all i know is that she meets all the criteria (including piloting the mordered which due to its low manuverability in itself is a liability) for a somewhat Euphie-esc (someone tell me how to type this suffix properly please!) i.e. trajic demise

  • June 25, 2008 at 6:11 pmKalessin

    Well, Euphemia suspected that Lelouch was Zero after episode 8 of season 1. As of episode 11 of R2, Anya likely suspects that Lelouch Lamperouge is Lelouch Vi Britannia. Perhaps this is another one of those parallels. However, pink hair or no pink hair, I certainly don’t expect her to end up in a situation anything like Euphemia’s. That was too wacked out to be repeated. However, like most of the other characters, there’s every possibility that she could die. How likely it is, I can’t say, but her connection to Lelouch will likely make he important at least temporarily, and if she finds out too much, that likely does put her at a high risk of dying.

  • June 25, 2008 at 6:23 pmKalessin

    Correction: “As of episode 10 of R2, Anya likely suspects that Lelouch Lamperouge is Lelouch Vi Britannia.”

  • June 25, 2008 at 6:41 pmWingZero zxt

    @ kal indeed, oh what a coincidence she has pink hair!!!! and as for wacked out to be repeated I SINCERELY AGREE!!!!! thatwas the first time ever!! that i wasnt upset over any one indiidual death of an important character but was truly truly HORRIFIED over the deaths of so many and the way the handled it! if i ever show this to my friends (none of them like anime) ill turn episode 22 into a written monologue (taken mostly from the summary written here!) no one should have to watch that!

  • June 25, 2008 at 6:59 pmKalessin

    Actually, Euphemia’s death and its nasty aftermath are the entire reason that my brother doesn’t intend to ever pick up the DVD’s. It nearly ruined the series for him.

  • June 25, 2008 at 7:06 pmWingZero zxt

    true i dunno if my memory of it is dulling (i hope so) but it wasnt the number of people that died it was the very real way in which they died!!! i mean there have been slightly worse mass killings in anime (full metal alchemist for one.. this series was a bitter dissapointment is the manga still going does anyone know? and was the anime a animted version or a tweaked adaptation because frankly it was dissapointingly traji how it ended if anyone can answer please do so i may read the manga! depending on how little its like the anime and whether or not it finishes there!!!)
    (also gundam seed when ships exploded and when they let off the GIANT emp device!)
    but nevertheless i am still troubled by the sight of Euphie with the equivelent of a P90 (i think! it looks like the main gun of SG1 after all) gunning down japnese people! and all the blood exploding and bursting everywhere!

  • June 25, 2008 at 7:09 pmKalessin

    Myself, I didn’t particularly like either the fact that Euphemia was geassed and died or the horrible massacre that resulted, but given what Euphemia knew and where things were going at that point, something drastic had to happen. So, it’s really nasty and unpleasant, but it has definite effects on the plot that are potentially positive. In the short term, it majorly changes the rebellion potential of the Black Knights for the end of season one. In the long term, its most obvious effects are what it did to Suzaku – it’s really a defining event for him for better or worse – but there are lots of things that would be very different at this point if it had never happened.

  • June 25, 2008 at 7:12 pmWingZero zxt

    they could however make somthing almost as horrifying by having the mordered vaporise a whole bunch of people! and having them explode! (like when blonde girl from gundam 00 had her family killed but worse with lots more people!)

  • June 25, 2008 at 7:12 pmKalessin

    As for FMA, it’s similar up to about the point that Dante shows up and Greed dies. Dante doesn’t exist in the manga. As I understand it, the manga artist didn’t want the anime to have the same ending as the manga because then you’d just get the same thing in both and it wouldn’t be as interesting for manga fans to watch the anime or anime fans to read the manga. The latter portion of the anime was created wholly by the anime folks. The manga is currently ongoing and is definitely going in a different direction.

  • June 25, 2008 at 7:21 pmWingZero zxt

    in hind sight you can say that somthing drastic had to happen but at the time i had Absolutely no idea that they were gonna play the ‘question your own morality for watching this death’ card! i had an idea (as afore mentioned) that Euphie for the sake of storyline had to be removed! (one way or THE other!!) bur i had genuinely no idea that the writers were capable of that! ofcourse without using hind sight you could see that from lelouches point of view that would have been the most obvious and logical way to handle things but he tried his best not too (probably because it was euphie who would have done it) even going so far as to suggest he get shot! (non fatally) for it then to be the result of an accident ! the silence when she killed the first one and the way she killed all of them! (and how all the troops stationed there obidiently obeyed) I (due to a basic instinctive human naivity which thanks to that is now almost completely gone!) COULD NOT HAVE SEEN IT COMING!

  • June 25, 2008 at 7:34 pmWingZero zxt

    hmm Dante is the woman who is basically the final boss in the anime right? (the one who orchestrated pretty much everything along with Eds father?) and greed is the first haumoculous who Ed defeated right? (its bin so long i only watched it in english in Britain! )
    hmm certainly warrants a look! (anythings better then ed being trapped on the other sie of the gate then coming bck then leaving again to a world without alchemy with his brother!!!! i mean comon he didnt even get with Winry!!) Enough of that FMA drivel (unless you’re confirming or correcting me at the top!)
    thinking bck i can certanly see why people (understandibly ) blindly hate lelouch i mean if that were my friend or relative i would blindly hate the person who did that too!
    but because im on the outside looking in and can see the full circumstances i honestly beleive that lelouch was almost as much a victim in it! (which is not an entirely justified opinion; i understand this!) i often use the illustration of a weapon misfiring! since you guys are in america (some of you) you might be able to relate to that possibility a little mroe then i can being in britain (having only ever seen a gun on a police officer though i so know that people in britain have them cos i watch the news! im not naieve like a certain character!)

  • June 25, 2008 at 7:50 pmKalessin

    FMA “Drivel”: Yes, Dante is the “final boss” so to speak. I would have said something more along the lines of enemy mastermind or the main bad guy or something, but whatever. Greed was indeed the first homunculus that Ed killed (though he’s not actually the one who does him in in the manga). The gate is in both, but it’s not a gate between worlds in the same way as the anime. There is no “real world,” so it really wouldn’t make any sense for that to happen in the manga.

