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Chihayafuru – 20

「くもゐにまがふおきつしらなみ」 (Kumoi ni Magō Oki tsu Shiranami)
“The Crusting Waves Almost Look Like Clouds in the Sky”

Only five more Taichi Tuesdays to go. Can it really be possible?

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Last Exile -Ginyoku no Fam- – 16


This week on Top Gear Fam: Sorush hits a wall, Sara cries, and Fam does absolutely nothing.

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Gundam AGE – 19

「アセムの旅立ち」 (Asemu no Tabidachi)
“Asem’s Journey”

Koshimizu Ami in Gundam is one thing, but I wasn’t expecting a Diva bridge crew with Kawasumi Ayako and Noto Mamiko in addition to Hanazawa Kana. What’s more, there are two more pilots voiced by Yusa Kouji and Sakaguchi Daisuke, the latter of whom is no stranger to Gundam having starred as Uso Ewin in Victory Gundam. What more could a Gundam fan ask for in terms of cast?

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Bleach – 360

「一護VS雨竜!?裏切り者は誰だ! 」 (Ichigo VS Uryuu!? Uragirimono wa dare da!)
“Ichigo vs Uryuu?! Who is the Traitor?! “

While there were various hints that Ginjou wasn’t quite what he claimed to be, he always brushed them off convincingly, even to the viewers.

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