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OP Sequence

OP: 「泪のムコウ」 (Namida no Mukou) by ステレオポニー (Stereopony)
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I didn’t think much of this song when I first heard it, but I rather like the cut of it that they used, and the images of all the girls (including oddly Anew, but not Sumeragi – foreshadowing perhaps?) were really pretty. In fact, the OP in general just has a ton of eye candy.


Even though they just destroyed the Memento Mori, the Ptolemaios and its crew soon come under pressure again by a new mobile armor along with the Gadessa and Garazzo. By the time Setsuna arrives at the rendezvous point, all he sees is wreckage. Nena is there waiting for him and explains that the Ptolemaios descended back to Earth, so Setsuna wastes no time in heading back down as well. The Federation is at this moment announcing the destruction of a satellite as a terrorist act, and in response, they put the Federation military under direct control of the autonomous peace-keeping force. Related to this is how Pang Hercule tells Sergei of a coup d’état that’s in the works. Pang Hercule personally believes that the Federation government has become a puppet of A-LAWS and that the public needs to be alerted to this. Meanwhile, over on the Ptolemaios, Ian wakes up from his treatment and is surprised to find the ship back on Earth, surrounded by nature. The others fill him in on what happened, including how they got attacked again and how they were separated from Setsuna. They had managed to escape from the new mobile armor with a combination of camouflaging smoke and using the impact of the enemy blasts to accelerate, but the ship is pretty badly damaged.

In the ship’s hanger, Sumeragi apologizes to Allelujah for getting Marie involved in the previous battle. He doesn’t mind this time since Marie was willing, but he asks Sumeragi not to do it again. Outside, Lyle calls his Katharon allies to fill them in on what happened, and afterward, Anew comes and confides to him that she’s bothered by why A-LAWS was able to figure out the Ptolemaios’ location so accurately. Lyle thinks that she suspects him, but she denies this, and both suggest that the other call them by their first name. Nearby is Saji who is helping out with some of the repairs, but his thoughts continue to dwell on Louise. Over at the Katharon base, they get word of the coup and the desire of that faction to talk with them, so Klaus decides that he’ll go even though it could be a trap. The discussion about this is interrupted by the sound of Marina and the children singing. At around this same time, Setsuna, who is still searching for the ship, comes across a giant hole in the ground that was caused by the Memento Mori. By chance, he then runs into the Arche Gundam and decides to pursue it.

Ali Al Saachez leads Setsuna all the way to what used to be the Krugis Republic before landing and getting off. He had brought Setsuna here because Ribbons is waiting, and Ribbons reveals that he knows all about Setsuna’s past, including how his real name is Soran Ibrahim. What’s more, Ribbons claims that he first met Setsuna 11 years ago because he was the pilot of the 0 Gundam. That particular intervention was a 0 Gundam performance experiment, and the plan was to get rid of everyone there in order to maintain secrecy. Ribbons, however, had saved Setsuna and had later used Veda to recommend that Setsuna be a Gundam Meister. He now wants Setsuna to hand over the 00 Gundam because he feels that he’s should be its pilot. Setsuna refuses and tries to shoot Ribbons, but Ali Al Saachez is quicker on the draw and shoots Setsuna in the shoulder first. Despite his injury, Setsuna gets back in his Gundam and faces off against Ali Al Saachez again.

Back at the Ptolemaios, Lyle informs the rest of the crew that two unidentified mobile suits are coming their way, so Sumeragi sorties Allelujah and Tieria. The Arios goes up against the Gadessa while the Seravee faces the Garazzo, and even though Tieria initially has some problems against Bring, he eventually activates the Seravee’s Trans-Am and detaches the Seraphim Gundam. At close range, the Seraphim Gundam is able to break through the Garazzo’s GN field, and when Bring questions if Tieria is going to attack someone of his own kind, Tieria denies that this is the case because he sees himself as human. The Seraphim Gundam’s hands then turn into a pair of cannons, and the subsequent blast destroys the Garazzo. Ali Al Saachez meanwhile isn’t having as easy a time against Setsuna as he would like, but he notices an approaching shuttle – which happens to be transporting Klaus and Shirin – and tries to take it hostage.

