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Shirokuma Café – 17

「キャンプに行こう!/ 女子高生とリンリン」 (Kyanpu ni Ikou/Joshikousei to Rin Rin)
“Let’s Go Camping!/Rin Rin and the High School Girl”

Ships and forbidden romance are abound, yet it’s still a comedy.

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July 26, 2012 at 8:16 pm Comments (7)

AKB0048 – 13 (END)

「笑顔のために」 (Egao no Tame ni)
“For Their Smiles”

I can finally put spring season behind me with this spectacle of a conclusion, to what has been the season’s most pleasant, unexpected surprise.

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Tropin’ About – Thoughts on Honest Idiots

A wild Idiot King has appeared!

And we’re back with the next edition of Stilts Out Loud! *the crowd cheers as fireworks burst overhead* On this week’s agenda is the second installment of my Emerging Trends, where we’ll talk about a character type that we’re all familiar with – the Honest Idiot. Why, I think I see one creeping up to us now…

More after the jump.

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