  • June 25, 2008 at 7:55 pmKalessin

    As for foreseeing the events with Euphemia, given that he actions risked to pretty much ruin Zero and the Black Knights, it was fairly obvious that something had to happen to get Zero and company out of the situation. However, the whole massacre bit – and even Euphemia’s death – weren’t at all obvious. Euphemia’s death was the more foreseeable of the two, but even that was far from sure.

    As for the guns thing, I doubt that I’ve see many more guns than you have. There are places where you can shoot 22′s and the like – particularly if you’re a Boy Scout or somesuch – but unless you’re going to actually be a police officer, or go hunting, or live in a really bad part of Los Angeles or something, you’re not likely to see guns very often. It’s not like everyone in America is toting guns around. I’d guess that you’ve seen guns in real life about as often as the average American.

  • June 25, 2008 at 8:16 pmWingZero zxt

    @Kal ive only seen them once (because ive only bin to london once during the day since the bus bombings! just because im british dont mean im londonish lol :P) but yes unfortunately (for you) due to your constitution, your NRA, every documentary in the last 5 years!(MICHAEL MOORE WAS NOT A DOCUMENTARY to biased appar.!) and the way that the media has portrayed you for the last 100 years the stereotype is that, ‘guns dont kill people Americans do!’ trajic i know!

    Regarding the whole situation with Euphie i know im repeating myself a bit ( a lot) but as soon as the gawain showed up i thought to myself hes not gonna be that evil and geass her to kill everyone! then when he suggested she shoot him and the pleasant convo that followed i thought fine! then the accident and i was like, ‘he’ll stop her surely’ ,then the gun shot and all hell breaks lose!!! OMGoodness i sat silently for a good half hour after that!

  • June 25, 2008 at 8:32 pmKalessin

    I, unfortunately, had accidentally read about the incident before seeing the episode, so I could see it coming. As such, perhaps my take on the situation and how foreseeable it was isn’t as unbiased as it should be, but just the same, if I hadn’t read about it, there’s certainly no way that I would have expected anything anywhere near that bad – particularly considering that it was Euphemia that we were dealing with.

  • June 25, 2008 at 8:52 pmWingZero zxt

    GEASS Mechanics part 2 (part one untitled)

    the whole ep brings up a valid point though during in it Suzaku and C2 ha an interfacing session ( SERIOUSLY GUYS THIS WILL BE WHAT ITS CALLED FROM NOW ON I ORDER U :P) but prior to this she said, ‘he can see me.. is this a result from the incident at kamenijima or is he also…’ since when ever a phrase like this is uttered its pretty rarely (ive never known it happen) that the coincidence is what happened then the whole incident add credibility to my geass gene/chosen one theory whereby if you want geass you have to have some sort of predisposition to be able to! this adda the possibility that suzaku could be given geass (due to V2 taking an even greater intrest in him or lelouch getting c2 to give him power out of some form of pity for a now reformed and living up to expectation (as afore mentioned suzaku!) IM gona start titling my posts because i like to refference them from now on !

    GEASS Mechanics part 2 (part one untitled)

  • June 25, 2008 at 9:31 pmyoungde

    Hey again,

    @WingZero, I actually tried to respond to your reply to me earlier, but for some reason, my computer stopped letting me post, so I had to wait and try again. My point was that even if Anya and Gino decided to join Ashford on their own, they still report directly to the Emperor. The Emperor presumably knows that Lelouch is Zero since V.V. and Jerimaiah seem to know, so it just seems a bit odd that he would let two of his best people just walk into a ‘Geass-able’ situation like that.

    Incidentally, I read on another message board that the second R2 drama CD has a skit which stars Lelouch, Rolo, C.C., Anya and Gino, which seems odd that those five would be together. Either Anya and Gino are unaware of C.C. (probably more likely) or they’ve been Geassed.

    Also, anyone notice that Lelouch is returning to Japan, because of the Kallen ‘situation’, implying that he believes Kallen would be taken to Japan (which makes sense since most of her ‘crimes’ would have been done in that juristiction). However, if she is taken there, it couldn’t take long for Nunally to find out about, and she certainly wouldn’t treat one of her friends like Suzaku, even if she was a ‘terrorist.’ If this happens, I’d imagine she’d be pretty pissed at Suzaku for treating her so poorly. (How cool would that be. A pissed off Nunally.) Note that this all assumes that Nunally hasn’t had any memory replacements, which I assume since the Emperor’s Geass appears to require eye contact to work, which obviously wouldn’t work on Nunally.

  • June 26, 2008 at 1:07 amRemmell

    If Suzaku isn’t telling Nunnally where her brother is what makes you think she’s going to keep Nunnally up date date of all the prisoners comings and goings? I would doubt that he will say anything to her about it. I imagine if Suzaku says anything about capturing her to the student counsel the counsel will try and plead her case.
    Technically, Britannia doesn’t have much of a right to legally hold Kallen. All her crimes against Britannia were in the Area 11 district and Nunnally pardoned all her crimes in place of a suspended sentence.
    The crimes that she was currently captured for were against the Chinese Federation. Somehow I doubt they would still be pressing any charges.
    Sadly, Nunnally has quickly becomes a puppet governor. I doubt she could do much about this even if she was told Kallen was in jail. Here’s hoping Lelouch gets her out next episode and whether Nunnally even knows would becomes a mute point. My hope is that when Lelouch is tagging off with Sayako he’s moving to get her back.

  • June 26, 2008 at 4:25 amKalessin

    Offenses were reduced and executions stayed in the deal that Nunnally’s advisers made with Zero. No one was pardoned. And even if they were, do you really think that Britannia is the sort of place where they worry much about law if it inconveniences them? They obviously have laws that they follow on some level (they were bothering with a trial for Suzaku in season 1 after all), but when you’re talking about a known terrorist involved in numerous incidents and who is a citizen of a “Remedial Territory” (or whatever they call it) which isn’t even a full area anymore, I really don’t think that they’re going to care much about the law. It’s not as if the courts have any clue that they have her and Britannia strikes me as the kind of country where if the emperor – or maybe even a prince such as Schneizel – says that the law should be waved or ignored, then it will be. So, I wouldn’t expect Kallen to be in a situation any better than that of the Black Knights who were held captive at the beginning of the season. Given that she’s wearing a C.C. style straight jacket, her situation may be worse.

