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Rinne no Lagrange 2 – 04

「再会の街、鴨川」 (Saikai no Machi, Kamogawa)
“A Reunion in Kamogawa”

It’s interesting how, if you change the circumstances of a conflict just slightly, the side that looks like the bad guys can change completely. Where before it was definitely Dizelmine, now Villagulio is beginning to look like the king who will drive their planets to war.

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Jinrui wa Suitai Shimashita – 05

「妖精さんたちの、おさとがえり」 (Yōsei-san-tachi no, Osatogaeri)
“The Fairies’ Homecoming”

Well now, even by Jinrui’s whacked-out standards I’m not at all sure what to make of that one.

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Kuroko no Basuke – 17

「ふざけた奴ばっかりだ」 (Fuzaketa Yatsu Bakkari da)
“You’re All Ridiculous”

Bar the doors, people – it’s witchcraft!

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Muv-Luv Alternative: Total Eclipse – 05

「正しき資質」 (Tadashi ki Shishitsu)
“The Right Stuff”

This week, we get pretty much everything: character development, views into the world of Muv-Luv, plenty of TSF action, and the inevitable confrontation between Yui and Bridges. The result? Oh, only one of the best episodes out of any show this season.

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La storia della Arcana Famiglia – 05

「Amici d’infanzia」
“Childhood Friends”

I admire Nova a lot now. It’s quite hard to make rational decisions like he did when you have to choose between justice and family.

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Uchuu Kyoudai – 18

「かぺ!けんじ!」 (Kape! Kenji!)
“Roo-ra! Kenji!”

Another week, another day of the astronaut tests and another set of problems caused by JAXA’s devious hand!

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Hunter X Hunter 2011 – 41

“Gathering x Of x Heroes”

Consider this a guest appearance for Hunter X Hunter.

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