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Sword Art Online – 15

「帰還」 (Kikan)

Subtlety is perhaps not Kawahara Reki’s strong suit.

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「そしてオレたちは頂上を目指す」 (Soshite Ore-tachi wa Choujou o Mezasu)
“And So, We Aim for the Top”

Let’s aim for 30 million – I mean, Fiore’s number one! It’s time for FAIRY TAIL to join the Grand Magic Games. Moete kitazou!

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「犯罪係数う」 (Hanzai Keisuu)
“Crime Coefficient”

This premiere definitely raised thought-provoking questions in lockstep with thrills that can only be found at the end of a gun, but will it be able to smartly answer the issues it raises while sustaining a high level of action and tension like the best science-fiction detective dramas have to offer?

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