    As for her being saved, I fear that we may have to wait a while. From everything that I’ve read about the next couple of episodes, they’re likely to be jam-packed with Ashford stuff. I certainly have found no spoilers of any kind that mention Kallen. As far as we know, Lelouch has no clue where Kallen is. If he really did, he’d likely be hatching a plan to save her rather than returning to school. His main concerns at this point appear to be waiting for C.C. to find information on the location of the cult/order and figuring out how to counter 3 Knights of Round instead of just one. I don’t think that he made any mention of saving Kallen at the end of episode 11.

    That’s not to say that Lelouch won’t find something out and/or come up with something to get Kallen back amongst all the Ashford activities, but I suspect that they’re going to make a big enough deal about rescuing her that that would be the main focus of whatever episode it happens in and it’s fairly certain that that would not be the case until episode 15 at the earliest.

    Show Spoiler ▼

    Unless we end up with Kallen being brought to Ashford (be it as a prisoner or after having her head messed with by the emperor) in the next couple of episodes, I find it unlikely that we’ll see her free anytime soon. I’d certainly like to see her free, and we can definitely hope that the reason that Lelouch is switching off with Sayoko in order to go save Kallen, but it seems far more likely to me that Kallen’s going to be stuck for a while and her release will have to do with major plot developments later on in the season.

    Of course, Kallen’s capture means that Britannia has a hostage that they can use against Zero regardless of whether he’s Lelouch, so regardless of what they can or can’t get out of her and regardless of what Lelouch loses by not having her around, her capture could really hinder him depending on what Britannia decides to do. Let’s hope that we don’t end up with a situation similar to that at the end of season 1 where Zero runs off to save Nunnally but in this case decides to stay instead of running off to save Kallen. He’d want to save Kallen, but after seeing what running off got him in season 1, he’ll be hard pressed to do it again and in such a situation, not doing it could mean the end of Kallen….

  • June 26, 2008 at 6:42 amWingZero zxt

    i still think the best *guess* so far is that she shows up at school at the end of ep 12! i dont think that suzaku has been told all of the emperors plans regardless of wether h found out about geass or not!! And since all her friends were asking after her (including lelouch who to him seems normal!) its possibe that as a facour to *ehem* her she will be brainwashed and sent bck to school! (we are all desperately avoiding the possibility that she will go back willingly as a suzaku puppet!! after realising that lelouch wont(cant) save her! )

  • June 26, 2008 at 7:28 amWingZero zxt


    to clarify the point i was amking about suzaku not knowing about all the emperors plans is that quite simply he is totally unaware of Jeremiahs current situation! Notice he said in the battle in ep 6 ‘becareul this pilot defeated jeremiah!’ which means he and they had no idea about jeremiah not being dead!

  • June 26, 2008 at 12:05 pmKalessin

    Code Geass doesn’t really have any true “filler.” Every episode counts for something. Sure, there are small events in episodes that don’t matter much overall, but anything much bigger than that has an impact on the story – be it because it has an effect on the characters themselves or the plot. As such, it’s doubtful that Kallen is simply going to be rescued at some point soon and then things will go back to “normal.” There pretty much has to be a lasting effect from her capture – be it some major character development of some kind or a something that affects the overall plot.

    The fact that the Guren was captured along with her means that she could conceivably be saved soon without much in terms of lasting effects other than not getting the Guren back and all that means (not being able to fight with it, Lloyd studying it and figuring out how to copy or counter their tech, etc). However, other than that possibility, any other major plot or character changes would almost certainly involve nasty things happening with regards to Kallen herself. I suppose that the major change could be some big change in Suzaku or Lelouch (or even Kallen herself), but more likely, either information will be leaked of some kind, Lelouch’s actions will be adversely affected (like if they used her as leverage), or they’re going to have fun messing around with her head (which would probably include sending her back to Ashford or getting her to fight against the Black Knights – maybe even in the Guren).

    You know, I could totally believe that they were setting up Kallen to have to be killed like Euphemia because a geass just totally screwed with her and there was no other choice. I sure hope that that doesn’t happen, but depending on how interested the writers are in actual having her have an actual, lasting romantic relationship with Lelouch and how interested they’re in making parallels with season 1, she could be in serious danger of having something nasty like that happen to her.

    Regardless, my point is that I find it very hard to believe that they’re simply going to waltz in and rescue her at some point – soon or otherwise. I find it somewhat hard to believe that they’ll even have an episode where they manage to go in and rescue her with much difficulty but little other bad stuff happening. There have to be some kind of lasting effects from her capture. What those effects are, we can really only guess at at this point – and honestly, most of my guesses aren’t pleasant – but I seriously doubt that this is going to be a simple case of finding out where she is, rushing out the back door to grab her and the Guren, and then returning to your normally scheduled programming as if nothing had happened.

  • June 26, 2008 at 12:20 pmKalessin

    Jeremiah disappeared after being defeated by Kallen in episode 11 of season 1. After that, Clovis’ scientists were messing with him and they were almost certainly just about the only ones who knew that he was alive. He next appears in public at the end of season 1 to fight Zero and C.C. in his new, wacked out knightmare. I don’t think that much of anyone else saw his knightmare fighting Zero, let alone knew who was piloting it. In the end of that fight, C.C. drags him down to the ocean floor. C.C. and the Gawain are crushed. C.C. – being C.C. – survives to collect the remnants of the Black Knights and eventually save Lelouch at the beginning of season 2. At some point between seasons, Lakshata and her team fetched the remains of the Gawain in order to use it to build some of their current tech. They also looked for Jeremiah’s knightmare, but didn’t find it. This would at most mean that they might suspect that he was alive, but it’s unclear that they suspect anything like that at all.

    The next time anyone sees Jeremiah – as for as we know – is at the end of episode 9 when he’s with V.V. I’d venture a guess that very few people beyond V.V. and the emperor knew that he was alive at that point. It’s likely that either V.V. saved him and/or his modifications made it so that he could survive being crushed by the ocean pressure like C.C. did (though the fact that his knightmare seemed to be gone as well implies that he was saved by someone). It’s quite conceivable that someone like Suzaku would know that he was alive, but there’s really no reason to think that he would necessarily know. It’s not like V.V. and the emperor are big on revealing things to anyone. Also, the fact that Suzaku talks of about the Guren defeating Jeremiah implies that he does not know.

