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Mirai Nikki – 03

「初期不良」 (Shoki Furyō)
“Early Predicament”

This was an another solid episode of Mirai Nikki with a lot to like, but only one moment stands out among all the rest for me – “You’re still hiding something from me, aren’t you?”

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WORKING’!! – 04

「マンホールスパイラル」 (Manhooru Supairaru)
“Manhole Spiral”

I wasn’t planning to post about WORKING anymore, but this episode was too hilarious to ignore. I’m a sucker when it comes to gags about misunderstandings and the ones here spread like a wildfire through Wagnaria.

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Ben-To – 03

「大盛りチーズカツカレー 1080kcal」 (Ōmori Chīzu Katsu Karē 1080kcal)
“Large Serving of Cheese-Filled Katsu Curry 1080kcal”

Racism, Sega, and Yoda. Ben-To certainly has none of these.

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Gundam AGE – 03

「ゆがむコロニー」 (Yugamu Koronii)
“Distorted Colony”

If they had just told me that there was going to be a huge rocket attached to the other end of the colony core and that Bruzar was going to try and escape himself after detaching it, there really wouldn’t have been anything for me to nitpick about last time. Believability on moving a massive mass in a short amount of time? Check. No needless throwaway death for the commander who adopted Flit? Check.

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Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai – 03

「市民プールはフラグがない(;´ Д`)」 (Shimin Puuru wa Furagu Ga Nai (;´ Д`))
“There are no Flags at the Pool”

I think I finally understand why shows that focus on comedy start to grow boring and stale — and why Haganai is totally not an example of that.

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