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Mawaru Penguindrum – 14

「嘘つき姫」 (Usotsuki Hime)
“False Princess”

Isn’t it about time they rename this series “Momoka Penguindrum”? It seems like just about everyone is hung up about Ringo’s deceased sister and every subsequent person has it progressively worse than the last.

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Persona 4 the ANIMATION – 02

「The Contractor’s key」

It’s refreshing to see a main character who is the strong and silent type. Whether it’s awakening to a Persona, finding out a classmate has been murdered, or discovering there’s nothing inside Kuma’s costume, it doesn’t matter because nothing fazes Yuu Narukami.

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Guilty Crown – 01

「発生 genesis」 (Hassei)

If there’s one thing that I was worried about coming into Production I.G’s sci-fi post-apocalyptic original noitaminA series, it would be the inadvertent reader hype created by my own anticipation, both in the Fall 2011 Preview and the site’s banners.

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