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Noein – OST Vol. 1

Under the pseudonym ‘Nanase Hikaru,’ Itou Masumi has written music for a large variety of works, most notably the VN Muv-Luv Alternative, Infinite Stratos, Phantom: Requiem for the Phantom and CANAAN. Unlike many of the composers I’ve spoken about so far, Nanase’s style is primarily orchestral in nature with strong influences derived from classical and baroque music. Much of the OST is very cinematic and thematic in nature, traits (particularly the latter) not always found in anime soundtracks.

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Fate/Zero – 20

「暗殺者の帰還」 (Ansatsusha no Kikan)
“Return of the Assassin”

If I weren’t dead inside, I would have shed many a tear watching this episode, as it’s a hard dose of reality for everyone in Fate/Zero this week with each character coming face-to-face with what they really are, and the role they must play in the Fourth Holy Grail War. The episode also contains a great dichotomy – a doll masquerading as a human being, and a human being that calls itself a machine. However, nothing makes saying goodbye any easier.

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Acchi Kocchi – 07

「山だ!川だ!⇔バーベキュー」 (Yama da! Kawa da! to Baabekyuu)
“Mountains! Rivers! ⇔ Barbecue”

I still can’t get over how cute this week’s episode of Acchi Kocchi was. I mean, it was actually a really funny episode with all of the jokes resonating well but all of my attention was definitely focused on Tsumiki and her new found courage as she went on the offense this week.

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