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Pretending that Howard Glass was killed in the Vajra attack, Leon takes control of the military and orders the launch of the Battle Frontier. Alto, Ranka, and Luca meanwhile make their way to Island 3 with the help of some cover fire from Kuran, and Luca takes them to the research lab where a weapon called the Little Girl is being stored. Luca explains that this is an LAI-developed Fold bomb that’ll wipe out everything in a 50 kilometer radius, but in order for it to work, they need to gather all the Vajra inside the colony ship in one place. When Alto realizes that this plan will require Ranka, he gets angry, however Luca remains calm and declares that he’s decided to protect. Luca frames this all as a struggle for survival between them and the Vajra, but what ultimately settles this is Ranka’s own decision to sing. With this plan now in place, Alto can only reassure Ranka that they’ll be able to escape afterward and that she’ll be able to sing without worries. After Alto takes off in his Valkyrie, Brera shows up and suggests that Ranka doesn’t have to sing if she doesn’t want to. Letting her cry into his arms for a moment, he then tells her that her song is her heart, and that’s something that is hers alone.

Despite this, Ranka remains resolved to sing. She knows that her song won’t reach the one person she wants it to reach, but she’s still doing it because this is the hope for him. Aimo succeeds in attracting all of the Vajra to Island 3, so the fleet jettisons that particular section and detonates the Fold bomb once Ranka gets off safely. All of the Vajra are thus killed, and Ranka once again feels a pain in her stomach. In the aftermath, cleanup begins, and Leon gives a speech and leads a prayer for all the people who died. He tells Ranka that Ozma is missing, but despite her sad feelings, he still asks her to sing. Ranka surprises everyone by refusing to do so, and she then runs off into the nearby woods where she’s met by a familiar creature. Later that night, Alto gets a phone call from Ranka and rushes out to meet her on the hill overlooking the city. He tries to find out why she stopped singing, but Ranka instead asks him to teach her how to fold paper airplanes. While they’re doing this, she asks him about the desire to fly in the sky, so Alto starts by telling her about how his mother had a weak body. His mother could only look up at the sky and had wanted to see a real one. Alto describes the real sky as blue, never-ending, and free, and although he thinks of it as a fairy tale since he was born on this ship, Ranka calls it wonderful.

After Alto helps her finish her paper airplane, Ranka lets it fly and thinks about how everyone wants to live freely. She decides to make a request to Alto about doing something with her, however at this moment, Ai-kun appears and brings the paper airplane back to Ranka. Alto sees Ai-kun as a grown Vajra now – the same type that killed Mikhail – so he pulls out his gun, but Ranka tries to stop him because Ai-kun hasn’t done anything wrong. Alto is unconvinced because he believes that the sky will be a battlefield as long as there are Vajra, and they must kill the Vajra in order to survive. He fires the gun, but Brera rushes onto the scene right as he’s doing so and knocks the gun out of his hand. Brera proceeds to hold Alto at bay while he asks Ranka to tell him her wish because he intends to fulfill it instead of Alto. This is enough for Ranka to admit that she’s recently remembering her past little by little, and she’s decided to return Ai-kun to where his friends are. Brera grants this request by summoning his Valkyrie, and he and Ranka board it. Before she leaves, Ranka tells Alto that she had wanted to go with him so that they could be together, but she now can only say goodbye and confess that she loved him. Alto is left behind watching Brera’s Valkyrie fly off into space, and he yells Ranka’s name out in frustration.

ED Sequence

ED: 「蒼のエーテル」 (Ao no Ether) by 中島愛 (Nakajima Megumi)
Watch the ED!: Mirror, Streaming
A pretty good ballad song for the ED this week to go along with the goodbye, especially since they played it all the way through.


Well despite the fact that she got right into the thick of things, Kuran didn’t die after all this episode. That’s mostly a good thing if you like her character, but I worry that she’ll be neglected as the story now enters the final arc. At best, I could imagine her using her experience to help Alto make up his mind about Ranka; at worst, we don’t see her again until the next battle or the end of the series. There’s just not much they can do with her character without Mikhail around.

Speaking of Ranka, clues from past episodes had pointed to how she would eventually go to the Vajra, and Ai-kun’s return finally triggered her to do so. The suddenness of the decision makes it feels like she’s running away from things more than anything else, though I’m sure the end result – she’ll probably meet the Vajra and we’ll find out more about why Grace refers to her as the Little Queen – will be the same regardless of what her current motivations are. Since she managed to confess to Alto before she left – in what was incidentally a very nice goodbye sequence with a good song – I want to say this makes AltoXRanka more likely, but I can still see AltoXSheryl happening or even AltoXNobody (I would go as far as to say that Alto doesn’t deserve either of the girls unless he matures further). It wouldn’t surprise me if Alto swings back towards Sheryl next week since the next episode is titled Northern Cross and looks to focus a least partially on her.

August 28, 2008 at 6:36 pm
  • September 2, 2008 at 5:07 amaneeshadc

    @ yukime

    I understand that she is conscious of alto because she likes him, but even if she had the most meek & shyest personality on earth( which she doesnt), dont you find it even a little bit strange that she hasnt asked her crush one question in all the months of knowing him & texting him up until ep 21.

    Honestly, its all right for the first few weeeks, but to blame all of the consequent months in which she is content to not know anything more abt him than she already does on her shy personality is just sad. Her shy personality isnt a good enuf excuse.

    She isnt perceptve of alto’s feelings. Ep 3, in Griffith’s Park, she doesnt realize that he is troubled & just proceeds to tell him she doesnt remember her own childhood…. In Ep 4, ranka tells alto that she was surprised to hear that he had joined SMS, which makes it clear to us that she didnt hear this from him, but from somewhere else, ozma or nanase maybe, despite the fact that they had exchanged cell no.s. Also in ep 4, she asks him to be there at Miss Macross contest cos she needs his support without 1st making sure that he was free. He sees her text msg at night after a hard day of training, falls asleep & replies to her much later when she is already participating in the event. Luckily it reaches her on time. It really is funny that during all this, while he knew she was doin his best at the Miss Macross Contest, She had no idea he was also doin his best at his job until much later. Ep 5, she calls him during class hours for some advice, what was she expecting from him? She even goes to his school to wait outside for him at the gate, this isnt the behaviour of a shy meek girl at all. There isnt anything wrong with her behaviour at all, heck I’ve skipped school & msged my friends during class as well but what I’m trying to say is that she isnt shy with alto when she wants something from him. She isnt shy abt asking alto at all, She just honestly has never thought abt asking him anything abt himself. In ep 6, she asks him if he was alone at the Zentraedi mall because she wanted to know, beause his answer would affect her. She wasnt shy here so I dont see y she would feel shy abt asking him sm more questions. I do believe that by ep 4, she had already gotten over most of her shyness & was quite comfortable around him after that. In Ep 8, she didnt even know alto had already discharged from the hospital & that luca got transferred to another hospital & would be out the day after tom until he mentions it when they were talking on the phone. I’ll accept that she didnt visit them cos she was busy with work, but she could have called & found out, rite? I dont get it, She calls him & talks to him but y is every one of their phone conversation always abt her? Contrast this to the phone convesation b/w Sheryl & alto in ep 9, they are both asking each other Questions here, notice the difference? Also in ep 10, she doesnt notice the change in his tone or mood when he is advicing her on the phone, she just seems happy & impressed that he knows so much & goes on to say that she’s still worried she’ll make a mess of it. Then she hears sheryl’s voice & becomes upset abt that, again smthing which affects her directly. And then in the same ep, when she finds out that she’s the only one who doesnt know abt his past, she’s disappointed & upset. Then in ep 11, she wasnt able to send her initial msg, understandable, I like that she makes an effort in this episode, but it wasnt gud enuf, y? because when she calls him to come to griffith park, she doesnt specify a time, was she expecting him to wait there for her indefinitely on his bday no less? She doesnt think things through, I’m not saying she is doing these things intentionally, she isnt, but it reinforces the fact for me that she is kinda self-absorbed & she doesnt even realize it. In ep 12, she does something awesome, I was amazed but I do smtimes wonder y she didnt express concern for sheryl when she sees her collapsing on luca’s laptop. I’m sure she was concerned, they showed us she was concerned in ep 15 but for sm reason they forgot to show this in ep 12, having her focus solely on alto. I can understand that ep 13-14 dont provide her with an opportunity to get chummy with alto, but their ittle talk in 13 disappointed me. We find out that she gives alto a lot more credit than he deserves, she shouldnt be inflating his ego,really, he didnt do all that much, just offered a few words of encouragement here & there, she did do most of the real work herself, also she forgets to give a little credit to Sheryl, though I can understand y she doesnt mention sheryl, it might have ruined the moment, smart girl,lol. But it is nice that she amazed alto enuf that he doesnt know whether to call her tmid or brave anymore. He is impressed & flattered by the new ranka, there is no denying that but it also reinforces the fact for me that up until ep 12, he has thought of her as a timid girl who needs his protection. And after ep 12, while he probably acknowledges that she can be brave at times, she still does need protection & that hasnt changed even after 21 episodes. I think that this was the real beginning to their journey while Sheryl/alto began their journey in ep 1 when he tells her tht she’s pretty incredible & grow together their changing opinions of the other. I also feel that just for protecting her, he doesnt necessarily have to be in love with her. He can protect her without being in love with her, like hw Ozma does.:D

    Yes, but I still see the same difference in alto’s reaction to their declation not to sing. The fact that he doesnt ask her Y she doesnt want to sing reinforces for me hw well he knows her. He understands that she doesnt want to be pressed on the topic just as he didnt want to be pressed abt his kabuki past. But that doesnt mean that he is going to leave her alone to wallow in self-pity, Instead, he, knowing that there’s no way to make her rely on him then, does the next best thing. He gives her space where she needs it, While at the same time he tries to change her mind abt singing by trying to inspire her in return. He is doing the only thing that he can do for her since she tends to refuse his help otherwise. Its amazing hw in tune he is with her feelings. He is angry & hurt because he took her take on destiny to heart & when she says its all a lie, he’s pissed at her for disregarding something thats actually made a huge difference in his outlook on life. He’s also hurt at hw rude & abrasive she was with him, he wasnt expecting that when he went to visit her. He, probably like the rest of the fandom, at first, was expecting her to tell him her problems, rely on him a bit, maybe even cry on hs shoulders, I’m thinking this because he tells Michael later that she was disappointingly in tip-top shape & alto seems angry at her for making him worried sick abt her needlessly. But when she asked what the hell did he come there for, it dawned on him that this woman wasnt going to share or rely on him that easily. So, despite his hurt & anger,he does whatever he can to make her sing again, to prove to her that she is lying to herself, that singing is her life. I’m sure he planned to eventually ask her y she’d decided to quit but not until she was ready for it. This is y I think he took a more personal approach with Sheryl, it felt like he was feeling her hurt & pain. He didnt understand y she’d decided to quit but he did understand her pain & tried to make it better for her in the best way he could.

