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UN-GO – 11 (END)

「私はただ探している」 (Watashi wa Tada Sagashiteiru)
“I’m Just Searching”

The little show almost nobody watched certainly went out with a bang, delivering up a classic finale to one of the most satisfying mysteries anime has seen in many a season.

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Kimi to Boku. – 12

「中学生日記」 (Chuugakusei Nikki)
“Middle School Diary”

If there ever was an underrated character in this series, Shun would be it. Portrayed as the feminine male who can charm males and females alike, it was surprisingly shocking how that cute face can turn into a badass one when the time calls for it.

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Guilty Crown – 11

「共鳴 resonance」 (Kyoumei)

Considering how the last episode went, this week’s was definitely a step in the right direction. Most of my complaints about Shuu’s flakiness were addressed with him coming clean with his friends about his Void Genome; however, just as things were looking up, the writers had to script in the most unconvincing reason to get them to help him save Funeral Parlor — “They believed in me.”

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Mawaru Penguindrum – 24 (END)

「愛してる」 (Aishiteru)
“I Love You”

If you’ve come here looking for answers to Mawaru Penguindrum’s ending, I’m afraid I don’t have them. The best I can offer is my interpretation of it, which is a bunch of fragmented ideas that revolve around the theme of neglected children and fighting fate.

Update: This isn’t official, but this 2chan chart illustrates one interpretation of how the “fruit of fate” was shared between the Takakuras. It suggests that Himari’s portion “rotted” after the Sarin gas attack.

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