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Natsuiro Kiseki – 06

「夏海のダブルス」 (Natsumi no Daburusu)
“Natsumi’s Doubles”

Somehow, I’m starting to really feel the slice-of-life aspects of this show.

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Hyouka – 03

「事情ある古典部の末裔」 (Jijyouaru Kotenbu no Batsuei)
“Troubled Descendents of the Classic Literature Club”

For all of the readers out there who dropped this show because they’re not following the golden rule of giving a series at least three episodes before dropping it like a brick, I believe that you’ll be pleasantly surprised should you watch this third episode of Hyouka.

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Shining Hearts – 04

「機械人形」 (Kitai Ningyo)
“Machine Doll”

If there’s a single word I would use to describe Shining Hearts, it would be “pretty”. Mind bogglingly, awe-inducingly pretty. It’s like Production I.G. felt like they had something to prove – there’s almost no doubt that Shining Hearts is one of the most visually-pleasing shows this season has to offer.

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Eureka Seven AO – 05

「タイトゥン・アップ/génération bleu」 (Taitun Appu)
“Tighten Up”

This marks the second in the collaboration between Zephyr and Myself to provide two perspectives on two of the season’s best shows – E7:Astral Ocean and Jormungand. I hope you’ve enjoyed our little experiment – if you’ve had half as much fun reading these posts as we did writing them, then we enjoyed them twice as much as you.

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FAIRY TAIL 282 – 10 Keys and 2 Keys

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