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Gundam AGE – 10

「激戦の日」 (Gekisen no Hi)
“Day of the Fierce Battle”

I’ll be quick to admit that I have a soft spot for prideful stubbornness that someone will take to their grave, but even then, Gundam AGE deserves some praise for getting an emotional response out of me with the deaths of some side characters.

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Mirai Nikki – 10

「家族プラン」 (Kazoku Puran)
“Family Plan”

This episode is proof for me that a director doesn’t have to make a word-for-word adaptation of a manga for it to be a good adaptation – or a faithful one. Manga is not anime, and the same structures that work well with one don’t always work with the other.

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Fate/Zero – 11

「聖杯問答」 (Seihai Mondou)
“Holy Grail Dialogue”

For the better part of half of this episode, I was pretty set on how my impressions in this post would go — that Urobuchi Gen writes some exquisite dialogue that’s truly worthy of kings — but then the second half rolled around after Rider lectured Saber on what it means to be a king and I just had to tackle it from a different angle — Fate/Zero is too epic for words.

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Last Exile -Ginyoku no Fam- – 09

「Connected passed pawn」

With episode 9 of “Fam”, it’s another case of taking the good with the bad. That’s pretty much become the norm with the series, so it doesn’t come as a surprise so much as a bit of a letdown.

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