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Gundam AGE – 08

「決死の共同戦線」 (Kesshi no Kyoudou Sensen)
“A United Front Prepared for Death”

I said back in episode one that Gundam AGE feels like it’s brought back the franchise’s “boyish charm” and this week’s episode feels like it’s done that to a certain degree.

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November 27, 2011 at 11:02 pm Comments (58)

Bleach – 349

「次の標的、織姫を狙う魔の手!」 (Tsugi no hyouteki, Orihime o nerau ma no te!)
“Next Target, The Devil’s Hand Aims at Orihime!”

Somehow, Ichigo’s fight with Mr. Pork felt a whole lot more epic than it did in the manga.

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WORKING’!! – 09

「愛はこんなにグローバル」 (Ai wa Konna ni Gurōbaru )
“Love is So Global”

An episode full of Yachiyo goodness.

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Fate/Zero – 09

「主と従者」 (Aruji to Juusha)
“Master and Servant”

The lengthy exposition in Fate/Zero continues, and while the thought did cross my mind that I’m too forgiving of it compared to To Aru Majutsu no Index, I really don’t think that’s the case when I haven’t read the light novels of either adaptation.

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