    As for Ranka, it is still noticeable that he doesnt seek her out on his own ( just like every other time) until she calls him out at night. Other than that, I agree that it might be exactly as u explained above.

    On ep 20, ya I think its best to wait until the end of the series to know for sure what was running through alto’s mind there, who knows, mayb we’ll get to know in ep 22 itself.

    I didnt see anything wrong with alto leaving sheryl there, he knows she isnt a dimwit , I’m sure he was expecting her to follow him, which is exactly what she did. I didnt think anything of it just as I didnt think anything of alto forgetting abt ranka as soon as the vajra came & then suddenly remembers that her singing can pacify the vajra when sheryl says ‘these.. are the Vajra’ & runs up to her to ask her to sing. It just goes to show that he has his priorities set straight & at that moment he was concentrated on the vajra more than anything. it doesnt mean that he doesnt care abt either girls, they both mean something to him, we just need to figure out what they mean to him!

    Well, I dont know, I expect the love of my life to be able to say something to me if I was crying like that even if he’s going to say something stupid or the wrong thing since that would at least get a reaction other than tears out of me. If u cant even do that for ur girl, then he’s a poor excuse for a boy friend IMO. Even if ur feeling helpless, u’d try to do or say something to him/her.

    Okay, we disagree here, too. You’re saying that since ranka was very careful in bringing up the topic of Ai-kun, she wasnt ignoring his pain but being considerate of his pain. I dont see it that way. I say that if she was being considerate of alto’s pain she wouldnt have brought up Ai-kun at all, it was too soon, too raw a pain to be reopened by bringing Ai-kun in front of alto like that, not to mention she asks him to leave frontier with him. I can understand her asking him to go with him if he was her boyfriend, if she knew for sure that he loved her, but her asking him like that felt more like a desperate plea for herself than anything else. If she had left quietly after spending her last peaceful moments with him without telling him abt Ai-kun, just leaving him a letter or something, then I would call her love selfless. As of now, I dont see her love as selfless, sry.
    Another thing, before seeing the subs, even I thought that there was more to her reasons for leaving frontier, but with the subs it was made clear that ranka doesnt know she is the reason frontier got attacked by the vajra, so she isnt leaving to save frontier, nor does she mention anything abt trying to negotiate abt peace with the vajra. So as far as I know She isnt thinking abt frontier or peace. She tells alto that that she is remembering bits of her past & she wants to find out more, also, she wants to return Ai-kun to his friends. Can u really picture alto wanting to leave frontier for her after hearing this? It doesnt seem even a little bit insensitive to u?
    Alto was breaking his vocal chords screaming for her not to go because he’s already lost one of his closest friend to the vajra, & now another one of his close friends insists on leaving with a vajra-look alike to vajraland so that she can unite him with other vajra friends after just confessing her feelings for him. If that doesnt just pile a big heap of guilt on him, I dont know what does !

    About the teasing, I dont think alto minds at all, him being pissed is just his tsundere behaviour acting up again. If he really was all that bothered abt it, he wouldnt come back for more, similar to hw he doesnt mind helping ranka from time to time.

    Again, knowing alto & him being a tsundere & all, there’s no way he would come right out & ask her if she was alright, not to mention this was only their second meeting. Asking her that directly would mean admitting that he was worried abt her & he’d be too conscious to admit something like when he’s only like spent a day with her before this. I just feel his actions speak louder than words in this ep.
    We’ll never know if he would have just left if sheryl hadnt said anything, cos she did say smthing & he didnt leave, so I’ll thank god for that while u can feel free to curse him.lol.:D

    I think we can both agree that alto likes & obviously cares about both girls. I have never implied that he doesnt like ranka or doesnt care abt her. She is a very good friend of his whom he has attempted to save a couple of times & who has saved his ass, on his birthday no less.

    I just see that all of his attempts to give her advice, help/save her spring up because of the strong friendship that they share. He enjoys both girls companies. Alto is dotig, affectionate & protective of ranka but you cannot deny that he adopted this behaviour towards her after he learnt abt her past in ep 3. There are 1 or 2 times that he gets pissed at her before ep 3.

    I agree with u that in a relationship, u dont only look for what u can get out of it. But I have to add, that in a real mature relationship, u atleast look for equality in a relationship, where there is mutual understanding & both parties learn from each other & grow together, reaching out to the emotional needs of the other which I dont see or feel is present in the R/A relationship at this point of time in the ep(or even in the earlier episodes for that matter).

    I’m not saying that alto isnt moved by ranka’s actions in Galia IV, quite the contrary, I’m just saying that she only brings out protective feelings in him, her actions dont affect his maturity level & his outlook on life. He isnt growing as a person when he’s with her. While Sheryl OTHOH challenges him to rethink his take on life & people, she breaks his composure, her no-nonsense professional attitude, her stubborn idiotic levels of dedication to her work & her destiny speech all have made a strong impact on his life & made him take his work more seriously. He has noticed these things himself & we know this because he mentions these traits himself smwhere in the span of 2 episodes. Her high-handed attitude is good for dealing with his inflated pride/ego & vice versa. He has become less hotheaded & reckless & I have to credit Michael & sheryl for this because they are the only ones who call him out when he’s being stupid.

    @ yukime, anid ( u wanted to know hw Sheryl continues to affect his growth throughout the series- hopefully I’ve done a good job outlining most of the instances, sry I might have gone a little overboard, feel free to nitpick it.)

    When I say that he has remained static around ranka, I meant in terms of his own personal growth as an individual. She hasnt changed him in any way other than bring out protective feelings in him, which sheryl does too, btw. So u see, it isnt exclusive to ranka whereas through Sheryl’s interactions with alto, we learn a little more abt him, we see hw he’s slowly changing from reckless hotheaded guy into a more mature persona.

    Starting with ep 1, first he is impressed by her professionalism, at hw she was able to change the crowd’s reaction from panic to awe & tells her she’s pretty incredible. Next, he is disgusted with her for leaving her fans behind, a very hotheaded & immature reaction which he later realizes after gilliam’s death. Even though he gets in the way, he manages to save Ranka, so at least he does something right.

    Next, in ep 3, he gets his first look at Sheryl’s boobs ( no bearing at all but it was real funny, also ranka’s cute attempt to diffuse the tension.lol.) Sheryl reprimands him when he gets pissed at a scared ranka, which gets him more mad at his own shortcomings but atleast her scolding gets him to say that if he could he would say that he would protect them as many times as they want, but as he is …. way to go, real reassuring alto.

    Then comes the destiny speech, which from ep 19, is obvious had a huge impact on him. Also, I found it funny that he parrots her destiny speech to Ozma in the same ep 3 as his reason for wanting to join.

    Their next interaction in ep 5, yes,she dragged him out, manipulated him into it, but its obvious he enjoyed himself tremendously once he got into it. This is where he gets his next insight from Sheryl not only into her character but also into his own as well as Klan & later on into ranka too. She gives him another reason to want to fly/pilot. At the end of the day, it surprises him when she thanks him, It clearly touches him since he’s noticed that she doesnt thank people often. He looks sad when she says that she’s leaving for galxy nxt week & promptly promises to bring her earing back. Love the awed look when she kisses him & love the odd, tender, sad look as he stares after her even more.

    Ep 6- He is in class lost in thought, looking at the earing when he supposedly has no reason to stare so intently at it & he acts like he is caught with his hand in the cookie jar when Michael interrupts his thought process at that moment. Sry, m digressing.

    Back to their interaction, we see him lying on his bunk but on hearing sheryl’s name, he immediately gets up, watches her give her interview, notices her pretended bravado & decides to return her earing that she claimed was important to her at that very moment despite knowing that he had to be on standby to sortie.

    Then we see them lowering their voices & sharing a bit of information abt each other cos she asks & he answers. I love that when he sees her vulnerable, he tells her that it troubles him to see her so meek, that he doesnt like seeing her that way.

