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Natsuiro Kiseki – 10

「たいふうゆうれい、今日のオモイデ」 (Taifu Yuurei, Kyou no Omoide)
“A Typhoon, Ghosts, and Today’s Memory”

The Big Rock sometimes seems to act like a classic “monkey’s paw,” where wishes are fulfilled in ways the wishers didn’t intend. Well, except for the fact that here they usually lead to a fun little adventure, instead of soul-shattering horrors the likes of which man was never meant to experience. So I guess it’s nothing like it at all.

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Hyouka – 07

「正体見たり」 (Syoutai Mitari)
“The Ghost, When Examined”

Sometimes, it feels like Hyouka just can’t decide on what kind of show it wants to be. And as negative as that statement sounds, I think that it’s one of this show’s greatest strengths.

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「迷宮狂想曲」 (Meikyuu Kyousoukyoku)
“Labyrinth Rhapsody”

Note to self: “Sesame Street!”, “Curry!”, “Grilled fish!”, “Caviar!”, “Sesame sauce!”, “Steak!”, “Boiled fish!”, “Truffles!”, “Sesame seed buns!”, “Hamburger!”, “Raw fish!”, and “Foie Gras!” aren’t good replacements for “Open Sesame!”…

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