    In either case, when Jeremiah shows up it’s likely going to be a surprise to just about anyone who has any clue who he is. He gets to play the wildcard that comes out of nowhere.

  • June 26, 2008 at 1:23 pmyoungde

    Hey again,

    Alot of people seem to be thinking that Kallen’s going to die before the end of the series. While I acknowledge this possibility, there are several reasons that I don’t think it will happen.

    One, while many actions in R2 mirror season 1 others are occuring exactly oppositely. Lelouch has realized that his mission isn’t just for his sister anymore and has realized that ends don’t always justify means. Meanwhile, Suzaku has become obsessed with the end of ‘changing the world from the inside’ regardless of means. My point is that even if Kallen gets Geassed in a situation like Euphie, in contrast to the first season, I think Lelouch will find a way to stop her without killing her.

    Two, Kallen seems to be involved with too many of the lighthearted moments in the series for her to be a tragic character. If you rewatch much of the series, Kallen is involved in ALOT of awkward or embarresing situations (even more if you count the picture dramas and drama CDs). As a general rule, it’s a bad idea to kill off a character that is involved in so many comic moments, as it would make re-watching the series a real downer, which would tank DVD sales. In contrast, Euphie wasn’t involved in many humorous situations (and even in the ones she was in, it usually wasn’t her being funny).

    Finally, keep in mind that this is a show that brought and incidental character back to life and promoted him to secondary player purely because fans liked him. From what I can tell from message boards, after Lelouch and maybe C.C., Kallen is just about the most popular character on the show. Kiler her would strike me as being unwise.

    Still, I’m saying it’s impossible that Kallen will die before the end of the series, I just doubt it. (Still, it will seriously honk me off if she does).

  • June 26, 2008 at 2:12 pmKalessin

    I’m mainly worried about the possibility of Kallen’s death rather than necessarily expecting it to happen. I think that the Code Geass writers have shown themselves to be perfectly ready and willing to kill off characters when they deem it to be good for the plot. As such, Kallen is certainly at risk. However, it’s not like they’ve been killing off major characters left and right. There are some characters halfway between minor and major that have died – like a couple of the Holy Swords – but there really aren’t very many major characters that have been killed off. Off the top of my head, I can list 2 or 3 depending on how you count them. Clovis died fairly early on – but it was so early on that he just about doesn’t count as a main character. Kirihara was executed between seasons 1 and 2, but while he was important, he wasn’t really a major character in the plot. In fact, the only really major character to die at this point is Euphemia.

    When you look at it that way, it seems fairly likely that Kallen will survive. Of course, they’re more likely to kill off major characters towards the end of the series, but considering that while they have killed quite a few characters, the major characters at least have generally survived, then I think that unless they’re looking to make a major tragedy out of Kallen, she’s not going to die any time soon and hopefully not at all.

  • June 26, 2008 at 4:16 pmRemmell

    Seeing how Lelouch knows that Kallen was handed over to Suzaku it doesn’t seem out of the question that Suzaku would bring her back to Japan along with the Guren.
    Lelouch is very upset that Suzaku has her. He had sworn to get her back with his own hands. In episode 11 he talks about Kallen and the need to go back to Japan. he talks about those things as they are entering the room. The whole cult isn’t even mentioned until after Lelouch has removed his helmet and cape.
    That shows that he’s gone to Japan in order to rescue Kallen. As to where she’s being held. If Suzaku isn’t tricked into mentioning it. Providing he says something to the student counsel about how they captured her. They will probably ask a whole lot of questions about her. If he slips up and mentions her location that would tell Lelouch where to go. If Suzaku doesn’t make that mistake Lelouch could just have Villetta get that information through the intelligence agency. If neither of these happen Lelouch could just sneak out to some high profile prison, Geass someone, and ask if a high profile prisoner was brought in recently. Odds are good she’s being held in the same prison Ougi and Toudo were held at. That could give Lelouch his first lead.
    Seeing how in the first preview, attached to episode 11, we see a drawer opening to reveal the Zero helmet. Providing someone else didn’t stumble upon the helmet I think that’s when Lelouch is going out to save Kallen.

  • June 26, 2008 at 4:33 pmKalessin


    Well, I obviously missed that part of the conversation when I looked at the end of episode 11 last night to see whether he’d mentioned Kallen. I’ll have to rewatch it when I get home. You do bring up a very good point with the Zero helmet and you have some very good ideas with regards to how Lelouch could find out about where she was being held. That still leaves the issue of how it will fit in time-wise however which is really the main reason that I question whether she’s going to be saved so soon. My guess would be that if he’s about to save Kallen, he’ll find out where she is in episode 12 and then actually save her in episode 13. Depending on what Show Spoiler ▼

    is up to in episode 13, there may very well be time to fit it in in that episode.

    Of course, I think that my point is still valid that it’s not as if Lelouch is just going to save her and things will go back to normal. There are going to have be other consequences from her being captured. Those consequences don’t necessarily have to mean anything bad for Kallen, but at minimum, there’s going to have to be an effect on the main plot as a result of her capture – be it that one side is going to find out something potentially critical about the other, or that Lelouch isn’t going to be somewhere else where he might be needed because he’s saving Kallen, or any number of other possible effects that her capture might have. Something is going to have to come out of this – be it positive or negative for the Black Knights – which has a definite affect on the overall story.

    You know, it just occurred to me, that one reason to think that she may be saved soon is that there tends to be a tendency in Code Geass to solve problems rather quickly unless they’re major over-arcing plot problems – like getting rid of Suzaku, or defeating Britannia, etc. It’s quite typical for one problem to pop up right after another one, or for a new problem to arise from their solution of a previous problem, but I think that it’s atypical to have a problem pop up that takes quite a few episodes to actually solve.

  • June 26, 2008 at 6:08 pmKalessin

    I can’t believe that I said “there tends to be a tendency.” And I thought that I proofread that post… I should probably have said “there seems to be a tendency” or something similar.

  • June 26, 2008 at 6:51 pmAndy

    I’ve got bad feel about Lelouch’s plans! What happen if Lelouch out-of-control about control the another organization. He’ll be a power mad man just the emperer.

  • June 26, 2008 at 6:53 pmAndy

    I hope Lelouch never forget Kallen.