    I felt that he took an instinctive & more personal approch there because he basically tells her he doesnt like seeing her vulnerable. Its not something u’d tell just anyone. Anyway he left to fight, hung her earing in his cockpit, & smiled sappily at it, loved that too.

    ep 8- He doesnt seem too pleased abt the both of them transferring to his school but I think that has more to do with Michaels teasing. He saves sheryl later on when she jumps of a building to catch her panties & reprimands her, telling her that she’s too reckless ( look who’s talking) He’s obviously feeling bad abt losing her earing, she understands this & gives him a way out, share ur passion for flying with me & i’ll forgive u. He gets this & is grateful for the way out without having to give anembarrassing apology.

    Ep 9-Mostly a Michael centric episode but his phone conversation with Sheryl makes him rethink a few things again.

    Ep 10- Do I even have to mention hw she affects him in ep 10? Sheryl says she knew abt his kabuki past,but didnt press him abt it so that makes me think alto has told her abt it, but since he wasnt comfortable talking abt it she decided not to press him for details. She notices he feels uncomfortable abt kissing on screen despite his pretense & kisses him just to prove him wrong. Now that hes had practice, I’m sure alto felt better abt onscreen kissing after his little talk with her.

    Ep 11- she offers him the chance to fly in an endless sky, an opportunity to fulfill his lifelong dream after which we get our first flashback of his mom.

    Ep 12- He is once again motivated by her to try & do something abt the hostage situation. He does protest when Michael tells him to take ranka home & thats enuf for me because frankly he actually has no reason to want to stay with Sheryl since he has no claim over her, she’s not his girlfriend, so what reason could he give for wanting to stay, not to mention ranka just saved his life delivering the best B’day present ever, What sane, normal guy wouldnt be flattered & impressed by this feat.

    Ep 13- when he asks Michael & Sheryl to save ranka, hes all panicky & desperate, but her words- u kill that guy even if it kills u, we’ll save ranka chan – gives him strength & he seems much calmer after that.

    Ep 14- When he finds her again, I like that he makes the effort to smile at her & tell her he’s glad shes okay, even if his top prioity then was getting ranka back

    Ep 15- put the girls on an even footing. Sheryl didnt have any effect on his personal growth in this ep but she did make equal headway in the romance department as did ranka.

    Ep 16- Alto forgets his original goal of wanting a closer look at the earing, they stare into each other’s eyes until Michael interupts them, & then we get a mutual blush at the same time & they hastily back away from each other & cue- tsundere behaviour. He isnt able to give her a straight answer as to Why hes worried abt her before he gets distracted by her earing.

    Ep 17- Ozma centric. so no sheryl effect, but we know that alto’s been keeping tabs on her health.

    Ep 18- He gets mad at the bimbos for dissing Sheryl.( its kay if he does it, but no one else can, no one else can mess with her but me, shes mine to mess with, jus kidding but u gotta luv the guy) I also think its no coincidence that he’s rethinking his reasons for joining SMS just after Ozma’s plea to protect Ranka & just before he hears the bimbos dissing sheryl. It feels perfectly timed. He desperately runs around in the rain looking for Sheryl on a vague statement from Michael. His pained & frustrated swear when his brother left with Sheryl & he had to sortie at that very moment really got to me. He looked like he would have run after that car if hadnt gotten an SMS alert call. He looked like he wanted to take care of her himself instead of letting his brother see to her.

    Ep 19- I’ve explained this interaction in detail smwhere in my post above. too lazy to do it again.

    Ep 20- Lots of Sheryl effect. I’m sure u understand what I mean, I dont feel the need to ouline it, too lazy nw but if u want me too, just ask.

    Sry, I might have strayed from my original goal as well but I’m hoping u can make sense of most of my post.

  • September 2, 2008 at 5:10 amaneeshadc

    Phew, that was really long, I didnt realize I’d written so much.

    @ yukime

    Sry, abt that surprise/shock thing, I can be really subborn at times, ur sweet to agree with me. And I will return the compliment, ur the 1st ranka fan I enjoy discussing the finer points of my shipping with.
    Oh btw, did I tell u that I started out liking both girls? I loved both ranka & sheryl in the first few episodes, but Sheryl jut won me over completely & became my fav female character in the whole of anime industry, really dont know when it happened exactly. I like ranka too, but I am disappointed in her atm.

  • September 2, 2008 at 5:37 amaneeshadc

    @ kagami, yukime
    I just cannot see sheryl begging alto to stay with her just because she is dying, It is not in her character to do such a thing. I would hate for him to bastardize Sheryl’s character this way, just to make ranka/alto look good in the end. I’d hate for such a wonderful chaacter to be destroyed so that ranka wins in the LT. I’d rather have sheryl lose the LT( who am I kidding) than to have her not stay true to her character. I will accept an R/A ending if Sheryl rejects alto, tells him that she doesnt want his pity just because she’s dying, when it ranka that he act loves. Sry, but this is the only way I will accept an R/A ending, because I really want Sheryl to survive this with her character & dignity intact, thats hw much I love her as a character!

  • September 2, 2008 at 6:55 ammike_s_6

    @aneeshadc – I believe Omni mentioned before in another blog post, that this love triangle in Macross seems to be a zero-sum game, wherein if one gains, the other loses, which does seem to be the case in the episodes we see. I have to agree with you that if they intend to destroy Sheryl’s character in the end just to balance out the equation of Ranka becoming more professional and strong, then I’d honestly feel disappointed. Why so? Because in the past episodes, she’s been losing and losing, her health, her popularity, her career, and now it sounds like she’ll be seen begging for love? I don’t want to see that really, because I see the scenarios as, assuming that Sheryl does beg:

    1. Alto says that he doesn’t love her back, Sheryl goes berserk, and as she’s already lost everything, why not go evil? Destroy everything, and now Alto’s dislike for her will be justified. => Negative for Sheryl
    2. Alto pretends to like Sheryl out of pity because she’s dying. => Negative for Sheryl
    3. Alto confesses that he also loves Sheryl => Positive for Sheryl, one win after what she’s lost so far

    I honestly don’t care if she gets Alto’s love, as long as they don’t destroy her that filthy way just to elevate Ranka further. I think Ranka’s character is starting to get stronger and stronger by each episode, but if it requires the scriptwriters to step on more of Sheryl’s toes, Ranka’s success wouldn’t be as prominent. Why so? Because if Ranka wins against a someone who’s way up there, then it’s such a great success, as compared to winning against a person who’s lost everything. I’d like to see a scenario where both girls are “up there” when Alto decides to reveal who he likes more.

    That given, well let’s see how the story goes on :)

  • September 2, 2008 at 7:20 amKagami

    Hehe, I love all your opinions and comments, even though you’re Ranka’s fan^^! It’s a shame that we have different shipping right now ~v~; Hope we can be on the same side of other triangle anime next time!

    Well, that can be considered as one of the scenario, but there must be a very, VERY huge trigger first. Even with her death flag, we know how she acted in episode 19-pushing him away so that he would not be sad when she died. Which failed horribly, since we know that Alto ohime-sama is a better actor than her ^^; Anyway, I am waiting how will Kawamori pull all these stuffs together so that any side can accept any of the endings without regret~

    At the very least, I love Ranka too, even though I quite dislike the previous episode Ranka. She is cute and can have more development than any other character, since she has a good base in episode 1. It is very disheartening to see the current her for me, which I considered selfish… :( But then again, I hope she would mature more when she get her memory back! Good Luck, Ranka!

    But then again, you would have to wonder how Nakamura-san (epitome of fanboi~) and Kanno-sensei (epitome of fangirl~) is going to haunt him if Kawamori dare to make Sheryl all alone~ Duo voice attack combo! LOL!

    It’s kinda sad to see her singing Anata no Oto for Alto and Sheryl, but that can make us appreciate her character more, and you can say that her character matured in the cost of her relationship. I would like to see her maturing at this time first :)

    Rather than sad, I would say, the lyrics is heartrending. As I said, Sheryl, is dying right now, and I have a feeling that this is related to her condition right now rather than Alto’s rejection. I don’t know why, but… Oh well, let’s just see how they will play this one now.

    Oh my God! Wall of Text lol! ^^; I’ll read your previous comment later~

    (Also for Mike_s_6) As for begging Sheryl=bastardizing Sheryl, I think all the viewers think the same as us. I just can’t picture and stand that Sheryl. She is a strong character, and I admire that personality of her. But I do have to wonder how will Alto know, since he has got some hints about Sheryl being sick right now.

    According to your possible scenarios (if begging happen, of course), doesn’t it mean Sheryl has to be with Alto for her positive development? ^^; (I feel the same though)

    However there is one more possibility which is Alto rejects Sheryl and Sheryl let go of Alto (AxS shipper and Sheryl fan part of me : NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!! D:). In this case, she continue to support Alto despite her pain and situation. I know Sheryl is stronger than having to go berserk, and I do admit a strong Sheryl is the best after all. (… Though this scenario is very hard to happen in case of “begging”)

    But… I guess this one can be considered too: After Alto knowing that, the drama cuts off (maybe by vajras or Leon interference), leaving the viewer crazy yet again ^^;

  • September 2, 2008 at 10:27 amdruid

    I don’t think Ranka is not concern about Sheryl because as you said in episode 15 it was shown that Ranka is also concern about Sheryl, maybe the reason why it was not shown in episode 12 is there’s not enough time for showing it. If Ranka was really only aware of herself then the writer would not bother to let her come with Alto to visit Sheryl in the hospital but we also don’t know if it is Ranka who asked Alto to come or Alto who wants to visit and Ranka just tagged along (I guess there’s really a lot we don’t see).

    I’m not a sheryl fan but I have nothing against her either. It’s just that if Sheryl does something selfish people will say she’s really cool but if Ranka’s the one who did something selfish people will say I wish you’re dead. Sheryl’s strong because she’s facing a life and death situation, Ranka’s situation is nothing really compared to her. Sheryl’s dying and Ranka is in the middle of a battlefield where she could die immediately.