Setsuna, however, quickly activates the 00 Raiser’s Trans-Am and knocks the Arche Gundam away from the shuttle. He then destroys all of the Arche Gundam’s Fangs and starts slicing it apart, but right before he can deliver the finishing blow, he hears Marina call out to him. As her song with the children then starts, the Arche Gundam falls to the ground, and Ali Al Saachez escapes. Meanwhile, up in space, Louise meets the Innovator pilot of the new mobile armor Empruss, and he explains that it’s a prototype of the one that she will eventually get as a small gift from Ribbons. Over at Billy’s lab, Mr. Bushido’s custom unit, the Masurao, has finally been completed. As they look at it, Billy reveals to Mr. Bushido that he’s also installed onto it some new technology based on some of Eifman’s notes on the GN Drive. After Mr. Bushido walks off, Billy tears up a photo of himself and Leesa Kujo, and he says goodbye to her.


I came into this episode thinking that it would be slower in pace and more relaxed after the flurry of things that happened in the past few episodes, especially since this is the start of the second half of the series, but to my pleasant surprise, they kicked things up a few notches instead with some plot twists and great action scenes. Ribbons as the 0 Gundam pilot was certainly eyebrow-raising, and it both explains why he feels entitled to the 00 Gundam and how Setsuna came to be a Gundam Meister. It also creates a connection between the two characters where before there was none, so now Setsuna potentially going up against Ribbons in the final battle would make more sense.

As for the battle this week, it was good to see Tieria using some new tactics and finally kicking some ass again. Granted, using the Seraphim Gundam currently doesn’t seem more than a close-range surprise-the-enemy move, and now that surprise has been used up to kill Bring. Maybe it still has some hidden abilities though like the Nadleeh did with the Trial System. Setsuna, on the other hand, proved that the 00 Raiser is powerful enough so that he can have a handicap and still win rather handily. The only person who can stand up to him now is probably Mr. Bushido in his new mobile suit. Despite the 00 Raiser’s power though, it was disappointing to see that Setsuna wasn’t able to kill Ali Al Saachez after getting so close. It was all thanks to Marina and that song (titled TOMORROW), and that in turn reminded me of the power of music in Macross. Whether or not that’s what they’re going for, I suspect that this isn’t the last time we’ll hear that song.

Speaking of which, although that song was the special ED for this week, the actual new ED has been announced as trust you by Itou Yuna. I’m really excited about it because she sings some good ballads, and it will probably premiere next week.

January 11, 2009 at 5:23 am
  • January 14, 2009 at 4:01 pmFrito

    it’s not about the lyrics it’s about the upbeat mood. that the OP that usually give’s the audience. ideon had sad lyrics too, it didn’t stop tomino from making an upbeat song and killing every single person possible.

  • January 14, 2009 at 6:32 pmleoh

    Awesome episode. If Ali hadn’t held the ship hostage, Setsuna might’ve killed him without Trans-Am (and him hearing Marina’s failtastic song). Actually the song wasn’t too bad, it’s the damn timing. Marina, if you are gonna keep doing this, you’re just gonna get more people killed. Why can’t you be more like Relena or Lacus who are actually useful? The future relationship better make up for your uselessness. :(

    Love the music playing in Tieria and Allelujah’s sortie. The appearance of Seraphim Gundam totally mindfucked me. This whole time I expected it inside Seravee, but the BACKPACK? Holy shit. Innovators: 1 down, 6 to go. Hopefully not 7. Can’t wait to see Bushido’s “Flaghead” in action, and what may be “Fake Trans-Am”.

  • January 14, 2009 at 9:57 pmLF1230

    i can understand why everyone is annoyed got Ali Not getting killed in this episode, but think logically, a major villain like him should die at the end of the series, not in the middle of it.

  • January 14, 2009 at 10:31 pmRonin09

    I know I’m late to the party on this but, Marina’s Lacus impersonation is quickly starting to put here ahead of Saji in terms of my hated characters list.Especially when she stops someone like Ali from dying.

  • January 15, 2009 at 4:01 amFrito

    you seeder’s should seriously stop comparing singing to lacus clyne… geezzzz

  • January 15, 2009 at 2:27 pmNsK


    Long time reader, first time poster.

    The show is about redemption….That’s why Marina and Setsuna’s “weaknesses” are important. Or else you should side with the A-laws…they have the right idea as far as total peace: eliminate problematic people, use poison against poison, total domination of the population thru force and/or fear, etc.

    But since this is a GUNDAM show, not an A-LAWS show, we can’t see these ideas prevail. That’s why I truly believe OO Raiser’s true function is to connect people’s minds together in this show. It’s very corny, I agree. I’m an avid chess player myself, I go for the kill 100%..

    But hey, Gundam is Gundam…And this is not corny like GSD…so i’m ok with it.

