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Kuroko no Basuke – 19

「新しい挑戦へ」 (Atarashii Chousen e)
“To a New Challenge”

With every end comes a new beginning…

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Sword Art Online – 06

「幻の復讐者」 (Maboroshi no Fukushuusha)
“The Phantom Avenger”

One of the things I really like about SAO is the systems. As a story built around an MMORPG, this is arguably one of the most important aspects – how various systems are introduced and explained.

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Moyashimon Returns – 06

「チームワーク」 (Chiimuwaaku)

A lively episode, a fanservice high episode, but why do I end up covering shows that involve saliva in some way?

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「アンチリンク」 (Anchi Rinku)

The truth comes out…

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