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Fate/Zero – 08

「魔術師殺し」 (Majutsushi Goroshi)

The episode title said it all about how this would Kiritsugu’s time to shine and he does just that with the use of his single-shot Thompson Contender, loaded with an “Origin Bullet” created from his rib bones (and effectively, part of his soul).

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WORKING’!! – 08

「嗚呼、妹よ」 (Aa, Imōto yo!)
“Oh, My Sister!”

This week’s sister theme really allowed for some balance between comedy and character development.

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「約束」 (Yakusoku)

With all the build-up toward Chihaya’s episode, this truly had the makings of a series finale and could have easily passed as one. The drama felt very real and the support that Haruka and the rest of 765 Pro showed Chihaya was incredibly moving, so much so that I couldn’t help but shed some tears by the end of the episode. This is easily the biggest tearjerker I’ve watched in the past while, and really showed that IM@S is much more than a slice-of-life series with an idol twist.

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