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Muv-Luv Alternative: Total Eclipse – 17

「仄暗き追憶」 (Soku Kuraki Tsuioku)
“Dark Recollection”

The mock battles continue, but there’s an even tastier main course served up this episode. Let’s just say, the main title might be Total Eclipse, but “Total Jealousy” wouldn’t have been too far off the mark either.

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Uchuu Kyoudai – 30

「犬とじじいとアレクサンダー」 (Inu to Jijii to Arekusandā)
“Dog, Old Man, and Alexander”

The time has finally arrived.

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K – 04

「Kock-on Effect」

Not to add oil to the burning fire, but criticism has to be given where it’s due.

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