    I like Ranka because maybe she’s childish but she’s shown her strength as well. She’s risking her life and she’s not afraid of dying because she knows that what she is doing is for the people she loves. Then why didn’t she sing when the Vajras are attacking and Alto asks her to sing? Well, all I could say is she’s in pain. She sang eventhough she’s in pain (for me that’s strength, not a lot of real people could do that). But still it’s her fault that the vajras become more vicious. Why would it be her fault when she doesn’t know that her emotions are linked to them.

  • September 2, 2008 at 10:58 amyuKime

    WOW. O_O That is a LONG post. Very long indeed. I had to read it twice to make sure I got everything in check before watching Macross F for the nth time then write my reply to your post. ^^; Anyway, just wanted to say that I’ll be replying later on as I want to confirm some of the facts I wanted to add in my reply. And also, think you should read druid’s post because that is somehow part of my opinion too. I actually agree with him! ^^

    AMEN! I couldn’t have put it in better words there!

  • September 2, 2008 at 11:24 amwestfall

    Everyone has been rooting for either AltoxRanka ou AltoxSheryl. There is one other way the triangle can end:
    Alto dies in the final battle to defend the Frontier Fleet from whatever power is behind Grace, wich i believe are the true vilains of this series, not the Vajra, who are also being manipulated by them.
    Sheryl and Ranka seak confort in each other’s arms and suddenly… they look into each others eyes and see the true love that has been hidding in their hearts all along.
    So in the end and for the first time in Macross history the guy is out of the triangle and the two girls end up together. A sign of the times. At least in my dreams that’s how it will end. LOL

    I know, i’m really, really sick. Hopefully when the final episode comes, i will have filled my prescription medication and be my sedated, semi-normal self.

  • September 2, 2008 at 12:06 pmshadowblack

    I like the way you think, westfall. Though it would be even better if Alto does NOT die and the girls STILL choose each other over him. :P Ranka x Sheryl FTW!

  • September 2, 2008 at 12:23 pmdruid

    Sheryl is the only person who fulfilled his lifelong dream to fly in a real sky that’s why her feelings for Alto runs deeper than that of Rankas’. In my opinion, that’s weird. Because for one thing Ranka doesn’t have the money or connection to do that. She’s still striving to becoming a singer and she’s still a teenager who depends on the money her brother gives her and her salary in her parttime job. Sheryl’s a famous singer who I think has a lot of money (even if it’s not shown). The only thing Ranka can give him is her own baked cookies because she wants to give him something special (a lot of people think it’s lame) maybe Ranka’s gift is not as grand as Sheryl’s gift for Alto but on a scale it weighs basically the same. But in the end Ranka’s gift is the best that Alto received, that’s what he said I think.

    It has been mentioned over and over that Ranka only think about herself and about Alto, she wasn’t even concern about Sheryl fainting. I think in one of the episodes wherein the frontier would make an experiment on Rankas’ song and Sheryl came to see it for herself. Sheryl saw what’s happening and Ranka is in the middle of that. Well I guess I didn’t see Sheryl showing her concern for Ranka she only mentions Alto’s name. I guess some people only see what they want to see.

  • September 2, 2008 at 12:59 pmwestfall

    Sure, he doesn’t HAVE to die. How about this:
    Ranka stays with Sheryl.
    Alto, having been dumped, goes to the Quarter’s mess hall to drown his sorrows with some vodka shots. Klan is there, having already dispatched half a bottle of Zentradi hale (it’s like Romulan hale but Macross style). They end up drunk and thats all they remember. The next morning a macronised Klan wakes up ,naked, to find Alto sleeping on her “shoulder” and she thinks “not bat, for a human”. I won’t go into details because I can only imagine the weird stuff you can do with a giant woman… SICK, SICK, SICK…

    And so i become the recepient of this forum’s “oh, my God, this guy is beyond
    nuts” award.

  • September 2, 2008 at 1:01 pmdruid

    I don’t know but I don’t think he’s mad specifically because it’s sheryl, I think he would get mad even if it’s Nanase because I think he’s like a person who gets mad if he hears anything bad about his friends. And he runs to find Sheryl because I think Michael said that he would regret it if he didn’t look for her, I don’t really understand Japanese (wish I could) but that’s what the subtitle said, I think (not really sure). I think Alto is always frustrated because he wants to protect a lot of people. He also wants to save Luca and I think in that episode he also shows frustration but I don’t think he loves him :-D

  • September 2, 2008 at 1:03 pmwestfall

    maybe he does

  • September 2, 2008 at 1:27 pmKei

    @ aneeshadc WOW this is too big ! : P

    @ druif I ‘m with you here. When sheryl gave the endless sky to alto no one said this was lame or she stabbed ranka on the back. Instead of that people said she was the only one who understood Alto wanted to fly, Ranka doesn’t know anything about him, …
    I think this was pretty lame and disloyal. I’m sorry for sheryl fan but I can’t change my mind here.
    She talked with Ranka who said she wanted to give her concert’s ticket to Alto for his birthday and she said to Ranka this is a good idea he will like it .
    After that we saw her with her hopes and dreams moving in front of Alto and proposed him to go with her in Galia IV even thought she give encouragement to Ranka about her birthday present for him ?
    This has nothing to do with offering him a present she knows he will loves but more how she was acting in front of Ranka the friend role and in front of Alto she acted the Ranka’s rival role ?” Ranka wants to give him a birthday ? sorry, but he will not refuse a sky over some concert ” This looked like that and honestly since this episode I really don’t like her character at all.

    People can’t say she did that because she wanted to give him the best present as a friend. On the plane she said ” thanks for coming, Alto”. She wanted more to be with him than him to enjoy the sky.She said that as if he choose her over Ranka but in fact he choose the sky.

    It’s from that time for me, that I see a one sided love from Sheryl. She thinks too much each things Alto is doing, is for her, that Alto may have feelings for her…
    The total contrary of Ranka who thinks Alto is sharing more things in common with sheryl than her so he doesn’t feel anything for her over than a friendhip.

    I feel a big surprise when Alto will say who he really love :) sorry sheryl’s fan but I have this good vibes….

  • September 2, 2008 at 3:41 pmyuKime

    First of all, I’m just going to make one little prediction for the next episode Northern Cross. I got it from my sister but I think it is possible (more possible if you are a Ranka fan and you squint really hard XD).

    I can just see Northern Cross lyrics as a song dedicated to Alto AFTER he had lost Ranka (or after Ranka has gone away). Especially these lines:

    “Because there will be no meaning if you are gone
    So all people should disappear
    Because I don’t even need my heart when there is no love
    So this world, too- Go away”

    And these:

    “Won’t someone please embrace me tightly with the sentiments of daybreak?
    Splattered by the orbit of dreams, the tears of love merely scatter
    Even if it’s a bare pain, I’m fine with it
    Called back by fate, the Northern Star is crying
    If I somehow survive through the labyrinth
    Then I want to love and die for you until you perish:

    And these:

    “Won’t someone please softly stroke the outline of the void?
    The words of love that couldn’t be saved
    Were erased by the waves of time
    So I want the answer once more
    Crucified by fate, the Northern Star is burning
    I scratched you out and made you a cloudy blur
    But still, I once loved how you laughed sweetly”

    Or maybe it’s just me as a Ranka hallucinating fan. ^^; But yeah, just wanted to get it out of my system… But if Northern Cross was really for Alto (in memory of Ranka), that would be great! ^^

    Now on with me discussing things once again… ~

    I don’t know how to start replying to such a long post (was a bit overwhelmed XD) so I guess I’ll just reply to your post by paragraph… Or something like that. XD

    Concerning about Ranka not asking Alto anything, aside from Ranka’s shyness I also attribute Ranka’s lack of memory about her past that somehow makes her avoid discussing the past, whether it is her past or someone else’s. She knows it’s a delicate subject so rather than asking it from a person, it is better to wait for a person to say it himself as a sign of respect. (This is also part of Japanese culture showing their respect, as we know Japanese are one of the most courteous people out there). But it doesn’t mean he doesn’t ask anything about him because Ranka does too, from time to time. (will mention some later)

