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Guilty Crown – 07

「輪舞 temptation」 (Rinbu)
“Round Dance”

More so than what kind of series Guilty Crown is trying to be, this latest episode left me wondering what kind of series the writers want it to be.

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November 25, 2011 at 11:55 pm Comments (151)


「まるで花が咲くように」 (Maru de Hana ga Saku you ni)
“As If A Flower Were Blooming”

A follow-up to Chihaya’s subplot, a resolution to the 961 Pro/Jupiter problem, and an unexpected performance by Kotori that ties Takagi and Kuroi’s past? Suffice to say, IM@S continues to push forward with its mini drama, providing an extra dimension to the series that one wouldn’t expect.

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