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Robotics;Notes – 02

「夢と希望とロマンがあってこそ」 (Yume to Kibou to Roman ga Attekoso)
“Because of Dreams, Hopes and Passion”

If I could pick only one thing that I think Robotics;Notes is doing well (and I’m sure there are a ton of things), it’s the introduction of characters and the pacing of the story.

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Zetsuen no Tempest – 03

「できないことは、魔法にもある」 (Dekinai Koto Wa, Mahou Ni Mo Aru)
“There Are Things Even Magic Cannot Do”

Zetsuen no Tempest might not necessarily break any new ground, but it’s definitely something worth watching. There are some great dynamics between the mains, intriguing commentary about fate and the influence of those that have passed on, and superb animation by Bones. Oh right! Did I mention that you’ll be seeing continued coverage of Zetsuen too?

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Bleach 512 – Ichigo, Shame of Soul Society

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