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High School DxD NEW – 08

「授業参観、はじまります!」 (Jugyō Sankan, Hajimarimasu!)
“The Class Observation Begins!”

A primer for a wannabe Harem King – safe sex is the best sex, multicolored condoms are always welcome, “finger-job” is good for your soul and Maou Shoujo for the win!
*Cap It Before You Tap It NSFW*

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Fate/kaleid liner Prisma Illya – 08

「普通の女の子に戻ります」 (Futsuu no Onanoko ni Modorimasu)
“I’m Going to Be a Normal Girl Again”

First Illya was tricked into fighting, then she went along with it, and now she wants out. Honestly, I don’t blame her. It’s the smartest thing she could do. It’s just…

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Free! – 08

「逆襲のメドレー!」 (Gyakushuu no Medoree!)
“The Medley Counterattack!”

While I don’t really consider myself someone who can really talk about “character development” in a compelling way, I really love what Kyoani is doing with Haru.

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Gin no Saji – 08

「八軒、大失態を演じる」 (Hachiken, Dai Shittai o Enjiru)
“Hachiken Makes a Huge Mistake”

Without a doubt, Gin no Saji has taken the lead in food porn this season.

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