  • June 26, 2008 at 7:05 pmWingZero zxt

    Kallen – The ideal vs the Reality

    explain the term atypical to me. since leaving school i can no longer remember certain basics of english! Also please note that we have yet to see kallen wearing the dress!! i think it would make sense for her to show up at school ( on suzaku or jeremiahs leesh[prob spelt it wrong]) if for no other reason then shes wearing that dress and not a japanese number suggesting that its not a post victory gathering for the black knights! the point regarding the plot regarding kallen being solved quickly is valid however the writers (due to kallens importance) could stretch this out into a full blown arc in its own right kallen not bein returned until a decisive battle (seeing her on the Britannian side maybe) allowing her to be saved albeit somewhat costly (probably) by lelouch! having a favourite character like her kidnapped and experience even more loss in the show would not be a strecth of the storryline based on precidents set so far.
    If we consider the extreme los situation being Euphie its possibile that suzaku losing his queen (in the most tragic disturing way ever anime-ated) gives ample excuse for lelocuh to loose his (though u could argue that euphie was as/more important to lelouch as/than suzaku though you could argue again that Kallen is way more important to lelouch then she is to suzaku!)
    Also if there is a season 3 (which im desperatly hoping for since this is by a long stretch the best anime ive EVER seen in all my 4 years of watchin anime (which doesnt neccesarily mean ive watched less then some of you!) it could mean that kallen is captive and in trouble for a long long time (however much i doubt it its possible)
    That being said i whilst doubt she will be capitve for more than a few eps (saved by ep 14 at earliest!) it would make no sense for her to be rescued without her incuring some kind of loss![or hating suzaku more than we already do!] (maybe lelouch moves on romantically and thats why shes crying in the current OP… i dunno its difficult/pointless to base guesses on an OP ) ONE thing is certain and thats just as kalessin sed and thats there will be consequences for kallens capture. the obvious is that shes turned to the dark side or britannia (but too obvious maybe?)

  • June 26, 2008 at 7:06 pmRemmell

    Thanks. I am pretty good at analyzing things.
    I doubt it would take a whole episode to figure out where Kallen is being held. Especially if he gets the information from Villetta. Finding time to do it wouldn’t be too hard either. He puts in an appearance at the big party, tags off with Sayako, and moves in to rescue Kallen why Suzaku and two other Rounds are busy at the party. Better still while Zero is out rescuing Kallen. Lelouch was spotted by those same three Rounds as well as most of the student body.
    I wonder if there will be another attempt at the giant pizza?

  • June 26, 2008 at 7:06 pmWingZero zxt

    lol regarding is one of my favourite words

  • June 26, 2008 at 7:19 pmKalessin

    @WingZero zxt
    atypical is the opposite of typical. That is, something that is atypical is not typical.

    As for the giant pizza, I’m guessing not. It seems to exist primarily in order to have C.C.-related humor and she’s currently in China.

    As for taking the whole episode to find out where Kallen is being held… Well, I agree that it certainly wouldn’t need to take the whole episode to figure that out, but there seem to be a lot of things going on in episode 12 and even if most of that is Sayoko, there’s only so much time in the episode to have things happen. Additionally, it seems to me that using the events surrounding Kallen’s release as a cliffhanger might make sense. However, the most likely cliffhanger at this point would be Show Spoiler ▼

    , so they probably have that covered without needing to bring Kallen into it.

    I’d love to see Kallen freed in the next episode, but given everything else that’s likely to be going on and the fact that there was nothing in the preview that related directly to Kallen implies that she’s not going to be saved. Still, it could certainly happen. I could also see Suzaku bringing Kallen to the school in an attempt to once again determine whether Lelouch is Zero, but given that she didn’t end up in the preview at all, I kind of doubt it. Besides, there’s no way that she’s going to be wearing a dress or anything like that like in the sketch on the site mentioned a number of posts back since Suzaku is bound to want to restrain her since otherwise she’d try to escape – unless she got geassed by the emperor which we’re all hoping doesn’t happen.

    In any case, it’s certainly possible that Kallen will be saved in the next episode, but I question whether there’s really enough time for it given that the focus of the episode appears to be on the school activities.

  • June 26, 2008 at 7:27 pmWingZero zxt

    @ Kalessin using the spoilers mentioned on koshimizus blog whilst offering no concrete information my best guess is that she will NOT be saved next episode! there seems to be to much else going on as afore mentioned and plus suzaku has her meaning showing her to the student council as reformed might be desirable atleast to him! also the fact that kallen did end up in the preview dosnt mean she wont show up right at the end before jeremiah (man i cant stand him the gimmicks gotten old fast!) also we have cornelia sayakos demonstrating lelouchs athletic ability and the whole anya thing (which prob wont be covered next ep!) so im thinking atleast ep 14 till we see kallen in lelouches arms again! (for the first time.. err i meant mentally, YES i was using a metaphor! :P )

  • June 26, 2008 at 7:34 pmWingZero zxt

    also no one responded to my *ehem* article entitled GEASS mechanics part 2

    God my genius is becoming a burden – get back to me :Dr Cox, Scrubs GENIUS!!!

  • June 26, 2008 at 8:50 pmKalessin

    @WingZero zxt

    Well, as for your geass mechanics post….

    Okay, first off, given the diversity of the geass users that we’ve seen, a genetic connection is not impossible, but not necessarily likely. The emperor, Lelouch, Rolo, and Show Spoiler ▼

    are all Britannian. However, the only two who we know are in the royal line are the emperor and Lelouch. The other two are Britannians, but that alone can’t do the trick because then all Britannians would be able to have a geass. And honestly, the fact that Rolo seems to be an orphan and since Show Spoiler ▼

    , I find the idea that it’s a family/gene thing to be rather unlikely. But it’s always possible that Rolo and Show Spoiler ▼

    just so happened to have it.

    The main issue, of course, would be Mao. He’s of Chinese descent – not Britannian – and C.C. seems to have picked him primarily because she pitied him. It could be that he just so happened to have the necessary gene as well – after all, with your Stargate analogy, the genes go so far back that a mixture of pretty much all races have them as I recall – but that does seem to me like it’s stretching things.

