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Hyouka – 13

「夕べには骸に」 (Yuubeniwa Okuroni)
“Dead at Dusk”

In all honesty, I wouldn’t really mind a few more episodes of this mindless but terribly interesting look at the inner-workings of our main cast.

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Rinne no Lagrange 2 – 03

「鴨川エクスペリメント」 (Kamogawa Ekusuperimento)
“The Kamogawa Experiment”

This episode featured some of the finest yuri trolling I’ve ever seen, but it wasn’t that which had me staring wide-eyed at the screen when the episode came to a close. I feel like I just got hit by the plot bat…and I think I liked it.

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Kuroko no Basuke – 16

「やろーか」 (Yarou ka)
“Let’s Do It”

Momoi could make a grade-S stalker with all her intel skills… she really could.

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Jinrui wa Suitai Shimashita – 04

「妖精さんたちの、さぶかる」 (Yōsei-san-tachi no, Sabukaru)
“The Fairies’ Subculture”

In 22 minutes, Jinrui wa Suitai Shimashita pretty much obsoleted Bakuman as a chronicle of the manga industry.

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Shirokuma Café – 16

「グリズリーさん旅立つ/見知らぬお店」 (Gurizurī-san Tabidatsu / Mishiranu o Mise)
“Mr. Grizzly’s Journey / A Strange Shop”

“Troll in Polar Bear’s Clothing” should be a saying.

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Muv-Luv Alternative: Total Eclipse – 04

「朧月の群れ」 (Oboroduki no Mure)
“A Flock of Hazy Moons”

This week, Bridges learns the meaning of being “taken down a few pegs”.

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Kokoro Connect – 03

「ジョバーとローブロー」 (Jobaa to Rooburoo)
“Jobber and Low Blow”

Someone mentioned it and I will not take credit for it, but Yui’s background is revealed this week and she was indeed…

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La storia della Arcana Famiglia – 04

「Confessioni di una Maschera」
“Confession of a Mask”

If you watch La storia della Arcana Famiglia with the mindset that this is an otome game adaptation, this series is actually quite par for the course and is pretty enjoyable too!

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AKB0048 – 12

「愛をうたうアイドル」 (Ai wo Utau Aidoru)
“Idols who Sing of Love”

What would you sacrifice for your dreams?

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Uchuu Kyoudai – 17

「犯人はこの中にいる」 (Hannin wa Kono Naka ni Iru)
“The Culprit Is in the Room”

There were no major surprises this episode but rather the confirmation of everything we’ve been able to deduce about what’s been going on.

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