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Mirai Nikki – 01

「サインアップ」 (Sain Appu)
“Sign Up”

Whatever else happens, let me make it perfectly clear that I’m not impartial when it comes to Mirai Nikki. The manga is one of the scariest, funniest, juiciest and more ruthless you’ll find in mainstream manga and I absolutely love it. So with that said, Asread has a pretty tough job on their hands to meet expectations.

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Gundam AGE – 01

「救世主ガンダム」 (Kyuuseisha Gandamu)
“The Savior, Gundam”

So what’s this about being disappointed with Gundam AGE before it even started airing? I get the feeling people were confusing character designs — a stylistic choice — with production quality, just because Sunrise has gone back to the franchise’s roots. Well, I personally love it, as it really feels like Gundam AGE has brought back Gundam’s “boyish charm”.

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WORKING’!! – 02

「理想の家族計画」 (Risou no Kazokuikaku)
“The Ideal Family Plan”

Popura teaming up with Aoi? I never thought I’d see the day. I kind of wish they didn’t suck at stalking Hiroomi, even though they never had a chance at learning anything about his personal life.

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Ben-To – 01

「ネバれ、納豆オクラ丼ぶっかけチーズトッピング弁当 440kcal」 (Nebare, Nattō Okura Don Bukkake Chīzu Toppingu Bentō 440 kcal)
“Sticky, Natto Okra Rice Bowl with Cheese Topping Bento 440kcal”

So think Dragon Ball Tournaments, but held in a supermarket, where the prize is a half-off bento. Now you’ve got the gist of this aptly named anime, “Ben-to.

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Last Exile -Ginyoku no Fam- – 00

I don’t normally post about episode 0 specials, but seeing as this one featured a lot of impressive-looking footage and will likely go unsubbed, I figured I had to chime in about the series that marks GONZO’s big return. It never hurts when it features Toyosaki Aki, Yuuki Aoi, and Kayano Ai — the voices of the three heroines — plus the short version of Sakamoto Maaya’s “Buddy” music video.

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