    So, it could be that there is a geass gene of some kind, but I don’t think that that’s necessarily the case. We have seen a small number of people with geasses but little evidence for how they’re chosen. It’s true that C.C. needs Lelouch for something, but it’s not at all clear that he actually needs a geass to do it. He may very well need one, but considering that C.C. “died” for Lelouch prior to giving him his geass and that she was excited to have found him when he arrived at the trailer with her in it in season 1, episode 1, I think that it’s Lelouch himself that matters. So, the gene thing is possible, but I don’t see much evidence for it really.

    As for Suzaku and Lelouch seeing the glowing image of C.C. or whatever it was that appeared in the air near the trailer in episode 1 and near the Gawain in episode 22, I don’t think that it necessarily has anything to do with geass at all. I find it more likely that it comes from having been in contact with C.C. previously or having something else happen to you to connect you to her. It’s evident from episode 1 of season 1, that C.C. at least saw them when they were younger. Whether she really had any contact with them is unknown, but she was at least near them. No one else has seen the glowing C.C. image thus far, so that implies that there’s probably something similar between them that no one else thus far has had in common with them.

    Now, it’s quite possible that they both saw it because they were potential geass users, but the fact that when C.C.’s first reaction when she found out that Suzaku could see her was wondering whether her previous contact with him or what happened with V.V. at the island allowed him to see her instead of thinking “oh, he’s someone who could have a geass” implies that it’s not a simple case of people who can have geasses can see C.C. through objects. The two may be connected, but I’m not sure that there’s really any evidence that they are.

    So, there’s obviously something special about Suzaku, and it’s obvious that that specialness is somehow related to at least some of the ways in which Lelouch is special since they both saw the glowing C.C. image and no one else has, but what it is that they both have that made that happen is not at all clear. My vote would be that it has something to do with something that happened to them both in the past and which is probably related to contact with C.C. in the past.

  • June 27, 2008 at 12:09 amRemmell

    Well, if we want an idea about the theme of the whole episode or the most important part of that episode we need look no further then the episode’s title. It’s been the key indicator to what the episode is mainly about. We can see that from the past.
    R2 Episode 7: The Discarded Mask. This episode was about Lelouch contemplating giving up being Zero.
    R2 Episode 8: A Million Miracles. The biggest event of the episode was the million Zeros.
    R2 Episode 9: The Bride of the Forbidden City. About the Empress being married off.
    This is the pattern of just a couple episodes. Now this coming episode is called “Love Attack”. This is a bit more open to interpretation. A Love Attack could be Shirley making some kind of romantic move. It could be Cornillia attacking out of vengeance for her sister. It could possibly be about Lelouch’s rescue of Kallen. All three seem just as unlikely.
    I mention Shirley, because in the past she would often make a play for Lelouch’s affections. Seems odd when it pays off she would become so upset and unsure.
    I don’t think I would refer to Lelouch attacking to get Kallen back would be considered an act of love. Just doesn’t seem like Lelouch to be that emotional. Though his outburst about coming for her was surprising. I’d think differently if we were talking about Nunnally here.
    Cornillia, because it looks like she’s possibly inside the school. At least in the underground sections. I doubt her being in there would be uneventful at the least.
    I’m very interested into seeing where Cornillia will stand. I see no reason she would be willing to help Lelouch, but if she was on the side of Britannia why is it no one seems to know where she’s been. Even her most loyal knight. If she was with Britannia why was she in hiding?

  • June 27, 2008 at 3:57 amWingZero zxt

    GEASS mechanics – part 3

    @Kal the thing which gets me is the fact that atleast according the the GG subs C.C. says,
    ‘Looks like he can see me, Is it due to the influence of the close contact and the incident at kamenijima? or is this guy also…? if thats the case…’ ! The bit i was basing my point on was the bit where she says or, ‘is this guy also’! because the ways she said it (or atleast the way its translated though i have no reason to doubt gg subs) seems like there is somthing special about them whch extends beyond merely having contact with her which is why Jeremiah was only able to recieve geass by having C.C. blood as part of him! is possible to erm postulate(http://dictionary.reference.com/browse/postulate) that jeremiah couldnt of had geass before he was tampered with! Also with mao we have no reason that he and rolo couldnt of seen the pixelated image of C.C (or one of the other cult members) prior to what we know about them! the point i made about the sentance also still stands because when ever a sentance is spoken with a question and two possible answers one conservative and reasonable OR unlikely and one special and unique OR the worst case scenario ,in that order then you usually pick the second one! e.g. ‘whats THAT!!! the statue of liberties HEAD!!!? how did it get there! maybe there was a weather crisis or a boat hit it OR i couldnt possibly be that a 150 storey high monster had somthing to do with it?!? ‘ (adapted based on cloverfield!)
    Now in the example we are all hoping for somthing normal (unless your in the cinema in which case u say that its a monster for a joke only to then be proved right and everyone hate u for spoiling it! i mean come ON who could have seen it coming!) but because of the way ive said it you now think its a possibility if not a certainty that a monster easily 3 times larger than the last incarnation of Godzilla has just torn off the statue of liberties head and thrown it into downtown manhattan (i think that was where u yanks would call downtown correct me if im wrong) now using that! Whilst C.C. sentance still werent finish its unlikely that suzaku seeing her had much if anything to do with contact at kamemijima (and if you reffer to why this didnt happen when he went to retrieve the poison u could argue that he was too close and it has only happened in ways where it would be difficult to really beleive it was happening!) more likely it was the last part of the sentance which couldve been, ‘or is thi guy also.. a chosen one’, or ‘is this guy also someone i came into contact with as a child’ or ‘is this guy also able to take to be contracted!. its possible that age has somthing to do with it since all geass users (excpet jeremiah who is discounted for reasons previously mentioned) have had contact with one of the cultist or had thier geass since child hood (thouh you could argue that just because C.C. was mysteriously in thier childhoods by no means accounts for contact!)
    i do however agree with you saying the lelouch and suzaku are in someway important (beyond thier potential for power maybe) and i look forward to finding out why!

  • June 27, 2008 at 7:37 amWingZero zxt

    also feel free to name your posts in accordance with mine so that we can refference one anthoer!

  • June 27, 2008 at 12:48 pmKalessin

    @WingZero xzt’s geass mechanics 3

    Well, I certainly don’t dispute that there could be a geass gene, or that the reason that Suzaku and Lelouch could seen the glowing C.C. image could be because they were able to get a geass, or that Rolo, Mao, etc. might have been able to see the glowing C.C. image. I just don’t think that there’s really much support for it.

