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Hyouka – 14, 15, 16

「ワイルド・ファイア」(Wairudo Faia), 「十文字事件」(Juumonji Jiken), and 「最後の標的」(Saigo no Hyouteki)
“Wild Fire”, “The Jumonji Incident”, and “The Last Target”

Every Sherlock needs his Watson, and Houtarou is no exception.

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Hagure Yuusha no Estetica – 06

「超音速!スレイプニル」 (Chouonsoku! Sureipuniru)
“Supersonic! Sleipnir”

The Summit Meeting has arrived, along with the start of a new arc.

NSFW Screenshots

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Shirokuma Café – 19

「ペンギンにも色々あるよ/バイセンってナンダ!?」 (Pengin ni Mo Iroiro Aru yo/Baisen tte Nanda!?)
“There are Many Kinds of Penguins/What is ‘Baisen’!?”

It’s like I’m watching the Animal Planet and Food Network in comedy form. This is definitely my favorite episode as of yet.

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