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「妖精たちの合宿」 (Yousei-tachi no Gasshuku)
“Fairy Camp”

This OVA takes place in the middle of episode 153. It’s one of the funniest FAIRY TAIL episodes so far, and it made many of my fangirl wishes come true.

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Sword Art Online – 22

「グランド・クエスト」 (Gurando Kuesuto)
“Grand Quest”

And here it is, the moment we’ve all known was coming ever since Leefa and Kirito’s very first meeting.

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Sukitte Ii na yo. – 09

「それぞれの」 (Sorezore no)
“Each and Every”

Week after week, my love for Mei continues to grow. Her greatness as a character is indescribable. She’s simply one of the best shoujo heroines of 2012.

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「ルーシィ vs. フレア」 (Ruushii vs. Furea)
“Lucy vs. Flare”

I don’t swear very often, and if I do, it’s for a good reason – for an example, this episode.

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