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Muv-Luv Alternative: Total Eclipse – 16

「蒼ざめた焔」 (Ao Zameta Honoo)
“Pale Blue Flame”

The TSF mock battle tournaments begin and what a visual treat it is. I guess now we know what all the budget was being saved for. And I must say, they chose a darn good episode to use it on. There’s just been a continual rise in quality since the main plot started kicking in, and this continues that trend.

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Little Busters! – 03

「可愛いものは好きだよ、私は」 (Kawaii Mono wa Suki da yo, Watashi wa)
“I Like Cute Things”

Three episodes in Little Busters! seems incapable of being less than likeable, but this week’s episode had something of the feel of a placeholder.

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Uchuu Kyoudai – 29

「打ち上げ前夜」 (Uchiage Zenya)
“Night Before Launch”

We’re finally approaching launch – the first time any of the main cast in Uchuu Kyoudai will actually make it into outer space.

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Sukitte Ii na yo. – 03

「人を信じれば……」 (Hito o Shinjireba……)
“When You Trust People…”

Maintaining a relationship with one of the most popular guys in school isn’t easy for Mei, and that doesn’t seem to change for the better when she meets Aiko, a girl who apparently shares a very intimate past with Yamato.

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「成しうる者」 (Nashi Uru Mono)
“Those Capable”

While less exciting and thrilling than the first episode, PSYCHO-PASS’s sophomore outing still serves up plenty of food for thought as it begins building its detailed world.

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