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Fall 2012 Preview!

Finally, the long-awaited fall season! Along with spring, fall tends to be one of the busier seasons, with everything from the debut of highly anticipated blockbusters to the continuation of venerable old series. And this year is no different! Hotly anticipated adaptations include the award-winning sci-fi light novel Shin Sekai Yori, the 5pb. sci-fi visual novel ROBOTICS;NOTES, and the Key romantic drama Little Busters! The sequel front has some heavy-hitters as well, among them the return of spring’s amoral action-adventure Jormungand, a brand new season of the comedy and harem classic Hayate no Gotoku, and the third season of the mangaka drama Bakuman. There are even a few original series to round things out, most notably Urobochi Gen’s PSYCHO-PASS. Fall is busy indeed–and like last spring, you’re fortunate enough to have not one, not two, but FIVE writers to help guide you through the shows you’ll want to be watching this season. Lucky for you, eh? So without further ado (that’s a lie; there’ll be a lot more ado before we’re done), let’s get on with it and talk about the 32 series we’ve previewed for you this season. Get excited!

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Eureka Seven AO – 20

「ベター・デイズ・アヘッド/last message」 (Betā Deizu Aheddo)
“Better Days Ahead”

I’ve never been more of a BONES fan than I am with this show, because it took real guts for them to do something truly different with AO rather than take the path of least resistance and make a pale imitation of the beloved original.

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Sword Art Online – 11

「朝露の少女」 (Asatsuyu no Shoujo)
“The Girl of the Morning Dew”

This week we follow Kirito and Asuna as they take a break from the chaos of frontline combat.

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Hagure Yuusha no Estetica – 11

「夜明けが来る前に」 (Yoake ga kuru mae ni)
“Before the Coming Dawn”

You know how there’s always this one episode they obviously saved all the budget for? Yeah, this was it. Estetica giving us all sorts of action and beasts this week—including a Blue-Eyes White Dragon.

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Katekyo Hitman Reborn! 401 – Present Please

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「天使の涙」 (Tenshi no Namida)
“An Angel’s Tears”

Gray fighting a masochistic woman… Hmm, I think I’ve seen this before…

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