    About Ranka’s perceptiveness of ALto’s feelings, I still stick to my opinion that she is perceptive seeing as she is always looking at him. In ep3 Griffith’s Park, Ranka will not realize Alto is troubled because he DID NOT show it. If you watch the scene closely, Alto notices Ranka’s singing and goes to her, saying, “Ranka?” Then we are shown in the next scene that Alto is making one of those legendary ‘kami hikouki’ and smiling even, saying, “It was a nice song.” So how will Ranka know Alto was bothered if Alto commented on her song and didn’t say NOR show he was bothered by anything? And obviously, hearing Alto say that her song was nice, Ranka would obviously say in return that it is the only thing she remembers about her past. It wasn’t Ranka who opened up this topic, but actually Alto. And you also see here the difference of Ranka interaction with Sheryl interaction. When Ranka said something about her past, Alto responds, even smiles and said, “I see.” but when Sheryl said something about her earring, Alto just remained silent. Just from this episode, we see that Alto warmed up faster to Ranka than to Sheryl (in ep6) and thus built a closer relationship to Ranka faster. In ep4, yes, Ranka is not informed about Alto joining SMS but isn’t this the same as Sheryl? Ranka and Alto had just met a few weeks ago, of course Ranka will keep being courteous to him, seeing as they haven’t become close friends that you can just ask him what he’s been up to lately. She has the freedom though to tell something about herself, hoping that the other party would return the gesture but if he doesn’t, she has no right to complain seeing as they just met few weeks ago. See how Ranka also addresses Alto as ‘Alto-kun’, means that she is maintaining distance that shows respect for the other person. For us it may be different but for Japanese people, they do make sure they know their limits and keep their distances. It is Alto’s decision not to say anything so I don’t think Ranka should take the blame for this. She’d done her part in sharing stuff about her, if Alto doesn’t reciprocate she just have to try again. For Ranka to request Alto to come, I think she wasn’t in any way forcing him to go but requesting him, hence the ‘onegai’. And about Alto’s reply, well, better late than never. It’s kind of sweet actually. Him saying, “I’m here.” And the way he smiled and made an effort to read her text even though he’s dead tired. Oh and see here, Ranka did ask Alto something! Why did he join SMS! See? Ranka cares~! Sure not about his background but her asking something means she does ask from time to time! And Alto answers her and encourages her at the same time (along with another kami hikouki!). In ep5, it wasn’t shown directly that it was Ranka who called Alto at that time when it went ringing in the locker room. And she wasn’t expecting Alto to come running out when she called him. She just said, “I’ll be waiting for you call.” which also means, “Call me when you got free time.” not “Call me NOW.” And about Ranka’s shyness, she IS shy. Have you seen her stance when she was waiting? She was looking down, with hands at her back. A posture of a shy girl who just took courage to go there to ask Alto something. And like I said, she is shy but from time to time she does ask Alto about stuff–not only stuff that will help her out. And I disagree about Ranka getting over her shyness because up till 21 she still shows this shy side of hers from time to time. And I see nothing wrong with it since it’s within her character and I love it when times come that she does overcome that shyness to do things. In ep6, again she was shy. Have you seen her looking at Alto when she did ask? She was looking down, a sign of meekness. And like I said, her question was vague, making it not invasive type. She could have asked, “You were with Sheryl-san, weren’t you?” but she decided to do the vague one, hoping to keep the courtesy in her wording. Ranka is like an open book that her expressions show in her face, actions and right down to her hair’s movement lol. So if you gather people and make them watch Ranka in those episodes we cited above and ask them, was that green-haired girl shy at all? They would definitely say, “yes”. Body language wise. So it’s just her being consistent with her character~
    In ep8, Ranka was surprised because Alto is getting discharged ALREADY (meaning, too soon). It means she had thought Alto would have stayed there longer but he didn’t (since he only got admitted for tests so maybe overnight OR two days if pushing it). So I think the call Ranka (if she was the one who did that in ep8) is only natural. She can’t be calling EVERY DAY just to check on Alto or that would have been stalker-ish behavior. So she did call and found out. No qualms there. And see how sorry she was that she haven’t visited him in those two or one day of being hospitalized, even after Alto reassured her that it’s okay, she still looked sorry. So this is definitely not just all about Ranka. And so next we analyze the phone call convo in ep9. It starts with Sheryl talking… about herself. The same as how Ranka starts the convo, about herself. And then the difference. Sheryl asks about Alto. But like I said, this is how we show again the difference between Sheryl and Ranka’s character. Ranka is the typical (conventional) conservative and shy Japanese girl while Sheryl is the confident, modernized girl who takes the initiative and drags everyone to her pace if she wants (just like in Star Date). See how the difference is both consistent with their characters? In ep10, Alto’s voice didn’t change that much if you listen, if it did, it just changed from jesting to that of a serious one, imo. Unless Ranka was someone who could see Alto’s face through a telephone convo, I don’t see her being impressed and blushing about Alto’s sweetness to give her a serious advice after just saying it’s impossible for her to be quite odd. She doesn’t see this one. But being open book, of course Ranka will be upset to hear that Sheryl and Alto are together AGAIN. Taking a look at ep6, have you seen Ranka blushing foolishly at the way her friends planned about Ranka Lee fansclub and then glances at Alto? When she noticed that Alto was not feeling the happy-yay-for-Ranka atmosphere, she saddened up, knowing something was up! She is perceptive of Alto AND even tried to cheer him up/strike a conversation. (The one where she was supposed to let him know first) It’s not Ranka’s fault that Alto keeps stirring the convo into the things that revolve around her and not him, is it?

    Back to ep10, she is disappointed and hurt because she WANTED to know about Alto too! This want to know means that it is not true that she does not care for Alto at all. It’s just that her waiting for Alto to say it himself is not effective but that’s her character. A person who doesn’t want to know and doesn’t care at all about Alto would not show what Ranka had shown in this ep. Now, ep11, I wouldn’t have take the message literally seeing as they were all flashbacks when Alto thought about them, so who knows? Maybe Ranka did say the time just that it wasn’t shown. After all, screentime is valuable so every word counts. If it can be taken out, they will cut it. It’s not her being self-absorbed but rather it was actually sweet of her to even spare some time off her busy sched to see Alto and give him a present. Instead of seeing Ranka as selfish, I actually felt pretty sorry for her efforts that had gone to waste (the cookies were bitter but she still took an effort in making them). If I can say so, the one full of herself in this episode was Sheryl. (even Alto-hime says so himself, and definitely not him being tsuntsun since he had no reason to be at that time. Alto is known to give blunt comments so I think this one was definitely a blunt comment to be taken literally) She didn’t even consider that Ranka is giving Alto a ticket to her concert and she just had to get Alto to tag along with him. She did know that Ranka was giving the ticket and still she wanted Alto to come with her, even though she said to Ranka that Alto will definitely be happy. Isn’t that um… sorry for the term, backstabbing? But yeah sure, it is still Alto to blame being dazzled by the words “REAL SKY” and going with Sheryl. But still… I really didn’t like Sheryl in this episode.

    In ep12, they didn’t forget to show Ranka’s concern for Sheryl and the rest of the crew. They just lacked screentime. That’s all I can say here. Scenes which are not much needed but can be implied are not shown anymore to save screentime. Maybe that’s also the reason why even though Alto-kun did promise he will definitely come back for Sheryl, he wasn’t shown doing that in ep21 but instead running to Ranka? And I think Alto deserved the credit Ranka had given him. It was all thanks to Alto that she had persevered (just see Ranka’s words in ep13, too lazy). Of course Sheryl also has some credit too but mentioning her is just too ambiguous, because she’s not there and the goal there doesn’t involve Sheryl but to return the compliment to Alto, after being complimented by Alto himself. Or yeah, it can possibly be that Ranka is playing her cards right so no Sheryl mentioning until they get to kiss. XD Too bad, Ranka didn’t see that little vajra coming in the script. lol

    Ranka is a teenage school girl turned idol in a ship that is experiencing war. She is not a soldier so of course she needs protecting. Doesn’t Sheryl also need protecting. Sure she is confident but when time does come, she is still being saved isn’t she? Sure Alto doesn’t need to be in love to protect Ranka but if he is in love with her, all the more reason he would want to protect her. (I’m going to wait for ep22 to see if we can learn something new from Alto’s thoughts) And about Sheryl, Alto can worry about Sheryl without being in love with her. That’s what you call friendship. ^^ The love-hate relationship Alto and Sheryl has is cute but it is also common in friends so not necessarily for lovers only.

    Okay, I agree with your Sheryl-Alto not singing interaction. Alto’s approach with Sheryl differed from Ranka BECAUSE the two are different. Knowing Sheryl won’t talk, he did the next best thing. Knowing Ranka LOVES to talk, he asked but gets shot down. So he also gave Ranka time to open up to him on her own. But still, I also think Alto didn’t seek out Sheryl on his own not until that time in ep19/20. But that too is debatable, seeing as Alto was made to look for Sheryl with these words: “If you do not look for Sheryl now, you will regret it for the rest of your life.-END CALL-” Without any explanation whatsoever, of course Alto would look for Sheryl in the rain. And for him coming back to the mansion, seeing Sheryl vulnerable like that, any good friend of hers would definitely come.

    About Alto doing nothing, feeling helpless. He has a background or a tendency for doing that. Recap in ep3, when the three got stuck in the emergency shelter, Alto didn’t do anything. No comforting because he couldn’t do that, seeing what he was at that moment, he couldn’t protect them (he says so himself). I’m assuming he felt the same helplessness here when he saw Ranka’s tears but didn’t know if he could help. Alto never gave empty words because he’s not that type of person. If he says “I’ll protect you” that means he CAN and he WILL. Atm, what could he have said that would sound convincing enough for Ranka? “I’ll protect you or I’m here.” wouldn’t have done it because Ranka’s worry won’t be solved by that. He could have said, “You don’t have to sing then.” but that’s of course nonsense seeing as their only chance was Ranka atm. So he didn’t say anything and continued to look at a loss.

    About Ranka bringing up Ai-kun, it was too soon yes, but to save an innocent Vajra (innocent since he just molted Ranka says) they had to move quick. If the army finds Ai-kun, he’d be fried with a flamethrower. See what happened to the remaining vajras found on the ship? And it was not love that made Ranka want to ask Alto (that was just a bonus). It was because Alto is the only person she could have asked this favor of, knowing he has a VF, he knows how to fly, AND he was one of the most trusted person that Ranka knew would understand her. If she knew how to contact Brera, maybe she would have asked him but I doubt they exchanged numbers so…

    “If she had left quietly after spending her last peaceful moments with him without telling him abt Ai-kun, just leaving him a letter or something, then I would call her love selfless.”
    Like I said, she can’t leave without flying. And that means having an aircraft AND a pilot to help you. And see, she did get a willing pilot (in the form of Brera-san) and so, heartbroken as she is, she still left and said goodbye to Alto and confessed to him as it may be the last time they see each other. Therefore, she was selfless, seeing as he didn’t push Alto to go with him but gave him a choice. And accepted his choice as well. Letting the one you love go, respecting his decision, isn’t that considered selfless?

