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Bleach 521 – A Delicious Cycle

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K – 11


Many viewers will be able to pat themselves in the back after this episode.

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Twelve Days of Anime #7: Best Moments in Anime (2012)

Also, Stilts’ newest fetish. Zephyr’s too. We’ve got problems around here, folks.

Twelve Days continues with a special collaborative post on a more traditional topic. Today, we discuss that one 2012 anime moment that we found particularly awesome (or in other words, made us go WTFBBQ). And as with any post of this nature, note that there will be various spoilers throughout this post, so exercise extreme caution upon viewing.

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Naruto 614 – I Wager My Life In This Battle

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Girls und Panzer – 10

「クラスメイトです!」 (Kurasumeito Desu!)
“She’s a Classmate!”

After two weeks of action, we move back to a more relaxed episode with a greater focus on the characters.

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Sakurasou no Pet na Kanojo – 11

「銀河猫にゃぼろん」 (Ginga Neko Nyaboron)
“Galactic Cat Nyaboron”

Sorata’s heart moves for Mashiro as he prepares the perfect stage to say what needs to be said.

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Tonari no Kaibutsu-kun – 12

「年は暮れゆく」 (Toshi wa Kure Yuku)
“The Year Draws to a Close”

The Natsume episode is here!

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