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Kami-sama Dolls – 09

「因縁の渦」 (Innen no Uzu)
“Spiral of Fate”

Is it just me or does every series get instantly better when a Hanazawa Kana-voiced character is added to the mix? I could get used to hearing her in clingy roles too, especially when it’s opposite Hibino, who seems completely disinterested in our male lead. “Kyouhei-sama” has a nice playful ring to it too — at least when Hyuuga Mahiru says it. She gives new meaning on the “Girl Meets God” series tagline too.

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September 1, 2011 at 11:30 pm Comments (32)

NO.6 – 09

「災厄の舞台」 (Saiyaku no Butai)
“Stage of Disaster”

Even though it isn’t always working for me, in a way I really admire NO.6 to sticking to its guns. Nine episodes in and it’s still preposterously theatrical, comically sincere and terribly muddled. But at least it doesn’t sell itself out and try to be something it’s not.

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Yuruyuri – 09

「今年の夏はこわくない」 (Kotoshi no Natsu wa Kowakunai)
“This Summer Isn’t Scary”

An episode about the transient student council president and a crazy experiment-loving science teacher? Yes please, especially when Shiraishi Ryouko’s voicing the latter, Nishigaki Nana.

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