    Alto breaking his vocal cords calling RANKAAAAAA is not guilt. It’s what we call pure concern/worry because your precious friend is going to be vajra bait. I think ep22 is needed to make us see better if it was really guilt and not concern in the tone of his RANKAAAAA calling.

    Alto being teased looks like he minds in my opinion. I mean, why would he drag Sheryl in a corner and even say, “Stop that, will you?!” if he did secretly enjoy the teasing. (ep8) But okay, some moments may be him being tsun tsun all right.

    I don’t curse Alto for being tsun tsun at all. I’m just thankful he doesn’t do it a lot around Ranka therefore we get more RankaxAlto tender moments. ^^ Alto wasn’t that tsun tsun around Ranka even at the start but I guess Alto is also starting to take off his tsun tsun mask around Sheryl, so they’re on equal grounds now.

    “Alto is doting, affectionate & protective of ranka but you cannot deny that he adopted this behaviour towards her after he learnt abt her past in ep 3. There are 1 or 2 times that he gets pissed at her before ep 3.”

    Are you suggesting that Alto’s attitude to Ranka all the while was due to pity? O_O Sure Alto did get pissed off at Ranka but only due to the heat of the moment (if you’re referring to that of ep3 in the emergency shelter) but I think he was genuinely concerned for her even before ep3. I mean, at ep1, Ranka already piqued his attention, seeing as how he zoomed in on Ranka when in the concert, watching the crowd nonchalantly.

    “But I have to add, that in a real mature relationship, u atleast look for equality in a relationship, where there is mutual understanding & both parties learn from each other & grow together, reaching out to the emotional needs of the other which I dont see or feel is present in the R/A relationship at this point of time in the ep(or even in the earlier episodes for that matter).”

    I still remain firm that both Alto and Ranka have mutual understanding and reaches out to the emotional needs of each other. If I may add, Sheryl otoh, is keeping this barrier around her that wouldn’t allow Alto to come close. If she really trusted Alto and KNEW and UNDERSTOOD Alto, she would have known that Alto not knowing her sickness would only trouble him more. Sheryl deciding what’s good for Alto without Alto’s consent is somehow not considered MUTUAL understanding and definitely she’s not allowing Alto to reach out to HER emotional or physical (in her case) needs.

    And on to your outlining, just a few comments here and there.

    Ep3 – I don’t see what Sheryl reprimanding Alto has contributed to Alto’s growth. Sheryl just commented on Alto’s behavior but didn’t change anything about Alto’s feeling. Alto was ALREADY feeling useless and the only thing here is he said it OUT LOUD but this isn’t a credit for Sheryl. Alto already knows his useless so even without Sheryl… he was already thinking he wanted to protect them BUT can’t at that moment.

    And no, he didn’t exactly say that the destiny speechy was the one that made him join SMS. If anything, it’s even more noticeable that he was interested with what happened to Ranka AND even got angry with the way Ozma chose to protect Ranka. Pretty concerned for someone who just knew her a while ago, ne? Then he goes saying that if he were Ranka, he’d want to know everything. Then the destiny crap, so Ranka is intertwined in the talk too. And not to mention, the scne that made Alto so sure of joining is the Griffith Park scene with Ranka singing. Oh… If only we had a peek of what was going on on Alto’s mind when he looked at Ranka, smiling then closed his eyes and said, “That’s right…”

    Ep5 – One of the episodes that showed Sheryl’s domineering attitude that drags people into her pace, with or without their consent. But yeah, I give, Alto enjoyed it once he forgot that he was being forced into doing it. I don’t see Alto really affected by Sheryl leaving for Galaxy, even Sheryl notices this and is somehow saddened by it. See, how she frowned when Alto brushed aside the news and said, “No choice then, I’ll have to find the earring and bring it to you.” Her eyes read, “Only the earring… =’(” But yeah, Alto also smiled tenderly when he looked at the waving Sheryl, while holding his cheek. But for now, I really don’t see Alto interested in Sheryl romantically yet…

    Ep8 – I just had to note the forced look on Alto’s face here where he said, “You’re satisfied now, aren’t you?” (referring to the flight in the sky in his arms). To me, he looked like he wanted to be doing something else and not enjoying the flight as much as Sheryl was. And before that, I found it downright mean that Alto just shot down Sheryl’s attempt in reminiscing their first meeting. Sheryl: “Our first meeting was kind of like this too.” And Alto’s like, “I’m going to take us back soon. You’re satisfied now right?” Wow… Not even a bit of consideration to say, “Yeah. Something like this. ^^” Compare it with how Ranka’s reminiscing went… (ep13) Ranka: “I was just thinking this is like the first time we met.” And Alto just freely burst laughing and says, “The one drenched that time was you though. XD” Oh~ The first time we hear Alto laugh so heartily~! (correct me if I’m wrong) If Alto would quit his tsun tsun mode around Sheryl and be this sweet with her like he is with Ranka, maybe I could see them more as a possible couple. The tsun tsun facade is cute but at times it gets too much that I interpret it as disinterest. He looked completely unwilling most of the time he’s with Sheryl. Like in ep10 too, when he explained to Ranka why he and Sheryl were together. He didn’t need to look THAT tired because of the job.

    Ep10 – I think Sheryl didn’t know about Alto’s kabuki history first hand from Alto. See, Sheryl cited that Ranzo Saotome is famous and it isn’t that hard to make a connection between Alto and Ranzo as father and son. And since Alto is sensitive about it, she didn’t dare confirm nor press on with the matter. And about the kiss, I think it was more of Sheryl’s playful attitude and to prove Alto wrong that made her kiss him. It’s not her being charitable that she’d kiss Alto to help him practice. Besides, practicing a kiss won’t help you get better at it if it’s NOT with the partner you are supposed to be kissing. Every kissing partner is different so that kiss practice (if ever she intended it to be one) was useless.

    Ep12 – The “but…” in there can be interpreted many ways. Not just Alto wanting to stay with Sheryl. If he really wanted to have stayed, he would have insisted. It could be, “But… what if I can’t bring her back on time?” “But… what will Ranka think if I were the one to escort her home…?” “But… what will I tell Ranka?” So many interpretations but the fact that he blushed so many times when thinking about Ranka and while on that VF proves that he definitely didn’t think about Sheryl being stuck in bed and that she is supposed to be the one with Alto right now. That guy has short attention span I tell you. Once he sees one girl, he forgets the other. XD

    Ep13 – Sure Sheryl’s words touched him, seeing that Sheryl volunteered to save Ranka too. But he didn’t seem that calm after that. See, if he were, he would have avoided Brera even more easily and improve his piloting. But he was easily caught by Brera and would have been shot down if not for Grace calling brera back. Or it might just be that Alto sucks in piloting. <___<

  • September 2, 2008 at 3:44 pmyuKime

    (cont’d post got cut- >.__<

  • September 2, 2008 at 3:46 pmyuKime

    (technical problem? it got cut again <___<

  • September 2, 2008 at 3:47 pmyuKime

    Ep14 – Yes, he did smile at her. Alto’s not mean not to smile once he sees one of his friends made it safely, now is he? But I also wanted to point out here that Sheryl was disheartened when she saw that Alto’s mind is full of getting Ranka back, makes me want to say, “Aw… She does like him so much!” And another I want to point out is how Alto’s piloting skills had improved (a hell lot) in this episode. Seems like, Ranka in trouble motivates him so much that it helps him, doesn’t it? So Ranka contributes even though she’s on the enemy side right now, waiting to be rescued. ^^;

    Ep17 – It’s not like he’s calling in on her to check her status. When Michel asked about Sheryl’s condition, Alto only stated an opinion. He didn’t say, “She’s not fine or she’s fine.” but “Well, I’m pretty sure there are no such words as ‘calm’ or ‘rest’ in her dictionary.” so he’s only ASSUMING and not certain of her condition. So you can’t say he’s keeping tabs because his answer is too vague.

    Ep18 – Well, Alto cares for Sheryl as well so it’s only natural that he’d be gnashing his teeth and cursing like hell in frustration that he can’t be there for Sheryl. Same as Alto shouting Ranka’s name whenever he’s saving her or when he tried to stop her from going in ep21. Frustration at not being able to do something that he wanted to do.

    And yup, I know you started out as someone who liked both girls. I don’t hate Sheryl even until now but it’s just that I support Ranka more and imo deserves Alto more. But that’s just my opinion. ^^

    “I just cannot see sheryl begging alto to stay with her just because she is dying, It is not in her character to do such a thing. I would hate for him to bastardize Sheryl’s character this way, just to make ranka/alto look good in the end. I’d hate for such a wonderful chaacter to be destroyed so that ranka wins in the LT. I’d rather have sheryl lose the LT( who am I kidding) than to have her not stay true to her character. I will accept an R/A ending if Sheryl rejects alto, tells him that she doesnt want his pity just because she’s dying, when it ranka that he act loves. Sry, but this is the only way I will accept an R/A ending, because I really want Sheryl to survive this with her character & dignity intact, thats hw much I love her as a character!”

