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Mouretsu Pirates – 21

「決戦! ネビュラカップ」 (Kessen! Nebyura Kappu)
“The Final Battle at the Nebula Cup”

Don’t mess with the girls of Hakuoh Academy!

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Another – 00 (OVA)

「アナザー OAD」
“Episode 00″

If the OVA of Another conjures up anything in my mind’s eye, it’s the realization of just how tragically the final two episodes of the TV series missed the mark.

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Jormungand – 08

「モンド・グロッソ」 (Mondo Gurosso)
“Mondo Grosso”

Yes, Jormungand is an action adventure. But like someone mentioned before, there’s also a lot going for it being classified as as a slice of life too—a slice of the arms-dealing life that is. Not that it’s a bad thing.

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「形見の行方」 (Katami no Yukue)
“Where the Memento is”

First. World. Problems.

Barring the last five minutes, this was an enjoyable roller coaster ride.

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Naruto 588 – We Are The Kages

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Nazo no Kanojo X – 08

「謎の感覚」 (Nazo no Kankaku)
“Mysterious Sensation”

Warning: some images NSFW


Apologies for the delay: Fanime was unforgiving in regards to time and energy.

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