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Zetsuen no Tempest – 11

「時の娘」 (Toki no Shoujo)
“Girl of Time”

As much praise as I’ve been lavishing on Zetsuen no Tempest lately, I still don’t think I’ve been giving it enough credit.

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Sukitte Ii na yo. – 11

「パレード」 (Pareedo)

“No one is born evil.”Henning Mankell

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Twelve Days of Anime #10: The Last


Maybe it’s the season, or the unusual plethora of romance anime I’m watching this season (or the constant repetition of “The Last” by WongFu Productions), but I finally decided that this post would be all about the who, what, when, where, and whys of my anime history, represented by different anime that defined a particular point in time.

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Sword Art Online – 24

「鍍金(メッキ)の勇者」 (Mekki no Yuusha)
“The Gilded Hero”

I’ve taken two main things away from this episode.

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「戦車(チャリオット)」 (Chariotto)

FAIRY TAIL have finally earned themselves some points. Go Natsu!

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