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Shin Sekai Yori – 07

「夏闇」 (Natsu Yami)
“Summer Darkness”

The kids are finally reunited as we come to the end of a great first act, but the real problems for the kids are only just beginning.

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K – 06


“What goes around comes around.”

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Muv-Luv Alternative: Total Eclipse – 19

「深緑」 (Shinryoku)
“Deep Green”

“Violent impulses should be curbed in a productive and healthy manner.” Wise words inde—wait, what?

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「ストライクウィッチーズ 劇場版」 (Sutoraiku Wicchīzu Gekijouban)

STRIKE WITCHES is surprisingly high up on my list of thoroughly enjoyable anime series which always makes it rather depressing to see how many people dismiss it with but a single glance.

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Uchuu Kyoudai – 32

「入ってはいけない場所」 (Haitte wa Ikenai Basho)
“A Private Place”

While it may not have quite the depth that other parts of Uchuu Kyoudai do, one of the things I find myself enjoying most is seeing the various stages of Hibito’s journey, almost as though we were living it alongside him.

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Robotics;Notes – 05

「お兄ちゃんって呼んでいいですか?」 (Onii-chan tte Yonde ii desu ka?)
“Can I Call You Big Brother?”

I am home alone, watching the second last scene in my bed and I swear – I almost shat gold bricks because I scare that easily!

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