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WORKING’!! – 03

「スランプの理由」 (Suranp no Wake)
“Cause of the Slump”

Ah, the Takanashi women. I still remember how they were first introduced in episode four of season one and could’ve easily turned the show into a household sitcom.

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Gundam AGE – 02

「AGEの力」 (AGE no Chikara)
“The Power of AGE”

The more I watch Gundam AGE, the more apparent the super robot influences become. We have Vargas as the old scientist/co-creator of the Gundam, Emily as his granddaughter and childhood friend of Flit, and now the AGE Builder that can create weapons on-the-fly from the data acquired by the Gundam’s evolutionary AGE System (a little too convenient, but still pretty cool to see).

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Ben-To – 02

「サバの味噌煮弁当 674kcal」 (Saba no Misoni Bentō 674kcal)
“Mackerel Boiled in Miso Bento 674kcal”

Ben-To returns… for a second helping.

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