    AMEN! I also don’t want Sheryl’s character begging or bastardized but I do want her to be honest just for once and drop her tsun tsun mask this time around. If she want to be with Alto, she must say it. Not beg of course but by being honest, I think that would make her character develop more in the eyes of the audience since she’ll learn that she does need somebody after all. And about RankaxAlto ending, I want it to happen in a way that Alto would first hear Sheryl confession to make the decision fair for both parties. And of course, if ever Alto does choose Sheryl, I hope they show it in a way that won’t look like Sheryl being pitied because she’s dying. But yes, I also want something happy for Sheryl and hope she gets cured and continue singing~ ^o^ Ganbare Sheryl-san!!!

    Your nice and detailed outlining kind of wants me to make a Ranka x Alto manifesto too but being too lazy maybe some other time. ^^;

    Haha. To think that that whole post was addressed to me. I feel honored that my post can evoke aneeshadc to write this long. ^_~ And read my post, my comment on druid’s post is somehow in there and I’m just too tired to write a separate one after the long post I had typed. Phew~

    No!! Be optimistic! That goodbye scene will not be wasted! I’m sure Kawamori have something big in store for Ranka fans! Don’t lose hope! Ranka’s confession would definitely some sleeping emotions in Alto’s dense heart. >__<

  • September 2, 2008 at 4:33 pmwestfall

    i´m starting to see here the same things that make me hate soccer.
    there people can no longer enjoy the game because they’re too busy in hating the other team and wanting their team to win.
    i love this series because it’s a great story with beautiful animation. the only con till now is that it will be too short. why did the (IMO) inferior Macross 7 have 49 episodes plus movies and OVA’s and this awesome, state-of-the-art series only gets to have 25?
    bottom line, don’t love Ranka OR Sheryl, love them BOTH for what they have brought to this story, no matter who ends up with who.

    On a final note, KUDOS for that awesome artist that is Shoji Kawamori and that godess of music Yoko Kanno. I mean no disrespect for all other professionals that contributed for this series but these two are truly part of what makes anime so special. Thank you for your work.

    For those who found this post more sobber than my previous posts, that’s just because my medication just kicked in.

  • September 2, 2008 at 4:53 pmKei

    @YuKime You’re doing our job so much better that sheryl’s fan are missing! :)
    They are waiting for the episode 22 though…

    Well I have to point out what aneeshdsc said about Ranka calling alto kun instead of alto like sheryl.
    It’s a pure japanese tradition and i don’t blame her for that, this is the respect due to older people or the minimal distance needed between a guy and a girl in japan.
    But why alto didn’t say her ” You can stop calling me like that”. ? He just doesn’t care.
    He is soooo dense that when Sheryl will confesses him I will not miss it. He will be shocked.
    About northern Cross and the connexion with Ranka, I find it interesting but there is something wrong about it.
    when Sheryl said;

    “I wanted to land on your planet I wanted to fly through your space” i think this is about her and Alto. She could not go with him to galia IV and remember like druid said how she was on SMS quarter seeing alto protecting Ranka when she singed Aimo version battlefield;

    I hope that alto in front of his house in the preview of episode 22 is thinking of Ranka and at last realize how dumb he is to have been this dense for 22 episode because he will not see her again.
    If he is just preoccuped that the Frontier weapon is gone and the vajra can come back and wiped out Frontier, then I will start shipping for Brera x Ranka lol.

    I have this feeling he will be desperate because of Ranka’s goodbye and will after that realize he can’t let her beeing with Brera because he loves her.But before that Sheryl will tell him the thruth about her illness and her love for him , he will stay with her out of pity and she will tell him to go ” where his heart belongs to”.He goes chasing after Ranka..End of the love triangle and return to the plot with Leon and Grace….

  • September 2, 2008 at 6:35 pmaneeshadc

    By thw way guys, where do u get ur smileys from? I tried copy/pasting from AS but it doesnt work.

    @ mike_s_6

    I agree with you. I’m behind sheryl all the way with or without alto.
    Also, ur rite, Ranka winning the LT that way wouldnt feel like a real victory for her & the ranka fans either, it would be a win by default. Making both girls appear strong & formidable at the end is the best thing Kawamori can do, so as not to disappoint either party (never mind that one party would still be disappointed anyway, sigh)

    @ yukime
    sry abt the long post, I warned u, but even I was surprised at the amount of stuff I came up with. It was exhausting actually cos I was watching the episodes too, to be sure.
    Lets just agree fr nw that alto cares about both girls & that its going to be a hell of a hard choice for him to choose. we’ll know a bit of what he’s thinking in ep 22.

    @ druid, kei
    I dont recall any selfishness from Sheryl that has a huge impact on people other than herself or alto.
    If your talking abt her B’day present to alto, I never saw that as backstabbing at all. Yes, she encouraged ranka to give alto her B’day present but you have to remember she fainted before they finished their conversation. Sheryl doesnt even know when her own timeslots for shows are as she mentions in ep 8, y do u think she would know when ranka’s concert is? Besides she called alto to the observatory at night giving plenty of time for him to spend time with his friends if he wanted to. So I really dont see how it was selfish of her. I also never thought it was selfish or wrong for ranka to give alto airplane cookies either, actually I thought it was sweet, It was just a case of which was the better present for alto, neither girl was at fault here.

    If you recall any other instances of selfish acts from her, please enlighten me.

  • September 2, 2008 at 6:44 pmaneeshadc

    @ yukime

    That song speaks of despair to me. It feels like she is talking about her dying more than rejection. But I agree that if kawamori decides to make sheryl beg & alto reject her , then what u are saying would make sense.
    Until then, that song feels like she’s pouring all of her despair into it. What I’m predicting is that she will push alto away one more time before singing this song, that way the words make sense to me. She is expressing her feelings & emotions through this song, is what it feels like to me.
    @yukime, mike_s_6
    And I dont want to see her confessing to alto, that would contradict her resolution to push him away. What I want to see is alto confessing his feelings to her, that would feel so much more satisfying to me.

  • September 2, 2008 at 6:57 pmkomshsa-san

    Since this is going too long in the same direction, let me give an alternative:

    One of the weirdest things I can think up right now is that Alto will lose Sheryl [from V-Type], and that Ranka will mutate into something very large and emotionally self-sufficient :) And Alto suffering from the loss of so many loved people, will turn to the other one that was hurt in the similar manner. Maybe EP22 will say goodbye to Sheryl since Ranka already departed… Who knows… But it would definitely be a refresh and a punch that will tear up everyone’s expectations. MF alternate universe rocks, just many options to daydream about :) And the final battle between Frontier forces and awakened Ranka [who could even kill off Brera] would be a whoop-ass event too :D So, Alto and Kuran, get ready to rock! Bytheway, Kawamori needs a friendly slap :)

  • September 2, 2008 at 7:41 pmaneeshadc

    @ yukime

    I’m going to reply to ur post bit by bit this time, kay? so as not to overwhelm u( & myself)

    Abt ranka not asking alto questions because she feels someones past is a delicate topic, I disagree. Bcos if this were the case then ranka would have given us viewers some indication that this was the case Not to mention ep 10, when she was upset/disappointed/surprised she didnt know anythin abt alto, made it clear to us that she had never thought abt asking him anything at all.
    Oh, and perceptive is sensing things abt a person when he/she is trying not to show it. Which is y I feel ranka isnt perceptive to alto’s feelings.

    So, I also disagree that his silence to sheryl talking abt her mother meant he didnt care as much. I felt the silence was appropriate, silent empathy in such a situation is much better than any empty words, espescially since he has known the same pain of losing his own mother. Its a silent support, an acknowledgement of her pain, while knowing that saying anything isnt going to make the pain go away. Its a painful topic for her & he understands that, hes hardly going to say anything on it, knowing that he himself wouldnt like it. I thought he was being sensitive to her feelings here.

    Based on this interaction & the griffith park one , I dont think alto warmed up faster to ranka than he did with sheryl, despite ranka having the added advantage of alto having already heard abt her past from Ozma. That had to have had some bearing on his interaction with her whereas sheryl didnt have the same advantage.

    But if ur saying on the whole beginning with ep 1, then I’d have to agree with you because there were a few issues b/w Sheryl & alto before they both began to warm up to each other & understand the other. It was easier to warm up to ranka when she’s as cute, sweet & charming as she was in the earlier episodes than to an arrogant demanding reckless shrew like sheryl.

  • September 2, 2008 at 8:10 pmaneeshadc

    Ep 4, sheryl not knowing abt alto joining SMS isnt the same as ranka not knowing for two reasons- ranka & alto’s friendship began in ep 3, Griffith park, where they exchanged cell no.s,- while sheryl & alto’s friendship began in ep 5.

    Sure, she’s always staring at him, but theres a difference b/w staring dreamily at smone & staring intently at smone. What ranka does is the former while what sheryl does is the latter, IMO.

    Okay, I will concede that she asks him y he joins SMS in ep 4, fine, thats once before ep 21. But she doesnt notice his change of mood when she asks him this question, she would have if she was perceptive to alto’s feelings.

    I find that I cannot accept her shy personality as an excuse because when she’s had the opportunity to notice his change of tone, she hasnt done so. that is enuf for me to conclude that she isnt perceptive to him. As for whether she would have asked him/ or not if she had noticed, we’ll never know.

  • September 2, 2008 at 8:55 pmaneeshadc

    @ yukimw

    Also I’m not suggesting alto’s nice to her out of pity, not at all, just that he is more careful around her because he is aware abt her past trauma. Its a natural response, I’d automatically be nicer/ behave with more delicacy to someone I know has been through smthing like that, not because I pity the person, but because I sympathize with them.