    As I said, the group of geass users is diverse enough and we know so little about how they got their geasses (we don’t even know why C.C. chose Lelouch) that it seems a little far-fetched to conclude that there is something genetic or family-related that allows them to receive a geass. It’s quite possible that there was something special about them that allowed them to receive a geass, but even if that’s the case, it could have been a strong desire for something that made it possible as opposed to anything that they were born with. Lelouch wanted to change the world, Mao probably wanted to not be lonely anymore, and the emperor wanted to take it over – or “destroy the gods at least” (whatever that means). Rolo is the main hold up in that idea since I’m not quite sure what he wanted when he got his geass and he’s a pretty unemotional guy overall. Certainly at this point, he doesn’t want things to change – he wants a brother, friends, etc.

    Actually, it’s possible that a person’s geass power relates to what they want. Lelouch wanted to change the world; he now has the power to force change on people. Mao wanted to not be lonely; he gained the power to always hear everyone’s thoughts. If you take Rolo as wanting things not to change (which may or may not have been what he wanted at the time), then being able to effectively freeze people in place goes with that. The emperor’s ability to rewrite people’s memories may go with a desire to force people to think what he wants them to think. Perhaps, connecting a person’s geass power with their desires is stretching things a bit, but there are some similarities at least.

    We can’t say much about Jeremiah at this point since about all we know about his geass is that Show Spoiler ▼

    . Your idea that he was able to get a geass thanks to the scientists trying to make him like C.C. is an interesting one. It’s certainly a possibility. I question it primarily because they were trying to make him like C.C. who gives geasses rather than like a geass user, but it’s certainly food for thought. In either case, it appears that he has a geass from V.V. and not from what the scientists did. If the geass was gene-related, however, I’d find it more likely that Jeremiah – being nobility if not royalty – would be have the gene required than either Rolo or Mao. So, again, the gene thing is certainly a possibility, but I don’t see any real need for it or necessarily any support for it.

    As for the glowing C.C., only Suzkaku and Lelouch have seen her thus far. C.C. obviously didn’t know why Suzaku could. Her first guesses were because of his contact with her in episode 11 and/or due to the stuff that happened to him on geass island (that’s a lot easier to remember that island’s actual name….). In the Shinsen subs she says: “He can see me. Is it because of my invasion of his mind and the Kaminejima incident? Or is he… If so then…” She then gets out of the Gawain and asks him, “Answer me this; are you-.” After that, Zero’s eye affects her, Suzaku touches her, etc.

    The way she says it implies that she thought that perhaps both the invasion of his mind and what happened at geass island – probably what happened in the cave in particular – both added up to make it so that he could see her. However, she does appear to come up with a third possibility about him being something. What she doesn’t say. In the GG subs, she says “or is this guy also” (emphasis added) while she says nothing of “also” in the Shinsen subs. Also, in the GG subs, she wonders if it was due to the influence of the “close contact” while the Shinsen subs specifically mention the incident when she invaded his mind in episode 11 (maybe the Shinsen sub folks made an assumption about the “close contact.” I don’t know). For what it’s worth, there are definitely other places in season 1 where the Shinsen subs are obviously better than the GG subs, but I don’t know if that’s always the case.

    In either case, the possibility that C.C. puts forth is that Suzaku is something – which she does not explain. What that is, we don’t know, but I don’t think that it was a potential geass user. The fact that she may have said “also” (hard to say given that it’s only in one of those two translations) implies that she’s wondering if he’s “also” the same as someone else in some manner – probably Lelouch. However, note that she gets down to ask him something about what he is: “are you-.” It seems doubtful to me that she was about to ask him whether he was a potential geass user. How would he know? He doesn’t even know about geass at that point.

    Now, the fact that she gets cut off implies to me that whatever she thinks he might be is the more likely explanation (the writer’s are going for some suspense and mystery with regards to her question after all). But what is it that she thinks he might be? I don’t see how we can even reasonably guess at this point.

    It’s interesting to note that Suzaku saw an image of the wall on geass island followed by the brain lines in his mind, then he sensed C.C., turned around, and then saw her. So, it’s not a simple matter of being able to see her. He sensed her presence first and there’s obviously a connection to the geass stuff even if it doesn’t necessarily have anything to do with being able to receive a geass. Also note that Lelouch and Suzaku have each seen the glowing C.C. once only. Lelouch saw her in the beginning when he looked at the crashed trailer in episode 1, but never since – not later in that episode prior to receiving his geass and never after having received it. He also couldn’t really sense her or see her inside her container. He just saw the image from the side of the road where he was and then heard her in his mind when he got close – at which point she sensed him and recognized him somehow in spite of being trapped. Suzaku on the other hand, never saw the glowing image prior to episode 22. He didn’t have a lot of opportunities to see C.C. prior to that, but he had a few. He’s also had a few opportunities since then but hasn’t seen her (imagine the mess if he’d seen her in the tomato container in episode 5 of R2). So, whatever the glowing image and see-through thing is, it appears to only happen once per person or only under certain conditions.

    In either case, what makes it so that a particular person is chosen to receive a geass is not at all clear at this point (it could simply be the whim of the geass giver) and it’s unclear whether or not anyone and everyone could receive geasses if the cult/order decided to do so. For that matter, we don’t even know if all the cult people can give geasses or whether they are the same as C.C. in any way at all – in particular the immortality bit. Given the images we keep seeing of a bunch of people lined up with geass symbols on their heads are probably them however, so they aren’t likely to be normal people who simply happen to be experimenting with geass stuff. We don’t even know if V.V. is the same as C.C. except that he’s obviously older than he looks, has powers of some kind, and can give geasses to people – and he may not have had those powers prior to becoming the leader of the cult. The geass givers are at least as much a mystery as the geass users. It’s conceivable that only certain people can receive geasses and that a gene determines it, but I see no reason to support that and I don’t think that it’s the case.

    Also, sensing/seeing the glowing C.C. has only happened to 2 people – only 1 of which has since received a geass – and there is no obvious connection between the glowing C.C. and receiving a geass. There’s obviously a connection between the geass stuff in general and seeing C.C., but not necessarily with being able to receive a geass. It seems evident that C.C. thinks that there might be something special about Suzaku, but what it is we don’t know. She obviously thought that that there was something special about Lelouch from the very beginning but whether the specialness of Lelouch that made her give him a geass and the specialness of Suzaku that allowed him to see her have anything to do with each other is unclear.

