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Fate/kaleid liner Prisma Illya – 07

「勝利と逃走」 (Shouri to Tousou)
“Victory and Flight”

Only very rarely do you see mood whiplash used as effectively as this. After meido Miyu and S Illya, I was getting ready to call this the funniest episode I had seen in a while…and then True Assassin arrived. The feeling I’m left with: stunned.

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Rozen Maiden – 08

「TALE 8」

For everyone that kept trying to guess which doll Jun’s creating – it’s pretty clear cut that it is in fact, Kirakishou.

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High School DxD NEW – 07

「夏です!水着です!ピンチです!」 (Natsu-desu! Mizugi-desu! Pinchi-desu!)
“It’s Summer! It’s Swimsuit! It’s a Pinch!”

Who needs swimsuits when you have gorgeous kimono, feline femme fatale, finger-sucking, ear-nibbling, Boy’s Love, frenetic bitch-fights and “let’s make a baby”? Oh, and did I forget to mention its brand new ED of the Century?
*Hands Down Bestest ED NSFW*

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Servant x Service – 08

「危険の芽 田中の孫に 御用心」 (Kiken no Me Tanaka no Mago Ni o Youjin)
“A Dangerous Sprout, Bware Tanaka’s Grandson”

Deredere Hasebe-san!?

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Gin no Saji – 07

「八軒、ギガファームへ」 (Hachiken, Giga Fāmu e)
“Hachiken Visits Giga Farm”

This week’s entry in "Hachi-kun’s Wisdom From the Farm": it’s better to be a horse than a calf.

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