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Twelve Days of Anime #1: RC Past, Present, Future.

Even now, the time I’ve spent blogging at RC feels surreal.

On behalf of myself and all the writers at Random Curiosity, I’d like to wish you all a Happy Holidays. I hope you’re all able to spend the day with loved ones.

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December 24, 2012 at 4:00 pm Comments (129)

Robotics;Notes – 11

「フラグが達成されました」 (Furagu ga Tassei Saremashita)
“The Flag Has Been Set”

Who is Kimijima Kou?

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December 24, 2012 at 12:58 pm Comments (40)

Little Busters! – 12

「無限に続く青い空を」 (Mugen ni Tsuzuku Aoi Sora o)
“The Infinitely Continuing Blue Sky”

Are those the unmistakable strains of magical realism I hear coming from the background?

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December 24, 2012 at 5:57 am Comments (31)