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Mangirl! – 01

「こちらコミック アース・スター編集部」 (Kochira Komikku a^su . Suta^ Henshuubu)
“This is Comic Earth Star’s Editorial Staff”

Mangirl! is a series funny shorts about four female manga editors, with the operative word there being “funny”. I found myself chuckling multiple times during this first episode, and they even managed to fit something like story progression into only three minutes! Colour me impressed.

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Yama no Susume – 01

「山だけはダメ!」 (Yama Dakeha Dame!)
“Anything But Mountains!”

Cute girls climbing mountains – that’s the premise behind Yama no Susume, and it’s exactly what you’re thinking it is. So why am I bothering to intro it? Because shorts are often ignored merely because they’re shorts, but if you like slice of life, this is a good one you may enjoy checking out.

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The Best of Anime 2012

Now that 2012 is over, it’s time for our yearly diversion into the ranking of things, the Best of Anime 2012 post! This year we’re doing things a little different, not the least because it’s not Divine’s name at the top of this post. As with the season previews, where once one man was enough, now multiple writers are teaming up. Divine was legendary for completing upwards to 3/4ths of the anime airing in a year by himself, which left him uniquely able to identify the best that year had to offer. Alas, his hiatus from blogging also hit his time for watching anime, so the three active writers who watched the most anime this past year are stepping in to take up the torch.

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Disclaimer: As always, disclaimers abound! Please keep in mind that “best” is subjective. What’s best for us isn’t necessarily best for you, and that’s okay. This list shouldn’t be taken as some kind of inviolable truth, but rather the opinions of three guys after a lot of anime watching and about eight hours of arguing, which are naturally influenced by our own tastes, experiences, and personal impressions. Before you go bashing one of our choices, please make sure that you’ve at least seen it and know where we’re coming from. Finally, all we ask is that you respect our opinions, just like we respect yours. Thank you.

Disclaimer #2: The choices in this post are not necessarily reflective of the opinions of all RandomC writers. They are solely the opinions of Moomba, Zephyr, and I (Stilts), and no one else. Thank you for your understanding.

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