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「雲間に隠れる月の如く」 (Kumoma ni Kakureru Tsuki no Gotoku)
“Like a Moon Concealed in the Clouds”

For Takane’s episode, it’s kind of a shame that she’s also subject to more of 961 Pro’s ongoing defamatory attempts, but luckily she handles herself pretty well against a paparazzi named Shibusawa (Matsumoto Dai). It also led to some really adorable moments care of Hibiki and Yukiho when they thought Takane was going to transfer agencies and join Elder Records.

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Persona 4 the ANIMATION – 06

「I’ll beat you, and beat you good」

After several weeks of Persona awakenings and social links, Yuu’s special investigation team finally resumes its focus on Inaba’s abductions and murders and they do it with style, shenanigans, and some beef bowls.

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Bleach 472 – Falcon Punch

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Mawaru Penguindrum – 18

「だから私のためにいてほしい」 (Dakara Watashi no Tame ni Ite Hoshii)
“That’s Why I Want You There For Me”

The more I watch Mawaru Penguindrum, the more I wonder if the goal of this series is to illustrate the traumatic effects that bad and twisted parenting can have on children. This week, the story delves into Keiju’s past just like I had hoped, where we find out that he too had a terrible childhood because of his mother (Hisakawa Aya).

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