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Guilty Crown – 03

「顕出 void-sampling」 (Kenshutsu)

It’s somewhat regrettable that I may have inadvertently hyped Guilty Crown too much — at least for our regular readers — because rather than impressing audiences with everything that the series does well, it’s now struggling to live up to everyone’s high expectations.

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Naruto 561 – The Weight of the World on One’s Shoulders

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UN-GO – 03

「覆面屋敷」 (Fukumen Yashiki)
“Masked Mansion”

Based on the last two cases, in terms of pure mysteries I’m beginning to suspect that UN-GO is a cut above the likes of Gosick, Kami-Memo and Dantalian.

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Kyoukai Senjou no Horizon – 04

「夜天下の暗躍者」 (Yotenka no Anyakusha)
“Covert Ops under the Night Sky”

For a show that’s only redeeming factor was a flamboyant main character with a complete disregard for the rules society has set, I’m glad to see that bigger things are coming into play.

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Bleach – 345

「襲われた雨竜、仲間達に迫る脅威!」 (Osowareta Uryuu, Nakama-tachi ni Semaru Kyoui!)
“Uryuu is Attacked, A Threat Draws Near the Friends!”

This episode shifted things into high gear with none of the usual Bleach drag, and I hope non-manga readers are finding the plot and mystery interesting.

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