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Eureka Seven AO – 11

「プラトー・オブ・ミラー/mirror of the world」 (Puratō Obu Mirā)
“Plateaux of Mirror”

If you want intrigue and mystery, this episode of AO should be your one-stop shopping for the week.

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Kami nomi zo Shiru Sekai 192 – Hi-Ordinary

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Sankarea – 12 (END)

「あの瞬間…俺は…」 (Ano Shunkan… Ore wa…)
“At That Moment…I…”

I stated in last week’s episode that I thought they ended the main “issue” prematurely and that left very little story to be told for this week…

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Spring 2012 Retrospective Podcast

Spring 2012 Retrospective Podcast

With this amazing spring season almost entirely in the rear-view mirror and summer’s crop of shows rapidly approaching, there’s no better time for the second installment of the Random Curiosity Podcast than now.

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Hyouka – 10

「万人の死角」 (Banjin no Shikaku)
“What No One Noticed”

What started as a simple mediocre amateur movie project is slowly turning into a path of self-discovery — and I have no problems with that. What I do want to point out before we dive into this episode is that for anyone who’s on the fence about Hyouka should really tune in for this current arc!

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Natsuiro Kiseki – 12 (END)

「終わらないナツヤスミ」 (Owaranai Natsu Yasumi)
“Endless Summer Vacation”

So it comes to an end. After only a few repeats, the endless summer came to a close. Lessons were learned, tears were shed, and life moves on once again, as it always must.

Final impressions included.

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