  • June 27, 2008 at 2:17 pmKalessin

    You know, the length of my last post is kind of scary….

  • June 27, 2008 at 4:58 pmWingZero zxt

    OH COMON!!!!! u expect me to read that (now i fell i have to tut…) *reading*

  • June 27, 2008 at 5:31 pmKalessin

    @WingZero zxt

    Yes, that post is a tad on the long side (okay, maybe more than a tad), but you were the one who wanted to discuss this particular topic….

  • June 27, 2008 at 5:38 pmWingZero zxt

    the story so far
    Having the gene at this point doesnt mean your in some way related to royalty what i mean is quite frankly you HAVE the GENE! basic genetic diversity is reason enough for it to spread outside of the royal family (let alone the fact that parts of the royal family can come and go due to political manipulation(s) and attrition over the course of say i dunno C.C. entire life at least! (and we know how long that is!) in a similar way to he stargate theory whereby having the gene meant you decended from a long gone (therefore un able to predict) race of aliens (ancient humans in case some of you want to pull me up on my stargate knowledge (QUIT MISSING THE POINT ignore this bracket :P ) having the gene meant your a decendant of one of the cultists who say 300 or 400 years ago decided to have children maybe! (on a side note did anyone get any of the video magazines of code geass translated they shed some historical light on the history of the empire but i cant fully comprehend it ‘cos i dont speak japanese) also regarding your point about rolo not wanting somthing thats not accuarate since in ep 8 (miracle or a million! with ZERO’s as main star ep!) hes talking to lelouch in their secret staff room (not the underground one/ might even be lelouch and rolos dorm room) and Rolos saying that he will help lelouch because he has somthing he wants to protect!
    Regarding your other points they are all quite correct – what we are doing is nothing more than speculation at this point and given that episode 12 seems like its there just to space out the gaps between us hating suzaku so that japanese fans dont get to annoyed and storm sunrise i doubt we will find out much of anything til ep 13/14 that being said the way this second series is made (staying deliberately parrallel to S1 so that when somethig does change we are caught unaware) it wouldnt be suprising to me if it were more informative than it looks (cornelia is in it for atleast 0.33 secs after all)
    Perhaps the ‘gene’ theory was a bit too specific and therefore unlikely (i might be back tracking as i think deeper!) but nevertheless there is somthing that ties together the likes of Mao, Leouch, Rolo, Emperor (AND it CANT BE that they ALL have purple eyes although….. no nevermind rolos eyes even are a slightly diferent shade of purple to the rest so that we could tell he wasnt lelouch real brother from the start although… if thats true then it would mean that when C.C. (the writers) hinted at another reason for Suzaku being able to see her it was a deliberate false hint! (truly an evil design by the writers!)
    I have also made the point in previous posts (GEASS mechanics part 2&3 i beleive) that seeing C.C. pixelated is perhaps not a requirement (point not made before) and by no means if it is a requirement, is it somthing that didnt happen to the other geass obtainers! in other words C.C. being seen in that manner and us not knowing that it happened to the others is not mutually exclusive!)

    Since im not sure where i am (in my thought process after having written this ) ill just leave it here before i talk myslef into circles (plus dinners ready)

  • June 27, 2008 at 5:40 pmRemmell

    That’s why I like to keep my comments fairly brief unless the topic requires me to be more in depth.
    If you enjoy Code Geass themed art and comedy you might like my Code Geass 4koma. I make a new one once a week based on the latest episodes.
    Be sure to read the comments on the second link. I will help you understand the joke better if you haven’t seen my art before.

    I caught the extended preview of episode 12. Normally those show more scenes from the episode. This one was different. It just shows an extended scene of of Shirley talking to a very upset Milley. I don’t think I have ever seen her look so distracted.

  • June 27, 2008 at 5:52 pmWingZero zxt


  • June 27, 2008 at 8:46 pmWingZero zxt

    @Ksl lol i dont mind it being long i was just suprised thatt somthing I said illicited such a response!

  • June 28, 2008 at 12:17 amshamaticgrl

    *eyes popping out* Holy Crow! that’s one big post! I don’t think I have the time to catch up from where i left off so I’ll start posting on the next episode once I download it and watch it. and hopefully i have time to reply. @_@ see you all on the next episode. I’m just happy those enunch killed amwahahahahahha….poor kallen.

  • June 28, 2008 at 10:00 pmdragon

    hey everyone.! i forgot the url for this place. -_- its been 3 days. i typed in code geass summary in google and this was the first link. 0_o Anyways it was good episode.
    Can’t wait to see the next one :-D 12 more hours! ^^

  • June 29, 2008 at 1:21 amshamaticgrl

    i can’t wait that long. T_T

  • June 29, 2008 at 3:11 amdragon

    Just go to sleep. When you wake up, it’ll be like Xmas you can watch the new code geass episode. :-D I’m still trying to decide wether I want to go to sleep or stay up all night. I might spend all night thinking about it too! ^_^

  • June 29, 2008 at 5:04 amRemmell

    So when Lelouch finally does save Kallen what do you think is more likely?
    *Kallen cries in joy
    *Kallen hugs Lelouch
    *Kallen slaps Lelouch
    *Kallen asks what took so long

  • June 29, 2008 at 5:39 amKalessin

    Asking him what took so long sounds enough like a complaint that I don’t see her asking that unless he doesn’t save her until episode 15 or 16 or something. Slapping him would be even ruder – especially since he came to save her, so I wouldn’t expect that. The only times that she’s slapped him thus far, he pretty much deserved it.

    I’m betting that if she hugs him, she’s probably crying too. Lelouch isn’t exactly the most huggable guy and their relationship isn’t such that she’d hug him normally, so she’d probably have to be pretty caught up in emotion to hug him. And if she’s that caught up emotionally, she’s likely to be crying too. However, she’s not exactly a weepy girl, so she isn’t likely to cry easily. Still, she did cry and hug Ougi when he and the others were saved in episode 4 and being saved could very well be enough to make her cry.

    I’d vote crying to be the most likely, though I wouldn’t be all that surprised if none of the above occurred.

  • June 29, 2008 at 3:47 pmkayne001

    Best poster ever goes to: Kalessin.

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