    I’m sry, but I intrepret ep 6 table scene differently from you. Her striking a conversation with alto didnt feel to me like she was trying to cheer him up, it felt like she wanted him to pay some attention to her instead of sitting with a bored, disinterested preoccupied look on his face. I dont see anything wrong with that, it was a good move. I think she was feeling awkward because she knows he was with sheryl & felt bad when he says he was alone when she knew this wasnt the case. She asked him a vague question, she got a vague answer.

    I’ve explained sheryl’s behaviour in ep 11 in my post above @ druid, kei.

  • September 2, 2008 at 9:00 pmkomshsa-san

    1st. I wouldn’t wanna fall in love with a 14 year old Varja Queen, who sends out fold waves :) I might wake up in a Colorado Canyon or worse, behind the Pluto :D

    2nd. Such a powerful one has a different destiny than of a teenage singing star on a colony vessel. She had fun in her childhood and now holds a third of a galaxy under her wing.

    Wow! Bye bye, Alto, I have to run my empire! Brera darling, please take off immediately.
    Opening fold now, my Queen… to Varja White House.

  • September 2, 2008 at 9:16 pmaneeshadc

    @ I agree with ur ep 2 comments & most of some of the stuff that comes after it, but the rest I still have a few issues with but am too lazy to try & explain more.

    Lets just agree to disagree since we’re bound to be interpreting scenes differently because of our different shipping preferences. I’d love to continue our discussion once ep 22 airs & we have a little more insight into alto. It was fun while it lasted though. thnx.
    Oh & I also think that the more tsun-tsun u are , the more ur hiding what ur actually feeling, so I think its a good sign that alto’s more tsun-tsun with sheryl than ranka.

  • September 2, 2008 at 9:18 pmaneeshadc

    @ yukime
    Sry, I meant to say agree with ur ep 12 comments not 2.

  • September 3, 2008 at 12:02 amyuKime

    It has surely been a long discussion by I really think we must rest and recharge for ep22 which is less than two days from now. ^^ Let’s just say we had stated our opinions and interpretations, agreed and disagreed at some points but definitely came out of discussion enlightened if not more determined to support our shippings. Thank you very much for the good discussion, I had fun and definitely got a look into a Sheryl fan’s way of thinking without popping a nerve. ^_~

    Last qualm though..

    “Okay, I will concede that she asks him y he joins SMS in ep 4, fine, thats once before ep 21. But she doesnt notice his change of mood when she asks him this question, she would have if she was perceptive to alto’s feelings.”

    Alto just avoided the question and gave Ranka a vague answer then added a kami hikouki tap on Ranka’s forehead to make her forget he was being vague. Alto just wanted to keep his past a mystery from Ranka. >__<

  • September 3, 2008 at 12:27 amyuKime

    Wha? My post was cut… again?!

    Anyway, here’s the second part:

    Alto: I thought it was my chance *grabs table napkin and starts folding you-know-what*
    Ranka: *is curious and WANTS to know more, in short follows through* Chance…?
    Alto: That’s why you better not give up too. *taps you-know-what on Ranka’s forehead and smiles* You want to tell everybody, right?

    See? Ranka did not lack effort but it’s just Alto trying to avoid the question. And knowing Ranka, she’s not one who presses on a topic that obviously the other person didn’t want to talk about. Sigh~ Alto!!! How can you be this secretive with Ranka?!

    Well then everybody, see you next deculture~ I rest my case. ^_~

  • September 3, 2008 at 9:28 pmClamce

    Things are getting interesting now. I super duper love it! A part of moi is feeling bad for the less extreme and rational sheryl fans, and part of moi wants to mock the rabid, irrational and extreme sheryl fans because I’m sure NOW that sheryl’s chances with Alto is nil. My reasons:

    -Alto has MORE bone to pick with Ranka than Sheryl now post ep 21.
    -Sheryl wasn’t given a revelation scene that she loves Alto the way Ranka did in 19.
    -Sheryl was painted ‘as the other girl’ in Triangular.
    -They are always showing 95% of Ranka’s scenes with Alto in flashbacks, while Sheryl scenes barely.
    -Ranka AND Alto were given an arc so that they can get closer. The Galia arc. Alto and Sheryl DO NOT have an arc like that.
    -Ranka was painted as the underdog to gain love from audience.
    -The story revolves around Ranka.
    -Ranka has her supporters–Bobby, Luca, Nanase, Michael, OZMA. Sheryl only has Klan. It was probably overkill if she didn’t have atleast one full supporter.
    -This one is a biggie: Ranka turned out to be the girl whom Alto opened up to on why he loves to fly, his mother. They talked about freedom. That’s the deepest conversation Alto shared with a girl so far. That was also the most tranquil scene in Macross Frontier yet.
    -The parting scene in this ep was done very meticulously with all the close-ups, drama and a surprise song that would catch everyone’s hearts off guard. Sheryl and Alto do not have a special scene like this. I bet you Northern Cross will not have the same impact as this. For one, Northern Cross has been overplayed.
    -Alto and Brera’s rivalry stems from Ranka, some other things, and Ranka.
    -I lost count of all the Ranka-centric episodes with Legend of Zero being the most prominent.
    -And Ranka is the girl who proved that she loves Alto the most.
    -Sheryl is more likely to live without Alto as long as she has her songs. Granted if she doesn’t die.

    *Technical stuffs*

    -Ranka and Alto have official promo arts of JUST the two of them. One was even featured in Triangular ED theme. Sheryl and Alto do not have such a thing. Ranka’s always in the background. What does this usually mean? They’re the main couple of Macross Frontier.
    -RankaxAlto has an official promo video of Seikan Hikou in the main website. Didn’t know this? Check it out.
    -Sheryl wasn’t supposed to be in the love triangle in the early notes. It was supposed to be Brera/Ranka/Alto.
    -Kawamori is in love with Ranka!
    -Most importantly. THE LAST EPISODE: ANATA NO OTO [a dokun dokun song made for Ranka, look at the lyrics] WILL BE A RANKA EPISODE. Sheryl’s chances with Alto is nil. Anyone who is still faithfully waiting for a SherylxAlto conclusion will get disappointed. This episode’s turn of events might get some hopes up, but ultimately, you’ll get disappointed in the end.

    I’m just saying. Peace out.

  • September 4, 2008 at 3:56 amdruid

    What if “Northern Cross” is not really about Sheryl (wishful thinking only on my part :-D). Just would really love to see the reaction on all the Sheryl fans in one particular forum if the next episode turns out to be not what they expected :-D.

  • September 4, 2008 at 6:16 amyuKime

    I might have an idea of that forum your talking about.. =P
    But we’ll see in less than 8 hours. My bet is the song is for Alto but not the way Sheryl fans expected. See one of my posts above for my prediction~

  • September 4, 2008 at 10:33 amRebi

    Tough decisions for Alto…sux to be him >.< (Even I’m having difficulties who’d be better for him LOL)

  • September 4, 2008 at 4:21 pmaneeshadc

    @ yukime
    Thanx, I feel the same. Sry for not replying sooner, my internet busted for a bit, am so glad its working nw, I was almost ready to throw a tantrum of my own, cant wait to see ep 22, I’m so psyched despite clamce’s rather depressing post above.

  • September 4, 2008 at 6:07 pmnycs

    After watching episode 22, I am definitly not disappointed for supporting SherylXAlto. I am sorry for how much time you took to write that post to analyze the possible end pairing based on scenes from the anime and based on titles of future episodes. I do not have the time to read the entire post (but I promise I will) but what happens (or what is implied to have happened) in this episode is similar to what happened in episode 15 of Gundam SEED and fleshed out (pun!) in the 2nd Special Edition. After realizing what this is, please do not smite Sheryl for it was Alto (channeling some of Makoto Ito and Mitsuki Hayase’s special abilities) who initiated this first contact.

  • September 4, 2008 at 6:18 pmnycs

    Ok maybe I’m streching the truth a bit too far after watching the scene again. Using another Gundam SEED analogy, Ranka and Sheryl are experiencing something somewhat similar to what Flay and Lacus experienced. The farthest Lacus got to with Kira was a very deep hug while Flay got his first. Ranka got one kiss while Sheryl got one and received one in return.

    If the main theme of these posts is speculation, I believe I am also open to mine. Please do not flame me for interpreting that scene in that way. In anime, that kind of thing usually happens afterwards (albeit offscreen).

  • September 4, 2008 at 8:38 pmdruid

    If the next episode confirms Alto and sheryl ending up together, and all I can say is at least the triangle ended. But I doubt the triangle is at its end, I think the real drama starts when Alto and Ranka meets again (and it’s really getting frustrating to wait for them to end it). I get to like Ranka’s character even more than before at episode 22. I think I’m going to be branded a Ranka bias because of that last comment :D (I have to explain later when my head stops throbbing from lack of sleep :D)

  • September 4, 2008 at 8:46 pmdruid

    It turns out to be a Sheryl episode :D I guess my wishful thinking didn’t work :))

  • September 4, 2008 at 11:51 pmArchangel

    Show Spoiler ▼

  • May 29, 2009 at 8:42 pmRaNkAsAySgOoDbYe

    ……..Holy, heck she’s being really stupid and annoying.

    FIRST! She tells the guy she loves “I LOVE YOU AND I WANT TO BE WITH YOU FOREVER!!!! But, I’m going to leave you right now…”

    What a hyprocrite! She leaves the whole place, leaving them to riot! I’m saying she’s running away or that she’s self pitying herself. I think leaving the whole world on one girl’s shoulder is really hard and all, and I can understand the sorrow and pain that she is going through…but that I can’t forgive. SURE! LEAVE but tell the guy you like that you love him, making him follow you because you cornered him. AND you take Brera-chan with you!! Golly, you really suck in this episode RANKA-B!TCH!

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