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Fate/Zero – 05

「凶獣咆哮」 (Kyoujuu Houkou)
“Howl of a Mad Beast”

They’re really pulling out all the stops now, as what looked like four Servants standing off against one another suddenly became six. I don’t recall that ever happening in Fate/stay night. With the way they were assessing the situation and feeling one another out, it could’ve easily turned into a free-for-all battle royal.

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WORKING’!! – 05

「ワグナリアの巨大な胃袋」 (Wagunaria no Kyodai na Ibukuro)
Wagnaria’s Big Stomach

Another week at Wagnaria yet we don’t actually see much working again (big surprise there).

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「真、まことの王子様」 (Makoto, Makoto no Ouji-sama)
“Makoto, A True Prince”

You know, I tried to go with the flow of this episode and see Makoto as a girl — I really did — but it’s so damn hard to. It’s like they designed her character so well that it’s practically impossible to her any other way. Sorry Makoto, you’ll forever be the idol prince who dreams of being a princess.

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Mawaru Penguindrum – 16

「死なない男」 (Shinanai Otoko)
“The Man who Won’t Die”

Rock Over Japan! It feels like ages since I heard that song (nine episodes in fact). It’s just too bad this episode didn’t confirm or deny my interpretation of what happened to Yuri. Instead, it raised some new questions, the biggest of which was, “What the heck did I just watch?”

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