  • January 15, 2009 at 6:46 pmleoh

    But I still don’t see a Bask Om or Jamitov… oh wait there’s Ribbons. Maybe more shots of A-LOLS just slaughtering “uncooperative nations” and then we can truly view them as evil. Most of what we’ve seen is the team fighting CB, and the other who manned the Memento Mori. Show more of what’s happening offscreen, plz.

  • January 16, 2009 at 12:53 amGGear0323

    the problem, leoh, is that the A-Laws are not a political party or a country. they are just a military force, kind of like the UN peacekeeping forces, not the actual UN. but they like to act like they are a separate entity. as for their ‘evilness’, it should go without saying. they have already used the Mori to wipe out a couple of countries/organizations that have been against the federation, but they killed everyone, men, women and children, not to mention that it has already been said in an earlier episode that they have been using these tactics for a while but most people dont know, and probably wouldnt care. their world is a lot like ours, but picture the UN with ungodly powers and a huge ‘peacekeeping’ force. hell, they even want to bring the actual military under A-Laws control. the Gundams unconsciously created them in wanting to bring the world together in peace, well, they brought the world together, but the world subsequently created a merciless military force hell bent on the eradication and massacre of any and all resistance groups. these resistance groups are not even opposing a countries ideology anymore, they are just resisting the A-Laws. same with the Gundams. i am sure the Gundams dont have a problem with the countries around the world uniting, but they probably hoped this united front would have helped and nurtured developing countries and bringing needless wars to a halt, as opposed to just destroying countries completely. the A-Laws were the ones who eradicated the Middle East in order to enforce their rule there as well. the A-Laws have actually become what the people thought CB was in the first season. a single group enforcing itself on the entire world. slowly but surely people within the governments around the world are seeing this and questioning the direction the world is going. members in the military have already figure it out and if they ever allow the truth of the A-Laws atrocities come to light, then the world as a whole would notice as well.

  • January 16, 2009 at 1:09 amGGear0323

    as for Marina, i dont really get all the hate. you have Relena(GW) on one side, who was fighting from the very start, Lacus(GS) in the middle who stood back and watched half the time and then took a stand, and Marina on the other side, who abhors fighting and would like things to end through talking and deliberations. only i never felt Lacus was all that believable. Relena took over after her father and wanted to end all the atrocities fromt he start as well as wanting her own gundam crush to stop fighting, but Lacus appeared through most of Seed (never watched Destiny) as an aloof person who had some slight knowledge of what was going on but pretty much stayed to herself and wasnt all that interested in what was going on around her, then all of a sudden she becomes the head of a major resistance group and not just a figurehead, but a fighting strategic leader almost out of nowhere. marina doesnt like the fighting at all, she wants Setsuna to stop because she sees that he really doesnt want to keep on fighting either. Setsuna knows he has a reason to fight, but he doesnt really want to go on fighting. kind of like Saji, he really doesnt want to fight, but he ends up fighting nonetheless. if Louis wasnt all crazy crackhead, and was like she was at the beginning of the first season, i am sure she would be imploring him to stop fighting as well. either way, she has her principals and she sticks to them, the person she is interested in, Setsuna, is fighting, the person she trusts completely (i forget her name) is fighting, and the country she was to look after was destroyed, and in the end, she still doesnt like fighting. she is what she is. as for the singing, it is not like it was her fault, she was just singing with the children to help calm them and herself down, how in the hell was she supposed to know Setsuna could hear her. besides, she is the constant reminder of what everyone is fighting for, for the people who cannot fight back and are being slowly crushed by the A-Laws actions. Setsuna finds her interesting because he wants to believe, like her, that the fighting will and can stop, but even with him spewing the CB motto of ending war completely, i am sure he is a little hesitant if that is possible.

  • January 16, 2009 at 2:02 amFrito

    paula abdul was present. marina was just singing to become an american idol. so you wieners should stop whining.

  • January 16, 2009 at 2:04 amLeo

    sumeragi not in op because she dont have a pilot too fuck with

  • January 16, 2009 at 6:18 amgundam 00

    She has A MS Developer instead of pilot

  • January 18, 2009 at 2:19 amDisillusion

    I dunno, I miss Prototype as the ED. I mean the first half of
    the season had some really good cliffhangers like with Memento
    Mori’s first demonstration on the Seel Kingdom and how Prototype
    started at the apex of that.

    The song really did put some nice emphasis on the initial cliffhangers
    so I really hope this new ED measures up…x_x.

  • February 1, 2009 at 12:40 amBrandon

    WHAT what if in the new OP, Setsunas hand is touching Grahams… ????
    Graham LOVES the Gundam

    It’s obviously Mariea’s but still

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