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Katekyo Hitman Reborn! 388 – No Chance

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Bleach 495 – Na na na na na

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Acchi Kocchi – 09

「ワタシを包んで!⇔恋とロマンの学園祭」 (Watashi wo Tsutsunde! to Koi to Roman no Gakuensai)
“Wrap Me Up! ⇔ Love and School Festival Romance”

After watching a vast amount of slice-of-lifes that try their hardest to portray the infamous culture festival without boring us, it’s been quite a while since a show has been able to blow me away in terms of the story and the overall goal the “group” has. 

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Blast From The Past: Ghost In The Shell Movie

This week, Blast From The Past covers one of the most influential anime of all time: Ghost in the Shell.

WARNING: A few screenshots at the end have MILD NUDITY and may not be SFW.

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Jormungand – 09

「Dragon Shooter phase.1」

The start of the new multi-part arc gives us more of the same: nice surprises, great comedy, and flashy action scenes. Jormungand just knows how to stay consistently above most of the pack as one of the best shows this season.

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June 6, 2012 at 2:06 pm Comments (49)

Fate/Zero – 22

「この世全ての悪」 (Konoyo Subete no Aku)
“All Evil in this World”

There’s never a dull episode in Fate/Zero, even when most of it revolves around character interactions on the eve of the final battle.

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Naruto 589 – The Beginning Of The End

No, he didn’t really actually say that. But he said something similar though.

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Uh well… what just happened here?

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Nazo no Kanojo X – 09

「謎の「なんだかちょっと」」 (Nazo no “Nandaka Chotto”)
“Mysterious ‘Somewhat, A Little’”

The many faces of Urabe begin to show themselves, in more ways than two.

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