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Fate/kaleid liner Prisma Illya – 04

「負けました」 (Makemashita)
“We Lost”

Rider was easy. Caster was hard. It only gets harder from here. Do you like pulse-pounding magical combat with plenty of danger and explosions? If so, you should be watching this show.

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High School DxD NEW – 04

「強い敵、現れました!」 (Kyōiteki, Arawaremashita!)
“A Powerful Enemy Appears!”

An extensive insight into the very fabrication of oppai, and a story of conspiracy that is slowly playing out – High School DxD is firing on all cylinders!
*Bumping Boobs NSFW*

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GATCHAMAN Crowds – 02, 03

「Asymmetry & Futurism」

I think this is the fastest I’ve seen the actions of a superteam get called out on.

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