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Naruto 607 – This World Matters Not

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(Un)Serious Business – Elevator Speeches in Anime

Remember your ABCs: Always. Be. Closing. Capitalism, Ho! …or else.

In business, an elevator speech is a 30-second summary of an idea. The thought is that, if you were to find yourself in an elevator with a very important person, you should be ready to persuasively pitch your idea in 30 seconds, or else the elevator will reach its destination and the very important (and busy) person will ignore your crappy idea and leave.

What does this have to do with anime? Well, anime have elevator pitches too. Or more correctly, they have premises which can be boiled down into one sentence summaries, which is practically the same thing.

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Girls und Panzer – 03

「試合、やります!」 (Shiai, Yarimasu!)
“I’ll be part of the match!”

Girls und Panzer seems to be the very definition of what you would call a ‘sleeper’ or a ‘dark horse.’

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