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Muv-Luv Alternative: Total Eclipse – 18

「歪みの羽音」 (Yugami no Haoto)
“Sound of Twisted Wings”

Most of the core messages that Total Eclipse tries to convey have been delivered in a rather straightforward manner, usually marking a change in Yuuya that takes him one step further from the narrow-minded, self-centered ass he used to be.

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Little Busters! – 05

「なくしものを探しに」 (Nahkushi Mono o Sagashi ni)
“Looking for Something I Lost”

Well, whaddaya know – Little Busters is a Key adaptation after all.

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「誰も知らないあなたの仮面」 (Daremo Shiranai Anata no Kamen)
“No One Knows Your Mask”

What do you get when you cross PSYCHO-PASS with elements from Sword Art Online and Halloween?

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Uchuu Kyoudai – 31

「ロケットロード」 (Roketto Rōdo)
“Rocket Road”

In a sense, this was an episode about the small things.

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